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Expectations for and Quality Experiences in Undergraduate Research Over Time: Perspectives of Students and Faculty
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Culturally engaging courses and campuses for LGBQ+ issues
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How does faculty research motivation type relate to success? A test of self-determination theory
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The within-group differences in LGBQ+ college students’ belongingness, institutional commitment, and outness
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Activists, Non-activists, and Allies: Civic Engagement and Student Types at MSIs
Fassett, Kyle TPriddie, ChristenBrcka Lorenz, Allison and Kinzie, Jillian
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-Book chapter-
In A Meta-analysis of Queer-Spectrum and Trans-Spectrum Student Experiences at US Research Universities: Opportunities for Diversity and Inclusion. Evaluating Campus Climate at US Research Universities
Engaging in the Margins: Exploring Differences in Biracial Students’ Engagement by Racial Heritage
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Faculty members’ motivation for teaching and best practices: Testing a model based on self-determination theory across institution types
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High-Impact Practices and Student–Faculty Interactions for Students Across Sexual Orientations
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International Student Engagement: An Exploration of Student and Faculty Perceptions
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Queer-Spectrum and Trans-Spectrum Student Experiences in American Higher Education. Rutgers Tyler Clementi Center
Reimagining Student Engagement: How Nontraditional Adult Learners Engage in Traditional Postsecondary Environments
Rabourn, Karyn EBrcka Lorenz, Allison and Shoup, Rick
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Black, White, and Biracial Students’ Engagement at Differing Institutional Types
Harris, Jessica C and Brcka Lorenz, Allison
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Exceeding Statements: How Students and Faculty Experience Institutional Missions
Graham, Polly AnneRibera, AmyBrcka Lorenz, Allison and Broderick, Cynthia
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High-impact practices and student–faculty interactions for gender-variant students
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-Book chapter-
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Participation in undergraduate research at minority-serving institutions.
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-Book chapter-
In Linking the assessment of student engagement to student success. Building bridges for student success: A sourcebook for colleges and universities
Student and Faculty Member Engagement in Undergraduate Research
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A Comparison of Student and Faculty Academic Technology Use across Disciplines.
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A five-year study of the first edition of the Core-Plus Mathematics Curriculum. Information Age Publishing, Inc.
Analyzing and interpreting NSSE data
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