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Brain-wide structural connectivity alterations under the control of Alzheimer risk genes
Yan, JingwenYan, JingwenYan, JingwenYan, JingwenYan, JingwenRaja, V. VineshRaja, V. VineshRaja, V. VineshRaja, V. VineshRaja, V. VineshHuang, ZhiHuang, ZhiHuang, ZhiHuang, ZhiHuang, ZhiAmico, EnricoAmico, EnricoAmico, EnricoAmico, EnricoAmico, EnricoNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikFang, ShiaofenFang, ShiaofenFang, ShiaofenFang, ShiaofenFang, ShiaofenSporns, OlafSporns, OlafSporns, OlafSporns, OlafSporns, OlafWu, Yu-chienWu, Yu-chienWu, Yu ChienWu, Yu-chienWu, Yu-chienSaykin, AndrewSaykin, AndrewSaykin, AndrewSaykin, AndrewSaykin, AndrewGoñi, JoaquínGoñi, JoaquínGoñi, JoaquínGoñi, JoaquínGoñi, JoaquínShen, LiShen, LiShen, LiShen, Li and Shen, Li
International Journal of Computational Biology and Drug Design, vol. 13, (no. 1), pp. 70, 20200000. | Journal Article
Differential co-expression analysis reveals early stage transcriptomic decoupling in alzheimer’s disease
Y, UpadhyayaUpadhyaya, YurikaUpadhyaya, YurikaUpadhyaya, YurikaUpadhyaya, YurikaUpadhyaya, YurikaXie, LinhuiXie, LinhuiXie, LinhuiL, XieXie, LinhuiXie, LinhuiSalama, PaulSalama, PaulSalama, PaulSalama, PaulP, SalamaSalama, PaulCao, ShaCao, ShaCao, ShaCao, ShaCao, ShaS, CaoNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikK, NhoNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JAJ, SaykinYan, JingwenYan, JingwenYan, JingwenYan, JingwenJ, YanYan, JingwenAlzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging In, for theAlzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging In, for theFT, Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging InitiativeAlzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging In, for theAlzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging In, for the and Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging In, for the
BMC Medical Genomics, vol. 13, (no. S5), pp. 10, 2020-04-00. | Journal Article
Dysregulated Fc gamma receptor–mediated phagocytosis pathway in Alzheimer's disease: network-based gene expression analysis
Park, Young HoPark, Young HoHodges, AngelaHodges, AngelaRisacher, Shannon LRisacher, Shannon LLin, KuangLin, KuangJang, Jae-WonJang, Jae-WonAhn, SoyeonAhn, SoyeonKim, SangYunKim, SangYunLovestone, SimonLovestone, SimonSimmons, AndrewSimmons, AndrewWeiner, Michael WWeiner, Michael WSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JNho, Kwangsik and Nho, Kwangsik
Neurobiology of Aging, vol. 88, pp. 32, April 2020. | Journal Article
Identification of Novel Genes Associated with Cortical Thickness in Alzheimer’s Disease: Systems Biology Approach to Neuroimaging Endophenotype
Kim, Bo-HyunChoi, Yong-HoYang, Jin-JuKim, SangYunNho, Kwangsik and Lee, Jong-Min
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, vol. 75, (no. 2), pp. 545, 2020-05-19. | Journal Article
MicroRNA-298 reduces levels of human amyloid-β precursor protein (APP), β-site APP-converting enzyme 1 (BACE1) and specific tau protein moieties
