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Belantamab mafodotin for relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma (DREAMM-2): a two-arm, randomised, open-label, phase 2 study
Lonial, SagarLonial, SagarLonial, SagarLonial, SagarLonial, SagarLonial, SagarLee, Hans CLee, Hans CLee, Hans CLee, Hans CLee, Hans CLee, Hans CBadros, AshrafBadros, AshrafBadros, AshrafBadros, AshrafBadros, AshrafBadros, AshrafTrudel, SuzanneTrudel, SuzanneTrudel, SuzanneTrudel, SuzanneTrudel, SuzanneTrudel, SuzanneNooka, Ajay KNooka, Ajay KNooka, Ajay KNooka, Ajay KNooka, Ajay KNooka, Ajay KChari, AjaiChari, AjaiChari, AjaiChari, AjaiChari, AjaiChari, AjaiAl-Ola, AbdallahAl-Ola, AbdallahAl-Ola, AbdallahAl-Ola, AbdallahAbdallah, Al-OlaAl-Ola, AbdallahCallander, NatalieCallander, NatalieCallander, NatalieCallander, NatalieCallander, NatalieCallander, NatalieLendvai, NikolettaLendvai, NikolettaLendvai, NikolettaLendvai, NikolettaLendvai, NikolettaLendvai, NikolettaSborov, DouglasSborov, DouglasSborov, DouglasSborov, DouglasSborov, DouglasSborov, DouglasSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaWeisel, KatjaWeisel, KatjaWeisel, KatjaWeisel, KatjaWeisel, KatjaWeisel, KatjaKarlin, LionelKarlin, LionelKarlin, LionelKarlin, LionelKarlin, LionelKarlin, LionelLibby, EdwardLibby, EdwardLibby, EdwardLibby, EdwardLibby, EdwardLibby, EdwardArnulf, BertrandFacon, ThierryFacon, ThierryFacon, ThierryFacon, ThierryFacon, ThierryFacon, ThierryHulin, CyrilleHulin, CyrilleHulin, CyrilleHulin, CyrilleHulin, CyrilleHulin, CyrilleKortüm, K MartinRodríguez-Otero, PaulaRodríguez-Otero, PaulaRodríguez-Otero, PaulaRodríguez-Otero, PaulaRodríguez-Otero, PaulaRodríguez-Otero, PaulaUsmani, Saad ZUsmani, Saad ZUsmani, Saad ZUsmani, Saad ZUsmani, Saad ZUsmani, Saad ZHari, ParameswaranBaz, RachidBaz, RachidBaz, RachidBaz, RachidBaz, RachidBaz, RachidQuach, HangQuach, HangQuach, HangQuach, HangQuach, HangQuach, HangMoreau, PhilippeMoreau, PhilippeMoreau, PhilippeMoreau, PhilippeMoreau, PhilippeMoreau, PhilippeVoorhees, Peter MVoorhees, Peter MVoorhees, Peter MVoorhees, Peter MVoorhees, Peter MVoorhees, Peter MGupta, IraGupta, IraGupta, IraGupta, IraGupta, IraGupta, IraHoos, AxelHoos, AxelHoos, AxelHoos, AxelHoos, AxelHoos, AxelZhi, EricZhi, EricZhi, EricZhi, EricZhi, EricZhi, EricBaron, JanuaryBaron, JanuaryBaron, JanuaryBaron, JanuaryBaron, JanuaryBaron, JanuaryPiontek, TrishaPiontek, TrishaPiontek, TrishaPiontek, TrishaPiontek, TrishaPiontek, TrishaLewis, EricLewis, EricLewis, EricLewis, EricLewis, EricLewis, EricJewell, Roxanne CJewell, Roxanne CJewell, Roxanne CJewell, Roxanne CJewell, Roxanne CJewell, Roxanne CDettman, Elisha JDettman, Elisha JDettman, Elisha JDettman, Elisha JDettman, Elisha JDettman, Elisha JPopat, RakeshPopat, RakeshPopat, RakeshPopat, RakeshPopat, RakeshPopat, RakeshEsposti, Simona DegliOpalinska, JoannaOpalinska, JoannaOpalinska, JoannaOpalinska, JoannaOpalinska, JoannaOpalinska, JoannaRichardson, PaulRichardson, PaulRichardson, PaulRichardson, PaulRichardson, PaulRichardson, PaulCohen, Adam DCohen, Adam DCohen, Adam DCohen, Adam DCohen, Adam D and Cohen, Adam D
The Lancet Oncology, vol. 21, (no. 2), pp. 221, February 2020. | Journal Article
Acquired Factor X Deficiency in Patients With Primary Light Chain Amyloidosis
Dejhansathit, Siroj and Suvannasankha, Attaya
Journal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports, vol. 7, pp. 2324709619832332, 20190300. | Journal Article
Cold agglutinin-mediated autoimmune haemolytic anaemia associated with diffuse large B cell lymphoma
Wongsaengsak, SariyaCzader, Magdalena and Suvannasankha, Attaya
BMJ Case Reports, vol. 2018, Jul 10, 2018. | Journal Article
Consecutive epigenetically-active agent combinations act in ID1-RUNX3-TET2 and HOXA pathways for Flt3ITD+ve AML
