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Creating shared perspectives for worker well-being: A community health-focused certificate in Total Worker Health®. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine
. | Journal Article
What Extraordinary Times Tell Us About Ordinary Ones: A Multiple Case Study of Precariously Employed Food Retail and Service Workers in Two U.S. State Contexts during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Critical Public Health
. | Journal Article
Experiences of insecurity among non-standard workers across different welfare states: A qualitative cross-country study. Social Science & Medicine
. | Journal Article
Initiatives Addressing Precarious Employment and Its Effects on Workers’ Health and Well-Being: A Systematic Review
Gunn, VirginiaGunn, VirginiaKreshpaj, BertinaMatilla-Santander, NuriaVignola, Emilia FWegman, David HHogstedt, ChristerAhonen, Emily QBodin, TheoOrellana, CeciliaBaron, SherryMuntaner, CarlesAlbin, Maria and Håkansta, Carin
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. | Journal Article
Investigating Employment Quality for Population Health and Health Equity: A Perspective of Power. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Non-Standard Employment and Unemployment during the COVID-19 Crisis: Economic and Health Findings from a Six-Country Survey Study
Gunn, VirginiaVives, AlejandraZaupa, AlessandroHernando-Rodriguez, Julio C.Julià, MireiaKvart, SignildLewchuk, WaynePadrosa, EvaVos, Mattias PhilippeAhonen, Emily Q.Baron, SherryBosmans, KimDavis, LetitiaDı́az, IgnacioMatilla-Santander, NuriaMuntaner, CarlesO’Campo, PatriciaÖstergren, Per-OlofVanroelen, ChristopheVignola, Emilia F. and Bodin, Theo
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 19, pp. 5865. | Journal Article
Work, Health, and the Ongoing Pursuit of Health Equity. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
. | Journal Article
COVID-19 and Precarious Employment: Consequences of the Evolving Crisis
Matilla-Santander, NuriaMatilla-Santander, NuriaMatilla-Santander, NuriaMatilla-Santander, NuriaMatilla-Santander, NuriaAhonen, EmilyAhonen, EmilyAhonen, EmilyAhonen, EmilyAhonen, EmilyAlbin, MariaAlbin, MariaAlbin, MariaAlbin, MariaAlbin, MariaBaron, SherryBaron, SherryBaron, SherryBaron, SherryBaron, SherryBolíbar, MireiaBolı́bar, MireiaBolíbar, MireiaBolı́bar, MireiaBolíbar, MireiaBosmans, KimBosmans, KimBosmans, KimBosmans, KimBosmans, KimBurström, BoBurström, BoBurström, BoBurström, BoBurström, BoCuervo, IsabelCuervo, IsabelCuervo, IsabelCuervo, IsabelCuervo, IsabelDavis, LetitiaDavis, LetitiaDavis, LetitiaDavis, LetitiaDavis, LetitiaGunn, VirginiaGunn, VirginiaGunn, VirginiaGunn, VirginiaGunn, VirginiaHåkansta, CarinHåkansta, CarinHåkansta, CarinHåkansta, CarinHåkansta, CarinHemmingsson, TomasHemmingsson, TomasHemmingsson, TomasHemmingsson, TomasHemmingsson, TomasHogstedt, ChristerHogstedt, ChristerHogstedt, ChristerHogstedt, ChristerHogstedt, ChristerJonsson, JohannaJonsson, JohannaJonsson, JohannaJonsson, JohannaJonsson, JohannaJulià, MireiaJulià, MireiaJulià, MireiaJulià, MireiaJulià, MireiaKjellberg, KatarinaKjellberg, KatarinaKjellberg, KatarinaKjellberg, KatarinaKjellberg, KatarinaKreshpaj, BertinaKreshpaj, BertinaKreshpaj, BertinaKreshpaj, BertinaKreshpaj, BertinaLewchuk, WayneLewchuk, WayneLewchuk, WayneLewchuk, WayneLewchuk, WayneMuntaner, CarlesMuntaner, CarlesMuntaner, CarlesMuntaner, CarlesMuntaner, CarlesO'Campo, PatriciaO’Campo, PatriciaO'Campo, PatriciaO’Campo, PatriciaO'Campo, PatriciaOrellana, CeciliaOrellana, CeciliaOrellana, CeciliaOrellana, CeciliaOrellana, CeciliaÖstergren, Per-OlofÖstergren, Per-OlofÖstergren, Per-OlofÖstergren, Per-OlofÖstergren, Per-OlofPadrosa, EvaPadrosa, EvaPadrosa, EvaPadrosa, EvaPadrosa, EvaRuiz, Marisol