Chopra, NipunChopra, NipunChopra, NipunChopra, NipunWang, RuizhiWang, RuizhiWang, RuizhiWang, RuizhiMaloney, BryanMaloney, BryanMaloney, BryanMaloney, BryanNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikBeck, John SBeck, John SBeck, John SBeck, John SPourshafie, NaemehPourshafie, NaemehPourshafie, NaemehPourshafie, NaemehNiculescu, AlexanderNiculescu, AlexanderNiculescu, AlexanderNiculescu, AlexanderSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JRinaldi, CarloRinaldi, CarloRinaldi, CarloRinaldi, CarloCounts, Scott ECounts, Scott ECounts, Scott ECounts, Scott ELahiri, Debomoy KLahiri, Debomoy KLahiri, Debomoy K and Lahiri, Debomoy K
Molecular psychiatry, 2020-Jan-15. | Journal Article
Serum triglycerides in Alzheimer disease: Relation to neuroimaging and CSF biomarkers
Bernath, MeganBernath, MeganBernath, MeganBhattacharyya, SudeepaBhattacharyya, SudeepaBhattacharyya, SudeepaNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikBarupal, DineshBarupal, DineshBarupal, DineshFiehn, OliverFiehn, OliverFiehn, OliverBaillie, RebeccaBaillie, RebeccaBaillie, RebeccaRisacher, ShannonRisacher, ShannonRisacher, ShannonArnold, MatthiasArnold, MatthiasArnold, MatthiasJacobson, TannerJacobson, TannerJacobson, TannerTrojanowski, JohnTrojanowski, JohnTrojanowski, JohnShaw, LeslieShaw, LeslieShaw, LeslieWeiner, MichaelWeiner, MichaelWeiner, MichaelDoraiswamy, PDoraiswamy, PDoraiswamy, PKaddurah-Daouk, RimaKaddurah-Daouk, RimaKaddurah-Daouk, RimaSaykin, AndrewSaykin, Andrew and Saykin, Andrew
Neurology, vol. 94, (no. 20), pp. e2098, 2020-May-19. | Journal Article
Sex and APOE ε4 genotype modify the Alzheimer’s disease serum metabolome
Arnold, MatthiasArnold, MatthiasArnold, MatthiasNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikKueider-Paisley, AlexandraKueider-Paisley, AlexandraKueider-Paisley, AlexandraMassaro, TylerMassaro, TylerMassaro, TylerHuynh, KevinHuynh, KevinHuynh, KevinBrauner, BarbaraBrauner, BarbaraBrauner, BarbaraMahmoudianDehkordi, SiamakMahmoudianDehkordi, SiamakMahmoudianDehkordi, SiamakLouie, GregoryLouie, GregoryLouie, GregoryMoseley, M. ArthurMoseley, M. ArthurMoseley, M. ArthurThompson, J. WillThompson, J. WillThompson, J. WillJohn-Williams, Lisa StJohn-Williams, Lisa StJohn-Williams, Lisa StTenenbaum, Jessica DTenenbaum, Jessica DTenenbaum, Jessica DBlach, ColetteBlach, ColetteBlach, ColetteChang, RuiChang, RuiChang, RuiBrinton, Roberta DBrinton, Roberta DBrinton, Roberta DBaillie, RebeccaBaillie, RebeccaBaillie, RebeccaHan, XianlinHan, XianlinHan, XianlinTrojanowski, John QTrojanowski, John QTrojanowski, John QShaw, Leslie MShaw, Leslie MShaw, Leslie MMartins, RalphMartins, RalphMartins, RalphWeiner, Michael WWeiner, Michael WWeiner, Michael WTrushina, EugeniaTrushina, EugeniaTrushina, EugeniaToledo, Jon BToledo, Jon BToledo, Jon BMeikle, Peter JMeikle, Peter JMeikle, Peter JBennett, David ABennett, David ABennett, David AKrumsiek, JanKrumsiek, JanKrumsiek, JanDoraiswamy, P. MuraliDoraiswamy, P. MuraliDoraiswamy, P. MuraliSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JKaddurah-Daouk, RimaKaddurah-Daouk, RimaKaddurah-Daouk, RimaKastenmüller, GabiKastenmüller, Gabi and Kastenmüller, Gabi