Sayar, HamidSayar, HamidSayar, HamidSayar, HamidLiu, YanLiu, YanLiu, YanLiu, YanGao, RuiGao, RuiGao, RuiGao, RuiZaid, Mohammad AbuZaid, Mohammad AbuZaid, Mohammad AbuZaid, Mohammad AbuCripe, Larry DCripe, Larry DCripe, Larry DCripe, Larry DWeisenbach, JillWeisenbach, JillWeisenbach, JillWeisenbach, JillSargent, Katie JSargent, Katie JSargent, Katie JSargent, Katie JNassiri, MehdiNassiri, MehdiNassiri, MehdiNassiri, MehdiLi, LangLi, LangLi, LangLi, LangKonig, HeikoKonig, HeikoKonig, HeikoKonig, HeikoSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaPan, FengPan, FengPan, FengPan, FengShanmugam, RajasubramaniamShanmugam, RajasubramaniamShanmugam, RajasubramaniamShanmugam, RajasubramaniamGoswami, ChirayuGoswami, ChirayuGoswami, ChirayuGoswami, ChirayuKapur, ReubenKapur, ReubenKapur, ReubenKapur, ReubenXu, MingjiangXu, MingjiangXu, MingjiangXu, MingjiangBoswell, H ScottBoswell, H ScottBoswell, H Scott and Boswell, H Scott
Oncotarget, vol. 9, (no. 5), pp. 5715, 2018-Jan-19. | Journal Article
Multiple ‘doughnut’ granulomas in a liver transplant patient with CMV reactivation
Dejhansathit, SirojMiller, Adam Michael and Suvannasankha, Attaya
BMJ Case Reports, vol. 11, (no. 1), pp. e227252, 20181200. | Journal Article
Proteomic Characterization of Plasma Cells from Patients with Multiple Myeloma
Suvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaCrean, Colin DCrean, Colin DLeyes, Heather MLeyes, Heather MWongsaengsak, SariyaWongsaengsak, SariyaQi, GuihongQi, GuihongWon Kim, JongWon Kim, JongWang, Mu and Wang, Mu
Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics, vol. 11, (no. 1), 2018-00-00. | Journal Article
PTHrP May Contribute to Cachexia Accompanying Multiple Myeloma Bone Disease
Suvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaCrean, ColinCrean, ColinOchoa, Isaac CarreraOchoa, Isaac CarreraRoodman, G DavidRoodman, G DavidChirgwin, John and Chirgwin, John
Blood, vol. 132, (no. Supplement 1), pp. 4450, 2018-11-29. | Journal Article
Testicular plasmacytoma misdiagnosed as orchitis
Schiavo, ChristopherMann, Steven AlexanderMer, Jesse and Suvannasankha, Attaya
BMJ Case Reports, vol. 2018, Jun 2, 2018. | Journal Article
The Role of Semaphorin 4D in Bone Remodeling and Cancer Metastasis
Lontos, KonstantinosLontos, KonstantinosAdamik, JurajAdamik, JurajTsagianni, AnastasiaTsagianni, AnastasiaGalson, Deborah LGalson, Deborah LChirgwin, John MChirgwin, John MSuvannasankha, Attaya and Suvannasankha, Attaya
Frontiers in Endocrinology, vol. 9, pp. 322, 2018-06-19. | Journal Article
Daratumumab plus pomalidomide and dexamethasone in relapsed and/or refractory multiple myeloma
Chari, AjaiSuvannasankha, AttayaFay, Joseph WArnulf, BertrandKaufman, Jonathan LIfthikharuddin, Jainulabdeen JWeiss, Brendan MKrishnan, AmritaLentzsch, SuzanneComenzo, RaymondWang, JianpingNottage, KerriChiu, ChristopherKhokhar, Nushmia ZAhmadi, Tahamtan and Lonial, Sagar
Blood, vol. 130, (no. 8), pp. 981, 2017-08-24. | Journal Article
Phase 1b Study of Daratumumab plus Pomalidomide and Dexamethasone in Relapsed and/or Refractory Multiple Myeloma (RRMM) with ≥2 Prior Lines of Therapy
Chari, AjaiSuvannasankha, AttayaFay, JosephArnulf, BertrandKaufman, JonathanIfthikharuddin, JainulabdeenWeiss, BrendanKrishnan, AmritaLentzsch, SuzanneComenzo, RayWang, JimMasterson, TaraNottage, KerriSchecter, JordanChiu, ChristopherKhokhar, NushmiaAhmadi, Tahamtan and Lonial, Sagar
Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia, vol. 17, (no. 1), pp. e15, 2017. | Journal Article
Semaphorin 4D to suppress bone formation in multiple myeloma
Lontos, KonstantinosAdamik, JurajZhang, PengSun, QuanhongRoodman, DavidSuvannasankha, Attaya and Galson, Deborah Lynn
Journal of Clinical Oncology, vol. 35, (no. 15_suppl), pp. 8039, 2017-05-20. | Journal Article
Cell adhesion molecule CD166 drives malignant progression and osteolytic disease in multiple myeloma.
