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Acute appendicitis during pregnancy. Diagnosis and management.
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Acute Appendicitis During Pregnancy: Diagnosis and Management
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Correspondences: Management of Abdominal Trauma
Kreis, DJ, Jr. and Gomez, Gerardo A
Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage in the Management of Blunt Abdominal Trauma ; a Reassessment
Gomez, Gerardo A
Non-parasitic Splenic Cysts
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Preventable Trauma Deaths: Dade County, Florida
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Suspected Vascular Trauma of the Extremities: the Role of Arteriography in Proximity Injuries
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The Role of Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage in the Management of Stab Wounds of the Abdomen and Lower Chest
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The Role of Rectal Irrigation Rectal Trauma: Benefit Or Harm?
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The Role of Splennorhaphy in Splenic Trauma
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Thge Role of Exteriorization in Colonic Injuries
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Adult intussusception with autoamputation and preservation of bowel continuity.
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Transvenous Interruption of the Inferior Vena Cava
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Transvenous interruption of the inferior vena cava.
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Acute appendicitis during pregnancy.
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n.d.no date or unknown
Neurological Consequences of Cerebrovascular Injury
Richardson R, Obeid FN, Richardson JD, Hoyt DB, Wisner DH, Gomez GA, Johansen K. and Gomez, Gerardo A