ERuiz, Marisol ERuiz, Marisol E.Ruiz, Marisol ERuiz, Marisol E.Vanroelen, ChristopheVanroelen, ChristopheVanroelen, ChristopheVanroelen, ChristopheVanroelen, ChristopheVignola, EmiliaVignola, EmiliaVignola, EmiliaVignola, EmiliaVignola, EmiliaVives, AlejandraVives, AlejandraVives, AlejandraVives, AlejandraVives, AlejandraWegman, David HWegman, David HWegman, David H.Wegman, David H.Wegman, David HBodin, Theoand, Theo BodinBodin, TheoBodin, Theo and and, Theo Bodin
International Journal of Health Services, vol. 51, pp. 226–228. | Journal Article
Poor-quality employment and health: How a welfare regime typology with a gender lens Illuminates a different work-health relationship for men and women
Fujishiro, KaoriAhonen, Emily Q. and Winkler, Megan
Social Science & Medicine, vol. 291, pp. 114484. | Journal Article
Sociopolitical values and social institutions: Studying work and health equity through the lens of political economy
Fujishiro, KaoriAhonen, Emily Q.Porras, David Gimeno RuizChen, I-Chen and Benavides, Fernando G.
SSM - Population Health, vol. 14, pp. 100787. | Journal Article
Constrained choices: Combined influences of work, social circumstances, and social location on time-dependent health behaviors
Winkler, Megan R.Winkler, Megan R.Winkler, Megan R.Winkler, M.R.Telke, SusanTelke, S.Telke, SusanTelke, SusanAhonen, Emily Q.Ahonen, Emily Q.Ahonen, E.Q.Ahonen, Emily Q.Crane, Melissa M.Crane, M.M.Crane, Melissa M.Crane, Melissa M.Mason, Susan M.Mason, S.M.Mason, Susan M.Mason, Susan M.Neumark Sztainer, DianneNeumark-Sztainer, DianneNeumark-Sztainer, Dianne and Neumark-Sztainer, D.
SSM - Population Health, vol. 11. | Journal Article
“There is no escaping it”: Graduate Student Conceptions of Environment and their Implications for Learning Motivation and Public Health Curricula
Cheesman, Katherine L and Ahonen, Emily Q
Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, vol. 19, (no. 3), 2019-01-30. | Journal Article
Ahonen et al. respond
Ahonen, E.Q.Fujishiro, K.Flynn, M. and Cunningham, T.
American Journal of Public Health, vol. 108, pp. e22-e23. | Journal Article
Flynn et al. Respond
Flynn, M.A.Cunningham, T.R.Ahonen, E.Q. and Fujishiro, K.
American Journal of Public Health, vol. 108, pp. e3-e4. | Journal Article
Human Factors Affecting Logging Injury Incidents in Idaho and the Potential for Real-Time Location-Sharing Technology to Improve Safety.
Newman, Soren MKeefe, Robert FBrooks, Randall HAhonen, Emily Q and Wempe, Ann M
Safety (Basel, Switzerland), vol. 4, (no. 4), pp. 43, October 2018. | Journal Article
Rosemberg, Marie-AnneRosemberg, Marie-Anne STsai, Jenny Hsin ChunCunningham, ThomasTsai, JennyAhonen, EmilyFujishiro, Kaori and Flynn, Michael
American Journal of Public Health, vol. 108, (no. 7), pp. E23, 20180701. | Journal Article
The housing first technical assistance and training (HFTAT) implementation strategy: outcomes from a mixed methods study of three programs.
