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Management of chronic cough in adult primary care: a qualitative study
Lung. | Journal Article
Nursing Home Residents With Urinary Tract Infections: A Comparison of Treatment in Place vs Hospitalization
Lieb, Kristi M.Gowan, TaylerStump, Timothy E.Unroe, Kathleen T.Sachs, Greg A. and Weiner, Michael
Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. | Journal Article
A randomized study on the usefulness of an electronic outpatient hypoglycemia risk calculator for clinicians of patients with diabetes in a safety-net institution
Weiner, MichaelCummins, JonathanRaji, AnnaswamyOfner, SusanIglay, KristyTeal, EvgeniaLi, XiaochunEngel, Samuel SKnapp, KristinaRajpathak, SwapnilBaker, JarodChatterjee, Arnaub K and Radican, Larry
Current Medical Research and Opinion. | Journal Article
Barriers to Single-Dose Intravesical Chemotherapy in Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: What s the Problem?
Urology Practice. | Journal Article
Gains, losses, and uncertainties from computerizing referrals and consultations
Weiner, MichaelSavoy, April and Barker, Barry C
Applied Ergonomics. | Journal Article
Identifying and characterizing a chronic cough cohort through electronic health records
Weiner, MichaelDexter, Paul R.Heithoff, KimRoberts, Anna R.Liu, ZiyueGriffith, AshleyHui, SiuSchelfhout, JonathanDicpinigaitis, PeterDoshi, Ishita and Weaver, Jessica P.
Chest. | Journal Article
Insecure messaging: how clinicians approach potentially problematic messages from patients
Lee, Joy LMatthias, Marianne SHuffman, MonicaFrankel, Richard M and Weiner, Michael
JAMIA Open. | Journal Article
Too Many Don’ts and Not Enough Do’s? A Survey of Hospitals About Their Portal Instructions for Patients
Lee, Joy LLee, Joy LLee, Joy LWilliams, Claire EWilliams, Claire EWilliams, Claire EBaird, SeanBaird, SeanBaird, SeanMatthias, Marianne SMatthias, Marianne SMatthias, Marianne SWeiner, MichaelWeiner, Michael and Weiner, Michael
Journal of General Internal Medicine, vol. 35, (no. 4), pp. 1034, 2020-04-00. | Journal Article
Adapting Cognitive Task Analysis to Investigate Clinical Decision Making and Medication Safety Incidents
Russ, Alissa LRuss, AlissaMilitello, Laura GMilitello, LauraGlassman, Peter AGlassman, PeterArthur, Karen JArthur, KarenZillich, Alan JZillich, AlanWeiner, Michael and Weiner, Michael
Journal of Patient Safety. | Journal Article
A Time Motion Study Evaluating the Impact of Geographic Cohorting of Hospitalists
Kara, AreebaKara, AreebaFlanagan, Mindy EFlanagan, Mindy EGruber, RachelGruber, RachelLane, Kathleen ALane, Kathleen ABo, NaBo, NaKroenke, KurtKroenke, KurtWeiner, Michael and Weiner, Michael
Journal of Hospital Medicine. | Journal Article
Cognitive requirements for primary care providers during the referral process: Information needed from and interactions with an electronic health record system
Savoy, AprilSavoy, A.Militello, LauraMilitello, L.Diiulio, JulieDiiulio, J.Midboe, Amanda MMidboe, A.M.Weiner, MichaelWeiner, M.Abbaszadegan, HamedAbbaszadegan, H.Herout, Jennifer and Herout, J.
International Journal of Medical Informatics. | Journal Article
Development of the AASPIRE Web Accessibility Guidelines for Autistic Web Users
Raymaker, Dora M.Kapp, Steven K.McDonald, Katherine E.Weiner, MichaelAshkenazy, Elesia and Nicolaidis, Christina
Autism in Adulthood, vol. 1. | Journal Article
Medication decision-making for patients with renal insufficiency in inpatient and outpatient care at a US Veterans Affairs Medical Centre: a qualitative, cognitive task analysis
Elkhadragy, NervanaIfeachor, Amanda PDiiulio, Julie BArthur, Karen JWeiner, MichaelMilitello, Laura GGlassman, Peter AZillich, Alan J and Russ, Alissa L
BMJ Open. | Journal Article
Predictive modeling of hypoglycemia for clinical decision support in evaluating outpatients with diabetes mellitus
Li, XiaochunLi, XiaochunYu, ShengshengYu, ShengshengZhang, ZuoyiZhang, ZuoyiRadican, LarryRadican, LarryCummins, JonathanCummins, JonathanEngel, Samuel SEngel, Samuel SIglay, KristyIglay, KristyDuke, JonDuke, JonBaker, JarodBaker, JarodBrodovicz, Kimberly GBrodovicz, Kimberly GNaik, Ramachandra GNaik, Ramachandra GLeventhal, JeremyLeventhal, JeremyChatterjee, Arnaub KChatterjee, Arnaub KRajpathak, SwapnilRajpathak, SwapnilWeiner, Michael and Weiner, Michael
Current Medical Research and Opinion. | Journal Article
Recommendations for the Evaluation of Cross-System Care Coordination from the VA State-of-the-art Working Group on VA/Non-VA Care