Nature Communications, vol. 11, (no. 1), pp. 12, 2020-12-00. | Journal Article
Systems modeling of white matter microstructural abnormalities in Alzheimer's disease
Horgusluoglu-Moloch, EmrinHorgusluoglu-Moloch, EmrinXiao, GaoyuXiao, GaoyuWang, MinghuiWang, MinghuiWang, QianWang, QianZhou, XianxiaoZhou, XianxiaoNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JSchadt, EricSchadt, EricZhang, Bin and Zhang, Bin
NeuroImage: Clinical, vol. 26, pp. 102203, 2020. | Journal Article
Altered bile acid profile associates with cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease—An emerging role for gut microbiome
MahmoudianDehkordi, SiamakMahmoudianDehkordi, SiamakMahmoudianDehkordi, SiamakMahmoudianDehkordi, SiamakArnold, MatthiasArnold, MatthiasArnold, MatthiasArnold, MatthiasNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikAhmad, ShahzadAhmad, ShahzadAhmad, ShahzadAhmad, ShahzadJia, WeiJia, WeiJia, WeiJia, WeiXie, GuoxiangXie, GuoxiangXie, GuoxiangXie, GuoxiangLouie, GregoryLouie, GregoryLouie, GregoryLouie, GregoryKueider-Paisley, AlexandraKueider-Paisley, AlexandraKueider-Paisley, AlexandraKueider-Paisley, AlexandraMoseley, M. ArthurMoseley, M. ArthurMoseley, M. ArthurMoseley, M. ArthurThompson, J. WillThompson, J. WillThompson, J. WillThompson, J. WillSt John Williams, LisaSt John Williams, LisaSt John Williams, LisaSt John Williams, LisaTenenbaum, Jessica DTenenbaum, Jessica DTenenbaum, Jessica DTenenbaum, Jessica DBlach, ColetteBlach, ColetteBlach, ColetteBlach, ColetteBaillie, RebeccaBaillie, RebeccaBaillie, RebeccaBaillie, RebeccaHan, XianlinHan, XianlinHan, XianlinHan, XianlinBhattacharyya, SudeepaBhattacharyya, SudeepaBhattacharyya, SudeepaBhattacharyya, SudeepaToledo, Jon BToledo, Jon BToledo, Jon BToledo, Jon BSchafferer, SimonSchafferer, SimonSchafferer, SimonSchafferer, SimonKlein, SebastianKlein, SebastianKlein, SebastianKlein, SebastianKoal, ThereseKoal, ThereseKoal, ThereseKoal, ThereseRisacher, Shannon LRisacher, Shannon LRisacher, Shannon LRisacher, Shannon LKling, Mitchel AllanKling, Mitchel AllanKling, Mitchel AllanKling, Mitchel AllanMotsinger-Reif, AlisonMotsinger-Reif, AlisonMotsinger-Reif, AlisonMotsinger-Reif, AlisonRotroff, Daniel MRotroff, Daniel MRotroff, Daniel MRotroff, Daniel MJack, JohnJack, JohnJack, JohnJack, JohnHankemeier, ThomasHankemeier, ThomasHankemeier, ThomasHankemeier, ThomasBennett, David ABennett, David ABennett, David ABennett, David ADe Jager, Philip LDe Jager, Philip LDe Jager, Philip LDe Jager, Philip LTrojanowski, John QTrojanowski, John QTrojanowski, John QTrojanowski, John QShaw, Leslie MShaw, Leslie MShaw, Leslie MShaw, Leslie MWeiner, Michael WWeiner, Michael WWeiner, Michael WWeiner, Michael WDoraiswamy, P. MuraliDoraiswamy, P. MuraliDoraiswamy, P. MuraliDoraiswamy, P. Muralivan Duijn, Cornelia Mvan Duijn, Cornelia Mvan Duijn, Cornelia Mvan Duijn, Cornelia MSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JKastenmüller, GabiKastenmüller, GabiKastenmüller, GabiKastenmüller, GabiKaddurah-Daouk, RimaKaddurah-Daouk, RimaKaddurah-Daouk, Rima and Kaddurah-Daouk, Rima
Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association, vol. 15, (no. 1), pp. 92, January 2019. | Journal Article
APOE Promoter Polymorphism-219T/G is an Effect Modifier of the Influence of APOE ε4 on Alzheimer’s Disease Risk in a Multiracial Sample
Choi, KyuLee, JangGunasekaran, TamilKang, SarangLee, WoojeJeong, JanghoLim, HoZhang, XiaolingZhu, CongcongWon, So-YoonChoi, YuSeo, EunLee, SeokGim, JungsooChung, JiChong, AriByun, MinSeo, SujinKo, Pan-WooHan, Ji-WonMcLean, CatrionaFarrell, JohnLunetta, KathrynMiyashita, AkinoriHara, NorikazuWon, SunghoChoi, Seong-MinHa, Jung-MinJeong, JeeKuwano, RyozoSong, MinAn, SeongLee, YoungPark, KyungLee, Ho-WonChoi, SeongRhee, SangmyungSong, WooLee, JungMayeux, RichardHaines, JonathanPericak-Vance, MargaretChoo, ILNho, KwangsikKim, Ki-WoongLee, DongKim, SangYunKim, ByeongKim, HoowonJun, GyungahSchellenberg, GerardIkeuchi, TakeshiFarrer, Lindsay and Lee, Kun
Journal of Clinical Medicine, vol. 8, (no. 8), pp. 1236, 2019-08-16. | Journal Article
Association of Altered Liver Enzymes With Alzheimer Disease Diagnosis, Cognition, Neuroimaging Measures, and Cerebrospinal Fluid Biomarkers
Nho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikKueider-Paisley, AKueider-Paisley, AAhmad, SAhmad, SMahmoudianDehkordi, SMahmoudianDehkordi, SArnold, MArnold, MRisacher, ShannonRisacher, ShannonLouie, GLouie, GBlach, CBlach, CBaillie, RBaillie, RHan, XHan, XKastenmuller, GabiKastenmuller, GabiTrojanowski, J.QTrojanowski, J.QShaw, L.MShaw, L.MWeiner, M.WWeiner, M.WDoraiswamy, P.MDoraiswamy, P.MDuijn, CorneliaDuijn, CorneliaSaykin, AnewSaykin, AnewKaddurah-Daouk, R and Kaddurah-Daouk, R
2019-07-03. | Journal Article
Grothe, Michel JGrothe, Michel JLange, CatharinaLange, CatharinaNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JJelistratova, IrinaJelistratova, IrinaNelson, Peter TNelson, Peter TBuchert, RalphBuchert, RalphTeipel, Stefan J and Teipel, Stefan J
Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association, vol. 15, (no. 7), pp. P201, July 2019. | Journal Article
Bile acids targeted metabolomics and medication classification data in the ADNI1 and ADNIGO/2 cohorts
Mahmoudiandehkordi, SiamakMahmoudiandehkordi, SiamakMahmoudiandehkordi, SiamakArnold, MatthiasArnold, MatthiasArnold, MatthiasMassaro, TylerMassaro, TylerMassaro, TylerBlach, ColetteBlach, ColetteBlach, ColetteKastenmüller, GabiKastenmüller, GabiKastenmüller, GabiLouie, GregoryLouie, GregoryLouie, GregoryKueider-Paisley, AlexandraKueider-Paisley, AlexandraKueider-Paisley, AlexandraHan, XianlinHan, XianlinHan, XianlinBaillie, RebeccaBaillie, RebeccaBaillie, RebeccaMotsinger-Reif, Alison AMotsinger-Reif, Alison AMotsinger-Reif, Alison ARotroff, DanielRotroff, DanielRotroff, DanielNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew JRisacher, Shannon LRisacher, Shannon LRisacher, Shannon LKoal, ThereseKoal, ThereseKoal, ThereseMoseley, M AMoseley, M AMoseley, M ATenenbaum, Jessica DTenenbaum, Jessica DTenenbaum, Jessica DKaddurah-Daouk, RimaKaddurah-Daouk, Rima and Kaddurah-Daouk, Rima
Scientific Data, vol. 6, (no. 1), pp. 1-8, Dec 2019. | Journal Article