Xu, LinlinXu, LinlinMohammad, Khalid SMohammad, Khalid SWu, HaoWu, HaoCrean, ColinCrean, ColinPoteat, BradleyPoteat, BradleyCheng, YinghuaCheng, YinghuaCardoso, Angelo ACardoso, Angelo AMarchal, Christophe CMachal, ChristopheHanenberg, HelmutHanenberg, HelmutAbonour, RafatAbonour, RafatKacena, Melissa AKacena, Melissa AChirgwin, John MChirgwin, JohnSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSrour, Edward F and Srour, Edward F
Cancer research, September 7, 2016. | Journal Article
Multifocal Gastric Ulcers Caused by Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma in a Patient With Significant Weight Loss
Gromski, Mark AGromski, Mark AGromski, Mark AGromski, Mark APeng, Jennifer LPeng, Jennifer LPeng, Jennifer LPeng, Jennifer LZhou, JiehaoZhou, JiehaoZhou, JiehaoZhou, JiehaoMasuoka, Howard CMasuoka, Howard CMasuoka, Howard CMasuoka, Howard CSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, Suthat and Liangpunsakul, Suthat
Journal of Investigative Medicine High Impact Case Reports, vol. 4, (no. 4), pp. 2324709616683721, 20161200. | Journal Article
Regulation of Osteoblast Function in Myeloma Bone Disease By Semaphorin 4D
Suvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaCrean, Colin DCrean, Colin DCrean, Colin DCrean, Colin DTompkins, Douglas RTompkins, Douglas RTompkins, Douglas RTompkins, Douglas RDelgado-Calle, JesusDelgado-Calle, JesusDelgado Calle, JesusDelgado-Calle, JesusBellido, Teresita MBellido, Teresita MBellido, Teresita MBellido, Teresita MRoodman, G. DavidRoodman, G. DavidRoodman, G. DavidRoodman, G. DavidChirgwin, John MChirgwin, John MChirgwin, John M and Chirgwin, John M
Blood, vol. 128, (no. 22), pp. 4439, 2016-12-02. | Journal Article
FGF23 is elevated in multiple myeloma and increases heparanase expression by tumor cells.