Mattocks, Kristin MMattocks, Kristin MMattocks, KristinMattocks, Kristin MCunningham, KristinCunningham, KristinCunningham, KristinCunningham, KristinElwy, AElwy, A RElwy, A RElwy, A RFinley, ErinFinley, Erin PFinley, Erin PFinley, Erin PGreenstone, ClintonGreenstone, ClintonGreenstone, ClintonGreenstone, ClintonMengeling, Michelle AMengeling, Michelle AMengeling, Michelle AMengeling, MichellePizer, Steven DPizer, Steven DPizer, Steven DPizer, StevenVanneman, MeganVanneman, Megan EVanneman, Megan EVanneman, Megan EWeiner, MichaelWeiner, MichaelWeiner, MichaelWeiner, MichaelBastian, Lori ABastian, LoriBastian, Lori A and Bastian, Lori A
Journal of General Internal Medicine, pp. 1-6, May 2019. | Journal Article
The AASPIRE practice-based guidelines for the inclusion of autistic adults in research as co-researchers and study participants
Nicolaidis, ChristinaKapp, Steven KAshkenazy, EMcDonald, KatherineWeiner, Michael and Joyce, Andrea
Autism, vol. 23, (no. 8), pp. 2007-2019, Nov 2019. | Journal Article
A cognitive systems engineering design approach to improve the usability of electronic order forms for medical consultation
Savoy, AprilSavoy, AprilSavoy, AprilSavoy, AprilMilitello, Laura G.Militello, Laura GMilitello, Laura GMilitello, Laura GPatel, HimalayaPatel, HimalayaPatel, HimalayaPatel, HimalayaFlanagan, Mindy EFlanagan, Mindy EFlanagan, Mindy EFlanagan, Mindy E.Russ, Alissa L.Russ, Alissa LRuss, Alissa LRuss, Alissa LDaggy, Joanne K.Daggy, Joanne KDaggy, Joanne KDaggy, Joanne KWeiner, MichaelWeiner, MichaelWeiner, MichaelWeiner, MichaelSaleem, Jason J.Saleem, Jason JSaleem, Jason J and Saleem, Jason J
Journal of biomedical informatics, vol. 85, pp. 138–148. | Journal Article
A critical appraisal of guidelines for electronic communication between patients and clinicians: the need to modernize current recommendations
Lee, Joy LLee, Joy LLee, Joy LLee, Joy LLee, J.L.Lee, Joy L.Matthias, M.S.Matthias, Marianne S.Matthias, Marianne SMatthias, Marianne SMatthias, Marianne SMatthias, Marianne SMenachemi, NirMenachemi, N.Menachemi, NirMenachemi, NirMenachemi, NirMenachemi, NirFrankel, Richard MFrankel, Richard MFrankel, Richard MFrankel, Richard M.Frankel, R.M.Frankel, Richard MWeiner, M.Weiner, MichaelWeiner, MichaelWeiner, MichaelWeiner, Michael and Weiner, Michael
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA, vol. 25, pp. 413–418. | Journal Article
A National County-Level Assessment of U.S. Nursing Facility Characteristics Associated with Long-Term Exposure to Traffic Pollution in Older Adults
Wang, YiWang, YiFan, HaoFan, HaoBanerjee, RudyBanerjee, RudyWeaver, Anne M.Weaver, Anne MWeiner, Michael and Weiner, Michael
International journal of environmental research and public health, vol. 15, pp. 487. | Journal Article
Comparative usability evaluation of consultation order templates in a simulated primary care environment
Savoy, AprilSavoy, AprilSavoy, AprilPatel, HimalayaPatel, HimalayaPatel, HimalayaFlanagan, Mindy E.Flanagan, Mindy EFlanagan, Mindy EDaggy, Joanne KDaggy, Joanne KDaggy, Joanne K.Russ, Alissa LRuss, Alissa LRuss, Alissa L.Weiner, MichaelWeiner, Michael and Weiner, Michael
Applied ergonomics, vol. 73, pp. 22–32. | Journal Article
Hidden complexities in information flow between primary and specialty care clinics
Militello, Laura GMilitello, LauraSavoy, AprilSavoy, AprilPorter, BrianPorter, BrianFlanagan, MindyWu, JustinaFlanagan, MindyAdams, JasmaWu, JustinaRehman, ShakaibAdams, JasmaRehman, ShakaibAbbaszadegan, HamedWeiner, MichaelAbbaszadegan, Hamed and Weiner, Michael
Cognition, Technology & Work, vol. 20, (no. 4), pp. 574, 20181100. | Journal Article
Implementing Models of Geriatric Care-Behind the Scenes
Chodosh, JoshuaChodosh, JoshuaWeiner, Michael and Weiner, Michael
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, vol. 66, pp. 364–366. | Journal Article
Lessons and Outcomes of Mobile Acute Care for Elders Consultation in a Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Schubert, Cathy CSchubert, Cathy CSchubert, Cathy CSchubert, Cathy C.Parks, RebeccaParks, RebeccaParks, RebeccaParks, RebeccaCoffing, Jessica M.Coffing, Jessica MCoffing, Jessica MCoffing, Jessica MDaggy, JoanneDaggy, JoanneDaggy, JoanneDaggy, JoanneSlaven, James ESlaven, James E.Slaven, James ESlaven, James EWeiner, MichaelWeiner, MichaelWeiner, Michael and Weiner, Michael
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. | Journal Article
Outcomes of an RCT of video–conference vs. in–person or in–clinic nutrition and exercise in midlife adults with obesity
Clark, D. O.Keith, N. C.Weiner, M. and Xu, H.
Obesity Science & Practice. | Journal Article
Preadmission antidepressant use and bladder cancer: a population-based cohort study of stage at diagnosis, time to surgery, and surgical outcomes
Steffensen, Ellen HollandsSteffensen, Ellen HollandsCary, ClintCary, ClintJensen, Jørgen BjerggaardJensen, Jorgen BjerggaardLarsson, HeidiLarsson, HeidiWeiner, MichaelWeiner, MichaelNørgaard, Mette and Norgaard, Mette
BMC cancer, vol. 18, pp. 1035. | Journal Article