Correction: Whole exome sequencing study identifies novel rare and common Alzheimer’s-Associated variants involved in immune response and transcriptional regulation
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Molecular Psychiatry, 2019-10-21. | Journal Article
Deep Learning in Alzheimer's Disease: Diagnostic Classification and Prognostic Prediction Using Neuroimaging Data
Jo, TaehoJo, TaehoNho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, Andrew J and Saykin, Andrew J
Frontiers in aging neuroscience, vol. 11, pp. 220, 2019-00-00. | Journal Article
Genetic architecture of subcortical brain structures in 38,851 individuals
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A.J.Holmes, A.J.Holmes, A.J.Holmes, A.J.Braber, A.Braber, Anoukden Braber, AnoukBraber, A.Braber, A.Braber, A.Braber, A.Kloszewska, I.Kloszewska, IwonaKloszewska, I.Kloszewska, I.Kloszewska, IwonaKloszewska, I.Kloszewska, I.Andersson, M.Andersson, MicaelAndersson, M.Andersson, MicaelAndersson, M.Andersson, M.Andersson, M.Espeseth, T.Espeseth, T.Espeseth, T.Espeseth, ThomasEspeseth, T.Espeseth, T.Espeseth, ThomasGrimm, OliverGrimm, O.Grimm, O.Grimm, O.Grimm, O.Grimm, O.Grimm, OliverAbramovic, L.Abramovic, L.Abramovic, L.Abramovic, LucijaAbramovic, L.Abramovic, LucijaAbramovic, L.Alhusaini, S.Alhusaini, S.Alhusaini, SaudAlhusaini, S.Alhusaini, S.Alhusaini, SaudAlhusaini, S.Milaneschi, Y.Milaneschi, Y.Milaneschi, Y.Milaneschi, YuriMilaneschi, Y.Milaneschi, YuriMilaneschi, Y.Papmeyer, M.Papmeyer, M.Papmeyer, M.Papmeyer, M.Papmeyer, M.Papmeyer, MartinaPapmeyer, MartinaAxelsson, TomasAxelsson, T.Axelsson, T.Axelsson, T.Axelsson, TomasAxelsson, T.Axelsson, T.Ehrlich, S.Ehrlich, StefanEhrlich, S.Ehrlich, StefanEhrlich, S.Ehrlich, S.Ehrlich, S.Roiz-Santiañez, RobertoRoiz-Santiañez, R.Roiz-Santiañez, R.Roiz-Santiañez, R.Roiz-Santiañez, R.Roiz-Santiañez, RobertoRoiz-Santiañez, R.Kraemer, BerndKraemer, B.Kraemer, B.Kraemer, B.Kraemer, B.Kraemer, BerndKraemer, B.H?berg, A.K.Håberg, Asta KHåberg, AstaH?berg, A.K.H?berg, A.K.H?berg, A.K.H?berg, A.K.Jones, H.J.Jones, Hannah JJones, HannahJones, H.J.Jones, H.J.Jones, H.J.Jones, H.J.Pike, G.B.Pike, G.Pike, G.B.Pike, G.B.Pike, G BrucePike, G.B.Pike, G.B.Stein, D.J.Stein, D.J.Stein, D.J.Stein, D.J.Stein, D.J.Stein, Dan JStein, DanStevens, A.Stevens, AllisonStevens, A.Stevens, A.Stevens, AllisonStevens, A.Stevens, A.Bralten, J.Bralten, J.Bralten, JanitaBralten, JanitaBralten, J.Bralten, J.Bralten, J.Vernooij, M.W.Vernooij, M.W.Vernooij, M.W.Vernooij, M.W.Vernooij, MeikeVernooij, Meike WVernooij, M.W.Harris, Tamara BHarris, TamaraHarris, T.B.Harris, T.B.Harris, T.B.Harris, T.B.Harris, T.B.Filippi, I.Filippi, IrinaFilippi, IrinaFilippi, I.Filippi, I.Filippi, I.Filippi, I.Witte, A.V.Witte, A.V.Witte, A VeronicaWitte, A.V.Witte, A.Witte, A.V.Witte, A.V.Guadalupe, T.Guadalupe, T.Guadalupe, TulioGuadalupe, T.Guadalupe, TulioGuadalupe, T.Guadalupe, T.Wittfeld, K.Wittfeld, KatharinaWittfeld, K.Wittfeld, KatharinaWittfeld, K.Wittfeld, K.Wittfeld, K.Mosley, T.H.Mosley, Thomas HMosley, T.H.Mosley, ThomasMosley, T.H.Mosley, T.H.Mosley, T.H.Becker, J.T.Becker, J.T.Becker, J.T.Becker, J.T.Becker, J.T.Becker, James