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Association between intracranial carotid artery calcifications and periodontitis. Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) study
AlSakr, AbdulazizBlanchard, StevenWong, PhillipThyvalikakath, Thankam and Hamada, Yusuke
Journal of periodontology (1970), vol. 92, (no. 10), pp. 1402-1409, October 2021. | Journal Article
Can Salivary Innate Immune Molecules Provide Clue on Taste Dysfunction in COVID-19?
Ermel, AaronThyvalikakath, Thankam PForoud, TatianaKhan, Babar and Srinivasan, Mythily
Frontiers in microbiology, vol. 12, Oct 11, 2021. | Journal Article
COVID-19 and Saliva: A Primer for Dental Health Care Professionals
Srinivasan, MythilyThyvalikakath, Thankam PCook, Blaine N and Zero, Domenick T
International dental journal, vol. 71, (no. 1), pp. 5-8, Feb 2021. | Journal Article
Differences in medication usage of dental patients by age, gender, race/ethnicity and insurance status
Zasim, SiddiquiYue, WangJay, Patel and Thankam, Thyvalikakath
Technology and Health care, April 21, 2021. | Journal Article
Does Nonsurgical Periodontal Treatment Improve Systemic Health?
Taylor, H.LTaylor, H.L.Rahurkar, SRahurkar, S.Treat, T.JTreat, T.J.Thyvalikakath, T.P.Thyvalikakath, T.PSchleyer, T.K and Schleyer, T.K.
Journal of Dental Research. (pp. 253-260). Los Angeles, CA: SAGE Publications. Mar 2021
Longevity of Crown Margin Repairs Using Glass Ionomer Cement: A Retrospective Study
Operative dentistry, Aug 19, 2021. | Journal Article
Leveraging Electronic Dental Record Data for Clinical Research in the National Dental PBRN Practices
Thyvalikakath, Thankam PaulThyvalikakath, Thankam PaulDuncan, William DDuncan, William DSiddiqui, ZasimSiddiqui, ZasimLaPradd, MichelleLaPradd, MichelleEckert, GeorgeEckert, GeorgeSchleyer, TitusSchleyer, TitusRindal, Donald BradRindal, Donald BradJurkovich, MarkJurkovich, MarkShea, TracyShea, TracyGilbert, Gregg H and Gilbert, Gregg H
Applied Clinical Informatics, vol. 11, (no. 2), pp. 314, 20200300. | Journal Article
Structuring, reuse and analysis of electronic dental data using the Oral Health and Disease Ontology
Duncan, William DThyvalikakath, ThankamHaendel, MelissaTorniai, CarloHernandez, PedroSong, MeiAcharya, AmitCaplan, Daniel JSchleyer, Titus and Ruttenberg, Alan
Journal of biomedical semantics, vol. 11, (no. 1), pp. 1-8, Aug 20, 2020. | Journal Article
Effectiveness of smart phone application use as continuing medical education method in pediatric oral health care: a randomized trial.
BMC medical education. | Journal Article
Evaluation of a Dental Diagnostic Terminology Subset.
Taylor, Heather LSiddiqui, ZasimFrazier, Kendall and Thyvalikakath, Thankam
Studies in health technology and informatics, vol. 264, pp. 1602-1603, August 21, 2019. | Journal Article
Assessing Information Congruence of Documented Cardiovascular Disease between Electronic Dental and Medical Records
Patel, JayMowery, DanielleKrishnan, Anand and Thyvalikakath, Thankam
AMIA ... Annual Symposium proceedings. AMIA Symposium, vol. 2018, pp. 1450, 2018-00-00. | Journal Article
Interventions for treating ameloblastomas of the jaws
Bekhuis, TanjaThyvalikakath, Thankam P and Oliver, Richard
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, vol. 2018, (no. 9), 2018-09-01. | Journal Article
Leveraging Electronic Dental Record Data to Classify Patients Based on Their Smoking Intensity.