Watson, Dennis PWatson, Dennis PWatson, Dennis PWatson, Dennis PAhonen, Emily QAhonen, Emily QAhonen, Emily QAhonen, Emily QShuman, ValeryShuman, ValeryShuman, ValeryShuman, ValeryBrown, MollyBrown, MollyBrown, MollyBrown, MollyTsemberis, SamTsemberis, SamTsemberis, SamTsemberis, SamHuynh, PhilipHuynh, PhilipHuynh, PhilipHuynh, PhilipOuyang, FangqianOuyang, FangqianOuyang, FangqianOuyang, FangqianXu, HuipingXu, HuipingXu, Huiping and Xu, Huiping
Substance abuse treatment, prevention, and policy, vol. 13, (no. 1), pp. 32, September 21, 2018. | Journal Article
Work as an inclusive part of population health inequities research and prevention
Ahonen, E.Q.Fujishiro, K.Cunningham, T. and Flynn, M.
American Journal of Public Health, vol. 108, pp. 306-311. | Journal Article
Alpha test results for a Housing First eLearning strategy: The value of multiple qualitative methods for intervention design
Ahonen, Emily QAhonen, E.Q.Ahonen, Emily QWatson, Dennis PWatson, D.P.Watson, Dennis PAdams, Erin LAdams, Erin LAdams, E.L.Mc Guire, AlanMcGuire, A. and McGuire, Alan
Pilot and Feasibility Studies, vol. 3. | Journal Article
Undergraduate Environmental Public Health Education
Ahonen, Emily QAhonen, Emily Q.Lacey, Steven E. and Lacey, Steven E
NEW SOLUTIONS: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy, vol. 27, pp. 107–123. | Journal Article
Injury at work and migrant workers: a priority for a global agenda in occupational health
Ahonen, Emily Q and Benavides, Fernando G
Occupational and Environmental Medicine, vol. 74, pp. 231–232. | Journal Article
Applying Evaluative Thinking to a Community-Engaged Safe Drinking Water Project in Peri-Urban Guatemala
Tendick-Matesanz, FelipeTendick-Matesanz, FelipeAhonen, Emily QAhonen, Emily QZellner, Moira LZellner, Moira LLacey, Steven E and Lacey, Steven E
International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship, vol. 10, (no. 1), pp. 79, 2015-06-25. | Journal Article
Moving Into Green Healthy Housing
Jacobs, David EJacobs, David E.Ahonen, EmilyAhonen, EmilyDixon, Sherry LDixon, Sherry L.Dorevitch, SamuelDorevitch, SamuelBreysse, JillBreysse, JillSmith, JanetSmith, JanetEvens, AnneEvens, AnneDobrez, DoborahDobrez, DoborahIsaacson, MarjieIsaacson, MarjieMurphy, ColinMurphy, ColinConroy, LorraineConroy, LorraineLevavi, Peter and Levavi, Peter
Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, vol. 21, pp. 345–354. | Journal Article
Development and testing of an implementation strategy for a complex housing intervention: protocol for a mixed methods study
Watson, Dennis PWatson, Dennis PWatson, Dennis PWatson, Dennis PYoung, JeaniYoung, JeaniYoung, JeaniYoung, JeaniAhonen, EmilyAhonen, EmilyAhonen, EmilyAhonen, EmilyXu, HuipingXu, HuipingXu, HuipingXu, HuipingHenderson, MaceyHenderson, MaceyHenderson, MaceyHenderson, MaceyShuman, ValeryShuman, ValeryShuman, ValeryShuman, ValeryTolliver, RandiTolliver, RandiTolliver, Randi and Tolliver, Randi
Implementation Science, vol. 9. | Journal Article
Evaluating goals in worker health protection using a participatory design and an evaluation checklist
Ahonen, Emily QAhonen, Emily QAhonen, Emily Q.Ahonen, E.Q.Zanoni, J.Zanoni, JosephZanoni, JosephZanoni, JosephForst, L.Forst, LindaForst, LindaForst, LindaOchsner, M.Ochsner, MicheleOchsner, MicheleOchsner, MicheleKimmel, LouisKimmel, LouisKimmel, LouisKimmel, L.Martino, C.Martino, CarmenMartino, CarmenMartino, CarmenRingholm, E.Ringholm, ElisaRingholm, ElisaRingholm, ElisaRodríguez, EricRodríguez, E.Rodríguez, EricRodríguez, EricKader, AdamKader, AdamKader, AdamKader, A.Sokas, RosemarySokas, RosemarySokas, Rosemary and Sokas, R.
(pp. 537-560)