TBecker, JamesDoan, N.T.Doan, N.T.Doan, N.T.Doan, N.T.Doan, N.T.Doan, Nhat TrungDoan, NhatHagenaars, S.P.Hagenaars, S.P.Hagenaars, SaskiaHagenaars, Saskia PHagenaars, S.P.Hagenaars, S.P.Hagenaars, S.P.Saba, Y.Saba, Y.Saba, YasamanSaba, Y.Saba, YasamanSaba, Y.Saba, Y.Cuellar-Partida, GabrielCuellar-Partida, G.Cuellar-Partida, GabrielCuellar-Partida, G.Cuellar-Partida, G.Cuellar-Partida, G.Cuellar-Partida, G.Amin, N.Amin, NajafAmin, N.Amin, N.Amin, N.Amin, N.Amin, NajafHilal, S.Hilal, SaimaHilal, S.Hilal, S.Hilal, S.Hilal, S.Hilal, SaimaNho, K.Nho, KwangsikNho, KwangsikNho, K.Nho, K.Nho, K.Nho, K.Mirza-Schreiber, N.Mirza-Schreiber, N.Mirza-Schreiber, NazaninMirza-Schreiber, N.Mirza-Schreiber, NazaninMirza-Schreiber, N.Mirza-Schreiber, N.Arfanakis, KonstantinosArfanakis, K.Arfanakis, K.Arfanakis, KonstantinosArfanakis, K.Arfanakis, K.Arfanakis, K.Becker, D.M.Becker, Diane MBecker, D.M.Becker, D.M.Becker, D.M.Becker, D.M.Becker, DianeAmes, DavidAmes, DavidAmes, D.Ames, D.Ames, D.Ames, D.Ames, D.Goldman, A.L.Goldman, AaronGoldman, A.L.Goldman, A.L.Goldman, A.L.Goldman, A.L.Goldman, Aaron LLee, P.H.Lee, P.H.Lee, Phil HLee, P.H.Lee, P.H.Lee, P.H.Lee, PhilBoomsma, D.I.Boomsma, D.I.Boomsma, D.I.Boomsma, Dorret IBoomsma, DorretBoomsma, D.I.Boomsma, D.I.Lovestone, S.Lovestone, SimonLovestone, S.Lovestone, S.Lovestone, S.Lovestone, S.Lovestone, SimonGiddaluru, S.Giddaluru, SudheerGiddaluru, S.Giddaluru, S.Giddaluru, SudheerGiddaluru, S.Giddaluru, S.Le Hellard, S.Le Hellard, S.Hellard, StephanieLe Hellard, S.Le Hellard, StephanieLe Hellard, S.Le Hellard, S.Mattheisen, ManuelMattheisen, ManuelMattheisen, M.Mattheisen, M.Mattheisen, M.Mattheisen, M.Mattheisen, M.Bohlken, MarcBohlken, M.M.Bohlken, M.M.Bohlken, Marc MBohlken, M.M.Bohlken, M.M.Bohlken, M.M.Kasperaviciute, DaliaKasperaviciute, D.Kasperaviciute, D.Kasperaviciute, D.Kasperaviciute, D.Kasperaviciute, DaliaKasperaviciute, D.Schmaal, L.Schmaal, L.Schmaal, L.Schmaal, L.Schmaal, L.Schmaal, LianneSchmaal, LianneLawrie, Stephen MLawrie, S.M.Lawrie, S.M.Lawrie, StephenLawrie, S.M.Lawrie, S.M.Lawrie, S.M.Agartz, IngridAgartz, I.Agartz, I.Agartz, I.Agartz, I.Agartz, I.Agartz, IngridWalton, EstherWalton, EstherWalton, E.Walton, E.Walton, E.Walton, E.Walton, E.Tordesillas-Gutierrez, D.Tordesillas-Gutierrez, D.Tordesillas-Gutierrez, DianaTordesillas-Gutierrez, D.Tordesillas-Gutierrez, DianaTordesillas-Gutierrez, D.Tordesillas-Gutierrez, D.Davies, GarethDavies, G.E.Davies, G.E.Davies, G.E.Davies, G.E.Davies, Gareth EDavies, G.E.Shin, JeanShin, JeanShin, J.Shin, J.Shin, J.Shin, J.Shin, J.Ipser, J.C.Ipser, Jonathan CIpser, J.C.Ipser, J.C.Ipser, JonathanIpser, J.C.Ipser, J.C.Vinke, L.N.Vinke, L.N.Vinke, L.N.Vinke, L.N.Vinke, L.N.Vinke, Louis NVinke, LouisHoogman, M.Hoogman, M.Hoogman, M.Hoogman, M.Hoogman, M.Hoogman, MartineHoogman, MartineJia, T.Jia, T.Jia, TianyeJia, TianyeJia, T.Jia, T.Jia, T.Burkhardt, R.Burkhardt, R.Burkhardt, R.Burkhardt, RalphBurkhardt, R.Burkhardt, RalphBurkhardt, R.Klein, M.Klein, M.Klein, M.Klein, MariekeKlein, MariekeKlein, M.Klein, M.Crivello, F.Crivello, FabriceCrivello, F.Crivello, F.Crivello, F.Crivello, F.Crivello, FabriceJanowitz, D.Janowitz, DeborahJanowitz, D.Janowitz, DeborahJanowitz, D.Janowitz, D.Janowitz, D.Carmichael, OwenCarmichael, O.Carmichael, O.Carmichael, O.Carmichael, O.Carmichael, O.Carmichael, OwenHaukvik, U.K.Haukvik, Unn