Methods of information in medicine. | Journal Article
Perceptions and attitudes toward performing risk assessment for periodontal disease: a focus group exploration
Thyvalikakath, ThankamThyvalikakath, ThankamSong, MeiSong, MeiSchleyer, Titus and Schleyer, Titus
BMC oral health, vol. 18, (no. 1), pp. 90, 2018-05-21. | Journal Article
Characterizing restorative dental treatments of sjögren’s syndrome patients using electronic dental records data
Siddiqui, Z.Wang, Y.Makkad, P. and Thyvalikakath, T.
Characterizing Restorative Dental Treatments of Sjögren's Syndrome Patients Using Electronic Dental Records Data
Siddiqui, ZasimWang, YueMakkad, Payal and Thyvalikakath, Thankam
Studies in health technology and informatics, vol. 245, pp. 1166, 2017-00-00. | Journal Article
Extraction and evaluation of medication data from electronic dental records
Wang, Y.Siddiqui, Z.Krishnan, A.Patel, J. and Thyvalikakath, T.
Extraction and Evaluation of Medication Data from Electronic Dental Records
Wang, YueSiddiqui, ZasimKrishnan, AnandPatel, Jay and Thyvalikakath, Thankam
Studies in health technology and informatics, vol. 245, pp. 1290, 2017-00-00. | Journal Article
Identifying patients’ smoking status from electronic dental records data
Patel, J.Siddiqui, Z.Krishnan, A. and Thyvalikakath, T.
Identifying Patients' Smoking Status from Electronic Dental Records Data
Patel, JaySiddiqui, ZasimKrishnan, Anand and Thyvalikakath, Thankam
Studies in health technology and informatics, vol. 245, pp. 1281, 2017-00-00. | Journal Article
A prototype mobile application for triaging dental emergencies
Stein, Corey DStein, C.D.Xiao, XiangXiao, X.Levine, StevenLevine, S.Schleyer, Titus K LSchleyer, T.K.L.Hochheiser, HarryHochheiser, H.Thyvalikakath, Thankam P and Thyvalikakath, T.P.
Journal of the American Dental Association, vol. 147, pp. 782-791.e1. | Journal Article
Eligibility requirements for advanced health informatics certification
Gadd, Cynthia SGadd, Cynthia SWilliamson, Jeffrey JWilliamson, Jeffrey JSteen, Elaine BSteen, Elaine BAndriole, Katherine PAndriole, Katherine PDelaney, ConnieDelaney, ConnieGumpper, KarlGumpper, KarlLaVenture, MartinLaVenture, MartinRosendale, DougRosendale, DougSittig, Dean FSittig, Dean FThyvalikakath, ThankamThyvalikakath, ThankamTurner, PeggyTurner, PeggyFridsma, Douglas B and Fridsma, Douglas B
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, vol. 23, (no. 4), pp. 854, 20160700. | Journal Article
The Chief Clinical Informatics Officer (CCIO): AMIA Task Force Report on CCIO Knowledge, Education, and Skillset Requirements
Kannry, JosephKannry, JosephSengstack, PatriciaSengstack, PatriciaThyvalikakath, Thankam PaulThyvalikakath, Thankam PaulPoikonen, JohnPoikonen, JohnMiddleton, BlackfordMiddleton, BlackfordPayne, ThomasPayne, ThomasLehmann, Christoph U and Lehmann, Christoph U
Applied clinical informatics, vol. 7, (no. 1), pp. 176, 2016-00-00. | Journal Article
Dental Hygienists’ Usage of Tobacco-Cessation Decision Support Tools in Practice: A Qualitative Study
Thyvalikakath, ThankamDurand, EmilySpallek, HeikoEnstad, ChrisAsche, SteveRindal, Brad and Rush, William
International Journal of Evidence-Based Practice for the Dental Hygienist, pp. 65, 2015-00-00. | Journal Article
Utilizing Dental Electronic Health Records Data to Predict Risk for Periodontal Disease
Thyvalikakath, T.P.Padman, R.Vyawahare, K.Darade, P. and Paranjape, R.