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Kinase Activity of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3 Regulates Activity of the Papillomavirus E2 Protein
Xie, FangXie, FangDeSmet, MarshaDeSmet, MarshaKanginakudru, SriramanaKanginakudru, SriramanaJose, LenyJose, LenyCulleton, Sara P.Culleton, Sara P.Gilson, TimraGilson, TimraLi, ChengxinLi, ChengxinAndrophy, Elliot J. and Androphy, Elliot J.
Journal of Virology, vol. 91. | Journal Article
Phosphorylation of the Bovine Papillomavirus E2 Protein on Tyrosine Regulates Its Transcription and Replication Functions
Culleton, Sara P.Kanginakudru, SriramanaDeSmet, MarshaGilson, TimraXie, FangWu, Shwu-YuanChiang, Cheng-MingQi, GuihongWang, Mu and Androphy, Elliot J.
Journal of Virology, vol. 91. | Journal Article
SMN deficiency negatively impacts red pulp macrophages and spleen development in mouse models of spinal muscular atrophy
Khairallah, Marie-ThereseKhairallah, Marie-ThereseAstroski, JacobAstroski, JacobCuster, Sarah KCuster, Sarah KAndrophy, Elliot JAndrophy, Elliot JFranklin, Craig LFranklin, Craig LLorson, Christian L and Lorson, Christian L
Human molecular genetics, vol. 26, (no. 5), pp. 941, 2017-Mar-01. | Journal Article
Altered mRNA Splicing in SMN-Depleted Motor Neuron-Like Cells
Custer, Sara KCuster, Sara K.Custer, Sara KGilson, Timra D.Gilson, Timra DGilson, Timra DLi, HongxiaLi, HongxiaLi, HongxiaTodd, A GaryTodd, A. GaryTodd, A GAstroski, Jacob W.Astroski, Jacob WAstroski, Jacob WLin, HaiLin, HaiLin, HaiLiu, YunlongLiu, YunlongLiu, YunlongAndrophy, Elliot J.Androphy, Elliot J and Androphy, Elliot J
PLOS ONE, vol. 11, pp. e0163954. | Journal Article
Human papillomavirus oncogenic E6 protein regulates human β-defensin 3 (hBD3) expression via the tumor suppressor protein p53
DasGupta, TwishasriDasGupta, TwishasriNweze, Emeka INweze, Emeka IYue, HongYue, HongWang, LimingWang, LimingJin, JessicaJin, JessicaGhosh, Santosh KGhosh, Santosh KKawsar, Hameem IKawsar, Hameem IZender, ChadZender, ChadAndrophy, Elliot JAndrophy, Elliot JWeinberg, AaronWeinberg, AaronMcCormick, Thomas SMcCormick, Thomas SJin, Ge and Jin, Ge
Oncotarget, vol. 7, (no. 19), pp. 27444, 2016-May-10. | Journal Article
ML372 blocks SMN ubiquitination and improves spinal muscular atrophy pathology in mice
Abera, Mahlet BAbera, Mahlet BXiao, JingboXiao, JingboNofziger, JonathanNofziger, JonathanTitus, SteveTitus, SteveSouthall, NoelSouthall, NoelZheng, WeiZheng, WeiMoritz, Kasey EMoritz, Kasey EFerrer, MarcFerrer, MarcCherry, Jonathan JCherry, Jonathan JAndrophy, Elliot JAndrophy, Elliot JWang, AmyWang, AmyXu, XinXu, XinAustin, ChristopherAustin, ChristopherFischbeck, Kenneth HFischbeck, Kenneth HMarugan, Juan JMarugan, Juan JBurnett, Barrington G and Burnett, Barrington G
JCI insight, vol. 1, (no. 19), pp. e88427, 2016-11-17. | Journal Article
Molecular Probing of the HPV-16 E6 Protein Alpha Helix Binding Groove with Small Molecule Inhibitors
Rietz, AnneRietz, AnneRietz, AnnePetrov, Dino PPetrov, Dino PPetrov, Dino PBartolowits, MatthewBartolowits, MatthewBartolowits, MatthewDeSmet, MarshaDeSmet, MarshaDeSmet, MarshaDavisson, V JoDavisson, V JoDavisson, V JoAndrophy, Elliot JAndrophy, Elliot J and Androphy, Elliot J
PloS one, vol. 11, (no. 2), pp. e0149845, 2016-00-00. | Journal Article
Small Molecules in Development for the Treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
Calder, Alyssa NAndrophy, Elliot J and Hodgetts, Kevin J
Journal of medicinal chemistry, August 4, 2016. | Journal Article
The Replicative Consequences of Papillomavirus E2 Protein Binding to the Origin Replication Factor ORC2
DeSmet, MarshaDeSmet, MarshaDeSmet, MarshaDeSmet, MarshaKanginakudru, SriramanaKanginakudru, SriramanaKanginakudru, SriramanaKanginakudru, SriramanaRietz, AnneRietz, AnneRietz, AnneRietz, AnneWu, Wai-HongWu, Wai-HongWu, Wai-HongWu, Wai-HongRoden, RichardRoden, RichardRoden, RichardRoden, RichardAndrophy, Elliot JAndrophy, Elliot J.Androphy, Elliot J and Androphy, Elliot J
PLOS Pathogens, vol. 12, pp. e1005934. | Journal Article
Levels of the E2 interacting protein TopBP1 modulate papillomavirus maintenance stage replication
Kanginakudru, SriramanaDeSmet, MarshaThomas, YaniqueMorgan, Iain and Androphy, Elliot
Virology, vol. 478, pp. 136, 2015. | Journal Article
α-COP binding to the survival motor neuron protein SMN is required for neuronal process outgrowth
Li, HongxiaCuster, Sara KGilson, TimraHao, Le ThiBeattie, Christine E and Androphy, Elliot J
Human molecular genetics, vol. 24, (no. 25), pp. 7307, 2015-Dec-20. | Journal Article
Autophagy dysregulation in cell culture and animals models of spinal muscular atrophy
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience. | Journal Article
Acetylation of conserved lysines in bovine papillomavirus E2 by p300
Quinlan, E.J.Culleton, S.P.Wu, S.-Y.Chiang, C.-M. and Androphy, E.J.