KHaukvik, UnnHaukvik, U.K.Haukvik, U.K.Haukvik, U.K.Haukvik, U.K.Aribisala, B.S.Aribisala, B.S.Aribisala, Benjamin SAribisala, BenjaminAribisala, B.S.Aribisala, B.S.Aribisala, B.S.Schmidt, H.Schmidt, H.Schmidt, H.Schmidt, H.Schmidt, HelenaSchmidt, HelenaSchmidt, H.Strike, L.T.Strike, Lachlan TStrike, L.T.Strike, L.T.Strike, L.T.Strike, L.T.Cheng, C.-Y.Cheng, C.-Y.Cheng, C.-Y.Cheng, C.-Y.Cheng, Ching-YuCheng, C.-Y.Risacher, S.L.Risacher, S.L.Risacher, Shannon LRisacher, S.L.Risacher, S.L.Risacher, S.L.Pütz, B.Pütz, BennoPütz, B.Pütz, B.Pütz, B.Pütz, B.Fleischman, D.A.Fleischman, Debra AFleischman, D.A.Fleischman, D.A.Fleischman, D.A.Fleischman, D.A.Assareh, A.A.Assareh, A.A.Assareh, A.A.Assareh, A.A.Assareh, Amelia AAssareh, A.A.Mattay, V.S.Mattay, Venkata SMattay, V.S.Mattay, V.S.Mattay, V.S.Mattay, V.S.Buckner, R.L.Buckner, R.L.Buckner, R.L.Buckner, R.L.Buckner, R.L.Buckner, Randy LMecocci, P.Mecocci, PatriziaMecocci, P.Mecocci, P.Mecocci, P.Mecocci, P.Dale, Anders MDale, A.M.Dale, A.M.Dale, A.M.Dale, A.M.Dale, A.M.Cichon, SvenCichon, S.Cichon, S.Cichon, S.Cichon, S.Cichon, S.Boks, Marco PBoks, M.P.Boks, M.P.Boks, M.P.Boks, M.P.Boks, M.P.Matarin, M.Matarin, M.Matarin, M.Matarin, M.Matarin, MarMatarin, M.Penninx, B.W.J.H.Penninx, B.W.J.H.Penninx, Brenda W J HPenninx, B.W.J.H.Penninx, B.W.J.H.Penninx, B.W.J.H.Calhoun, V.D.Calhoun, V.D.Calhoun, V.D.Calhoun, V.D.Calhoun, Vince DCalhoun, V.D.Chakravarty, M.M.Chakravarty, M.M.Chakravarty, M MallarChakravarty, M.M.Chakravarty, M.M.Chakravarty, M.M.Marquand, A.F.Marquand, A.F.Marquand, Andre FMarquand, A.F.Marquand, A.F.Marquand, A.F.Macare, C.Macare, C.Macare, C.Macare, C.Macare, C.Macare, ChristineKharabian Masouleh, S.Kharabian Masouleh, S.Kharabian Masouleh, S.Kharabian Masouleh, S.Kharabian Masouleh, S.Kharabian Masouleh, ShahrzadOosterlaan, JaapOosterlaan, J.Oosterlaan, J.Oosterlaan, J.Oosterlaan, J.Oosterlaan, J.Amouyel, P.Amouyel, P.Amouyel, P.Amouyel, P.Amouyel, P.Amouyel, PhilippeHegenscheid, K.Hegenscheid, K.Hegenscheid, K.Hegenscheid, KatrinHegenscheid, K.Hegenscheid, K.Rotter, J.I.Rotter, J.I.Rotter, J.I.Rotter, J.I.Rotter, Jerome IRotter, J.I.Schork, Andrew JSchork, A.J.Schork, A.J.Schork, A.J.Schork, A.J.Schork, A.J.Liewald, D.C.M.Liewald, D.C.M.Liewald, D.C.M.Liewald, D.C.M.Liewald, D.C.M.Liewald, David C MZubicaray, G.I.Zubicaray, G.I.Zubicaray, G.I.Zubicaray, G.I.De Zubicaray, Greig IZubicaray, G.I.Wong, T.Y.Wong, T.Y.Wong, T.Y.Wong, Tien YinWong, T.Y.Wong, T.Y.Shen, L.Shen, L.Shen, L.Shen, L.Shen, L.Shen, LiSämann, P.G.Sämann, Philipp GSämann, P.G.Sämann, P.G.Sämann, P.G.Sämann, P.G.Brodaty, H.Brodaty, HenryBrodaty, H.Brodaty, H.Brodaty, H.Brodaty, H.Roffman, J.L.Roffman, J.L.Roffman, Joshua LRoffman, J.L.Roffman, J.L.Roffman, J.L.de Geus, Eco J CGeus, E.J.C.Geus, E.J.C.Geus, E.J.C.Geus, E.J.C.Geus, E.J.C.Tsolaki, M.Tsolaki, M.Tsolaki, MagdaTsolaki, M.Tsolaki, M.Tsolaki, M.Erk, S.Erk, S.Erk, S.Erk, S.Erk, S.Erk, SusanneEijk, K.R.Eijk, K.R.Eijk, K.R.Eijk, K.R.Eijk, K.R.van