In my research, I draw from a wide range of sources—scriptures, diaries, material objects, picturebooks, prayers—to explore how religious dynamics shape everyday life. I am particularly interested in lay religiosity and intersections between visual culture and religion.

Research Interests:

  • scriptures; diaries; material objects; picturebooks; prayers; lay religiosity and intersections between visual culture and religion; religious history of Japans Heian period; religious imagery and ethics in modern and contemporary Japanese picture books.

Research Areas:

  • Religious cultures of Japan, Heian-period history, lay religiosity, religious landscapes, and textual practices.

Research Interests:

  • Japanese religion; Buddhism; lay religiosity; visual culture and religion
Language Studies, Asian Studies, Chinese, Religious Studies, Japanese
PhD, Harvard University, Japanese Religions, 2008
MPhil, Columbia University, Religion, 2004
MA, University of Washington, Comparative Religion, 2000
BA, Swarthmore College, Asian Studies, 1995