Journal of Virology, vol. 87, pp. 1497-1507. | Journal Article
Chloroquine promotes apoptosis in melanoma cells by inhibiting BH3 domain-mediated PUMA degradation.
Lakhter, Alexander JLakhter, Alexander JSahu, Ravi PSahu, Ravi PSun, YangSun, YangKaufmann, William KKaufmann, William KAndrophy, Elliot JAndrophy, Elliot JTravers, Jeffrey BTravers, Jeffrey BNaidu, Samisubbu R and Naidu, Samisubbu R
The Journal of investigative dermatology, vol. 133, (no. 9), pp. 2247-54, 2013/Sep. | Journal Article
COPI transport complexes bind to specific RNAs in neuronal cells
Todd, Adrian GTodd, A.G.Lin, H.Lin, HaiEbert, A.D.Ebert, Allison DLiu, Y.Liu, YunlongAndrophy, E.J. and Androphy, Elliot J
Human Molecular Genetics, vol. 22, pp. 729-736. | Journal Article
Dilysine motifs in exon 2b of SMN protein mediate binding to the COPI vesicle proteina α-COP and neurite outgrowth in a cell culture model of spinal muscular atrophy
Custer, Sara KCuster, S.K.Todd, A.G.Todd, Adrian GSingh, N.N.Singh, Natalia NAndrophy, Elliot J and Androphy, E.J.
Human Molecular Genetics, vol. 22, pp. 4043-4052. | Journal Article
Enhancement of SMN protein levels in a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy using novel drug-like compounds.
Cherry, Jonathan JOsman, Erkan YEvans, Matthew CChoi, SungwoonXing, XuechaoCuny, GregGlicksman, Marcie ALorson, Christian and Androphy, Elliot J
EMBO molecular medicine, vol. 5, (no. 7), pp. 1035-50, 2013/Jul. | Journal Article
Genomic instability: Ada3 and HPV E6-acetyltransferase connections?
Androphy, E.J.
Cell Cycle, vol. 12, pp. 13-14. | Journal Article
Structure based identification and characterization of flavonoids that disrupt human papillomavirus-16 E6 function.
JJ, CherryCherry, Jonathan JCherry, Jonathan JRietz, AnneRietz, AnneA, RietzMalinkevich, AnnaA, MalinkevichMalinkevich, AnnaLiu, YuqiLiu, YuqiY, LiuM, XieXie, MengXie, MengBartolowits, MatthewBartolowits, MatthewM, BartolowitsVJ, DavissonDavisson, V JoDavisson, V JBaleja, James DJD, BalejaBaleja, James DAndrophy, Elliot JAndrophy, Elliot J and EJ, Androphy
PloS one, vol. 8, (no. 12), pp. e84506, 2013. | Journal Article
Identification of novel compounds that increase SMN protein levels using an improved SMN2 reporter cell assay.
Cherry, Jonathan JEvans, Matthew CNi, JakeCuny, GregGlicksman, Marcie A and Androphy, Elliot J
Journal of biomolecular screening, vol. 17, (no. 4), pp. 481-95, 2012/Apr. | Journal Article
PIASy-mediated Tip60 sumoylation regulates p53-induced autophagy.
Naidu, Samisubbu RLakhter, Alexander J and Androphy, Elliot J
Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.), vol. 11, (no. 14), pp. 2717-28, 2012/Jul/15. | Journal Article
The histone acetyltransferase PCAF regulates p21 transcription through stress-induced acetylation of histone H3
Love, Ian MLove, I.M.Sekaric, P.Sekaric, PedjaShi, DingdingShi, D.Grossman, S.R.Grossman, StevenAndrophy, Elliot J and Androphy, E.J.
Cell Cycle, vol. 11, pp. 2458-2466. | Journal Article
Therapeutic strategies for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy
Cherry, J.J. and Androphy, E.J.
Future Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 4, pp. 1733-1750. | Journal Article
Transcriptional Repression of E-Cadherin by Human Papillomavirus Type 16 E6
D’Costa, Z.J.D'Costa, Zarina JJolly, C.Jolly, CarolAndrophy, E.J.Androphy, Elliot JMercer, A.Mercer, Andrew AMatthews, C.M.Matthews, Charles MHibma, M.H. and Hibma, Merilyn
PLoS ONE, vol. 7. | Journal Article
Differential regulation of the SMN2 gene by individual HDAC proteins.
Evans, Matthew CCherry, Jonathan J and Androphy, Elliot J
Biochemical and biophysical research communications, vol. 414, (no. 1), pp. 25-30, 2011/Oct/14. | Journal Article