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Unhealthy behaviours for self-management of HIV-related peripheral neuropathy
Nicholas, Patrice KVoss, J GCorless, Inge BLindgren, TeriWantland, DeanKemppainen, JeanneCanaval, G ESefcik, E FNokes, Kathleen MBain, CathyKirksey, K MEller, Lucille SDole, P JHamilton, M JColeman, Christopher LHolzemer, William LReynolds, Nancy RPortillo, Carmen JBunch, E HTsai, Y-FRivero Méndez, MartaDavis, S M and Gallagher, D M
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Coleman, Christopher Lance
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Gender differences in use of prayer as a self-care strategy for managing symptoms in African Americans living with HIV/AIDS.
Coleman, Christopher LHolzemer, William LEller, Lucille SCorless, Inge BReynolds, Nancy RNokes, Kathleen MKemppainen, JeanneDole, PamKirksey, KennSeficik, LizNicholas, Patrice K and Hamilton, Mary J
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Prayer as a complementary health strategy for managing HIV-related symptoms among ethnically diverse patients.
Coleman, Christopher LEller, Lucille SNokes, Kathleen MBunch, EliReynolds, Nancy RCorless, Inge BDole, PamKemppainen, JeanneKirksey, KennSeficik, LizNicholas, Patrice KHamilton, Mary JTsai, Yun-Fang and Holzemer, William L
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Strategies for self-management of HIV-related anxiety.
Kemppainen, JeanneEller, Lucille SBunch, EHamilton, M JDole, PHolzemer, William LKirksey, KNicholas, Patrice KCorless, Inge BColeman, Christopher LNokes, Kathleen MReynolds, Nancy RSefcik, LWantland, Dean and Tsai, Y-F
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Understanding the HIV Risk Reduction Needs of Heterosexual African American Substance-Abusing Men
Cederbaum, JulieCederbaum, Julie AColeman, Christopher LanceColeman, Christopher LGoller, GretchenGoller, GretchenJemmott, Loretta S and Jemmott, Loretta Sweet
Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, vol. 17, (no. 6), pp. 37, 2006. | Journal Article
Sexual orientation a predictor of depressive symptoms among HIV-infected African American men: a descriptive correlational study.
Coleman, Christopher L and Hummel, Dianne B
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Immunizations: a health disparity concerning African-American children and implications for community health.
Coleman, Christopher L
Journal of National Black Nurses' Association : JNBNA. , vol. 15, (no. 1), pp. 32-5, 2004/Jul. | Journal Article
The contribution of religious and existential well-being to depression among African American heterosexuals with HIV infection.
Coleman, Christopher L
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Transmission of HIV/AIDS among African American intravenous drug users: implication for public health policy.
Coleman, Christopher L
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Transmission of HIV/AIDS Among African American Intravenous Drug Users: Implication for Public Health Policy
Coleman, Christopher
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Determinants of HIV and AIDS among young African-American men who have sex with men: a public health perspective.
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Spirituality and sexual orientation: relationship to mental well‐being and functional health status
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Transmission of HIV infection among older adults: A population at risk
Coleman, Christopher L
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Spirituality, psychological well-being, and HIV symptoms for African Americans living with HIV disease.
Coleman, Christopher L and Holzemer, William L
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Validation of the quality of life scale: living with HIV.
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