Suvannasankha, AttayaTompkins, Douglas REdwards, Daniel FPetyaykina, Katarina VCrean, Colin DFournier, Pierrick GParker, Jamie MSandusky, George EIchikawa, ShojiImel, Erik A and Chirgwin, John M
Oncotarget, vol. 6, (no. 23), pp. 19647-19660, August 14, 2015. | Journal Article
Open-Label, Multicenter, Phase 1b Study of Daratumumab in Combination with Pomalidomide and Dexamethasone in Patients with at Least 2 Lines of Prior Therapy and Relapsed or Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Chari, AjaiLonial, SagarSuvannasankha, AttayaFay, Joseph WArnulf, BertrandIfthikharuddin, Jainulabdeen JQin, XiangMasterson, TaraNottage, KerriSchecter, Jordan MAhmadi, TahamtanWeiss, BrendanKrishnan, Amrita and Lentzsch, Suzanne
Blood, vol. 126, (no. 23), pp. 508, 2015-12-03. | Journal Article
Phase I/II Study of Lenalidomide and High Dose Melphalan As Preparative Regimen in Autologous Transplant in Myeloma: Report of Phase II Efficacy and Safety Data
Suvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaFarag, SherifFarag, SherifFarag, SherifSilbermann, RebeccaSilbermann, RebeccaSilbermann, RebeccaCangany, MaryCangany, MaryCangany, MaryRush-Taylor, AnitaRush-Taylor, AnitaRush-Taylor, AnitaO'Bryant, RobinO'Bryant, RobinO'Bryant, RobinWood, LisaWood, LisaWood, LisaPearson, JeanPearson, JeanPearson, JeanSingleton, SarahSingleton, SarahSingleton, SarahBradley, AndreaBradley, AndreaBradley, AndreaAlthouse, SandraAlthouse, SandraAlthouse, SandraPerkins, SusanPerkins, SusanPerkins, SusanEstes, DebEstes, DebEstes, DebAbonour, RafatAbonour, Rafat and Abonour, Rafat
Blood, vol. 126, (no. 23), pp. 3193, 2015-12-03. | Journal Article
Targeted nuclear factor-kappaB suppression enhances gemcitabine response in human pancreatic tumor cell line murine xenografts.
Waters, Joshua AMatos, JesusYip-Schneider, MicheleAguilar-Saavedra, Juan RCrean, Colin DBeane, Joal DDumas, Ryan PSuvannasankha, Attaya and Schmidt, C Max
Surgery, vol. 158, (no. 4), pp. 881-8; discussion 888-9, October 2015. | Journal Article
TG02, an Oral CDK9-Inhibitor, in Combination with Carfilzomib Demonstrated Objective Responses in Carfilzomib Refractory Multiple Myeloma Patients
Hofmeister, Craig CHofmeister, Craig CBerdeja, Jesus GBerdeja, Jesus GVesole, David HVesole, David HSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaParrott, TracyParrott, TracyAbonour, Rafat and Abonour, Rafat
Blood, vol. 126, (no. 23), pp. 3052, 2015-12-03. | Journal Article
CD166 Identifies Multiple Myeloma Cells That Preferentially Home to the Bone Marrow Microenvironment and Promote Disease Progression and Bone Lytic Disease
Xu, LinlinXu, LinlinXu, LinlinXu, LinlinMachal, ChristopheMachal, ChristopheMachal, ChristopheMachal, ChristopheWu, HaoWu, HaoWu, HaoWu, HaoCrean, Colin DCrean, Colin DCrean, Colin DCrean, Colin DPoteat, BradleyPoteat, BradleyPoteat, BradleyPoteat, BradleyCardoso, Angelo ACardoso, Angelo ACardoso, Angelo ACardoso, Angelo AHanenberg, HelmutHanenberg, HelmutHanenberg, HelmutHanenberg, HelmutMohammad, KhalidMohammad, KhalidMohammad, KhalidMohammad, KhalidSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSuvannasankha, AttayaSrour, Edward FSrour, Edward FSrour, Edward F and Srour, Edward F
Blood, vol. 124, (no. 21), pp. 174, 2014-12-06. | Journal Article
Comparison of an assumption-free Bayesian approach with Optimal Sampling Schedule to a maximum a posteriori Approach for Personalizing Cyclophosphamide Dosing.
Laínez, José MOrcun, SezaPekny, Joseph FReklaitis, Gintaras VSuvannasankha, AttayaFausel, ChristopherAnaissie, Elias J and Blau, Gary E
Pharmacotherapy, vol. 34, (no. 4), pp. 330-5, 2014/Apr. | Journal Article
Regulation of ubiquitin-proteasome system-mediated Tip110 protein degradation by USP15.
Timani, Khalid AmineLiu, YingSuvannasankha, Attaya and He, Johnny J
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology, vol. 54, pp. 10-19, September 2014. | Journal Article
Role of bone-anabolic agents in the treatment of breast cancer bone metastases.
Suvannasankha, Attaya and Chirgwin, John M
Breast cancer research : BCR, vol. 16, (no. 6), pp. 484, 2014. | Journal Article
Tumor-expressed adrenomedullin accelerates breast cancer bone metastasis.
Siclari, Valerie AMohammad, Khalid STompkins, Douglas RDavis, HollyMcKenna, C RyanPeng, XianghongWessner, Lisa LNiewolna, MariaGuise, Theresa ASuvannasankha, Attaya and Chirgwin, John M
Breast cancer research : BCR, vol. 16, (no. 6), pp. 458, December 2, 2014. | Journal Article