Recruit black and white hypertensive subjects including hypertensivesiblings and unrelated normotensive black and white control subjects foracquisition of DNA. Test that certain variant genes increasesusceptibility to hypertension.Young, normotensive subjects are currently being studied by our group ina longitudinal fashion in order to obtain information relevant to anunderstanding of the development of hypertension.The study examines the concept that a defect in kidney leads tohypertension and hypertension-related renal failure that occurs morecommonly in blacks than whites. We hypothesize that blacks are moresusceptable to hypertension because of an inherently lower renal bloodflow.The extent to which supplementing the diet with potassium increasesaldosterone production in subjects who have shown lowaldosterone-excretion rates will be studied in relation to reninproduction. Molecular genetics of human hypertension
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