Eijk, Kristel RCavalleri, G.L.Cavalleri, G.L.Cavalleri, G.L.Cavalleri, G.L.Cavalleri, G.L.Cavalleri, Gianpiero LWee, N.J.A.van der Wee, Nic J AWee, N.J.A.Wee, N.J.A.Wee, N.J.A.Wee, N.J.A.McIntosh, Andrew MMcIntosh, A.M.McIntosh, A.M.McIntosh, A.M.McIntosh, A.M.McIntosh, A.M.Gollub, R.L.Gollub, Randy LGollub, R.L.Gollub, R.L.Gollub, R.L.Gollub, R.L.Bulayeva, Kazima BBulayeva, K.B.Bulayeva, K.B.Bulayeva, K.B.Bulayeva, K.B.Bulayeva, K.B.Bernard, M.Bernard, ManonBernard, M.Bernard, M.Bernard, M.Bernard, M.Richards, J.S.Richards, J.S.Richards, J.S.Richards, J.S.Richards, Jennifer SRichards, J.S.Himali, J.J.Himali, Jayandra JHimali, J.J.Himali, J.J.Himali, J.J.Himali, J.J.Loeffler, M.Loeffler, M.Loeffler, M.Loeffler, M.Loeffler, M.Loeffler, MarkusRommelse, N.Rommelse, N.Rommelse, N.Rommelse, NandaRommelse, N.Rommelse, N.Hoffmann, W.Hoffmann, W.Hoffmann, W.Hoffmann, W.Hoffmann, WolfgangHoffmann, W.Westlye, L.T.Westlye, L.T.Westlye, L.T.Westlye, Lars TWestlye, L.T.Westlye, L.T.Valdés Hernández, M.C.Valdés Hernández, M.C.Valdés Hernández, M.C.Valdés Hernández, M.C.Valdés Hernández, Maria CValdés Hernández, M.C.Hansell, N.K.Hansell, Narelle KHansell, N.K.Hansell, N.K.Hansell, N.K.Hansell, N.K.Erp, T.G.M.Erp, T.G.M.Erp, T.G.M.Erp, T.G.M.van Erp, Theo G MErp, T.G.M.Wolf, ChristianeWolf, C.Wolf, C.Wolf, C.Wolf, C.Wolf, C.Kwok, J.B.J.Kwok, J.B.J.Kwok, J.B.J.Kwok, J.B.J.Kwok, John B JKwok, J.B.J.Vellas, B.Vellas, B.Vellas, BrunoVellas, B.Vellas, B.Vellas, B.Heinz, A.Heinz, AndreasHeinz, A.Heinz, A.Heinz, A.Heinz, A.Olde Loohuis, L.M.Olde Loohuis, L.M.Olde Loohuis, L.M.Olde Loohuis, L.M.Olde Loohuis, Loes MOlde Loohuis, L.M.Delanty, N.Delanty, NormanDelanty, N.Delanty, N.Delanty, N.Delanty, N.Ho, B.-C.Ho, B.-C.Ho, B.-C.Ho, Beng-ChoonHo, B.-C.Ho, B. C.Ching, C.R.K.Ching, C.R.K.Ching, Christopher R KChing, C.R.K.Ching, C.R.K.Ching, C.R.K.Shumskaya, E.Shumskaya, E.Shumskaya, ElenaShumskaya, E.Shumskaya, E.Shumskaya, E.Singh, BaljeetSingh, B.Singh, B.Singh, B.Singh, B.Singh, B.Hofman, A.Hofman, AlbertHofman, A.Hofman, A.Hofman, A.Hofman, A.Meer, D.Meer, D.van der Meer, DennisMeer, D.Meer, D.Meer, D.Homuth, G.Homuth, G.Homuth, G.Homuth, GeorgHomuth, G.Homuth, G.Psaty, B.M.Psaty, B.M.Psaty, B.M.Psaty, B.M.Psaty, Bruce MPsaty, B.M.Bastin, Mark EBastin, M.E.Bastin, M.E.Bastin, M.E.Bastin, M.E.Bastin, M.E.Montgomery, G.W.Montgomery, G.W.Montgomery, G.W.Montgomery, G.W.Montgomery, G.W.Montgomery, Grant WForoud, T.M.Foroud, T.M.Foroud, T.M.Foroud, T.M.Foroud, Tatiana MForoud, T.M.Reppermund, S.Reppermund, S.Reppermund, S.Reppermund, S.Reppermund, S.Reppermund, SimoneHottenga, J.-J.Hottenga, J.-J.Hottenga, J.-J.Hottenga, J.-J.Hottenga, J.-J.Hottenga, Jouke-JanSimmons, A.Simmons, A.Simmons, A.Simmons, A.Simmons, AndrewSimmons, 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Nature genetics, vol. 51, (no. 11), pp. 1636, 2019. | Journal Article
Genome-wide association analysis of hippocampal volume identifies enrichment of neurogenesis-related pathways
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