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Achieving advance care planning in diverse, underserved populations
Wicks, Mona NewsomeAlejandro, JoseBertrand, DesireeBoyd, Carol JColeman, Christopher LanceHaozous, EmilyMeade, Cathy D and Meek, Paula M
Nursing Outlook, vol. 66, (no. 3), pp. 315, May-June 2018. | Journal Article
Coleman, Christopher
Journal of Cultural Diversity, vol. 25, (no. 3), pp. 86, 20181001. | Journal Article
Corrigendum to Achieving advance care planning in diverse, underserved populations Nursing Outlook 66 (2018), 311–315
Wicks, Mona NewsomeAlejandro, JoseBertrand, DesireeBoyd, Carol JColeman, Christopher LanceHaozous, EmilyMeade, Cathy D and Meek, Paula M
Nursing Outlook, vol. 66, (no. 5), pp. 495, September-October 2018. | Journal Article
Physical and Psychological Abuse among Seropositive African American MSM 50 Aged Years and Older
Coleman, Christopher Lance
Issues in Mental Health Nursing, vol. 39, (no. 1), pp. 52, 1/2/2018. | Journal Article
Health related quality of life and depressive symptoms among seropositive African Americans.
Coleman, Christopher Lance
Applied nursing research : ANR, vol. 33, pp. 138-141, February 2017. | Journal Article
Qualitative Perspectives about Living with HIV from Seropositive African American MSM Aged 50 years and Older
Coleman, Christopher Lance
Issues in Mental Health Nursing, vol. 38, (no. 6), pp. 492, 6/3/2017. | Journal Article
Women 50 and Older and HIV: Prevention and Implications for Health Care Providers
Coleman, Christopher Lance
Journal of gerontological nursing, vol. 43, (no. 12), pp. 34, 2017-Dec-01. | Journal Article
Correlates of Condom Use Among Substance Using Older Seropositive MSM: Implications for Mental Health Practice.
Coleman, Christopher Lance
Issues in mental health nursing, pp. 1-7, August 12, 2016. | Journal Article
Predictors of Depression among Seropositive Batswana Men and Women: A Descriptive Correlational Study.
Coleman, Christopher Lance
Archives of psychiatric nursing, vol. 30, (no. 6), pp. 736-739, December 2016. | Journal Article
Risk Factors for and Barriers to Control Type-2 Diabetes among Saudi Population
Alneami, Yahya Mari and Coleman, Christopher L
Global journal of health science, vol. 8, (no. 9), pp. 54089, 2016-09-01. | Journal Article
Considerations for Implementing Oral Preexposure Prophylaxis: A Literature Review
Sowicz, Timothy JosephTeitelman, Anne MColeman, Christopher Lance and Brawner, Bridgette M
Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, vol. 25, (no. 6), pp. 507, November-December 2014. | Journal Article
Moving beyond safe sex to women-controlled safe sex: a concept analysis.
Alexander, Kamila AColeman, Christopher LDeatrick, Janet A and Jemmott, Loretta S
Journal of advanced nursing, vol. 68, (no. 8), pp. 1858-69, 2012/Aug. | Journal Article
Age-related effects on symptom status and health-related quality of life in persons with HIV/AIDS.
Nokes, Kathleen MColeman, Christopher LHamilton, Mary JCorless, Inge BSefcik, ElizabethKirksey, Kenn MEller, Lucille SKemppainen, JeanneDole, Pamela JNicholas, Patrice KReynolds, Nancy RBunch, Eli HHolzemer, William LWantland, DeanTsai, Yun-FangRivero MéNdez, Marta and Canaval, Gladys E
Applied nursing research : ANR, vol. 24, (no. 1), pp. 10-6, 2011/Feb. | Journal Article
Prevalence, correlates, and self-management of HIV-related depressive symptoms
Eller, Lucille SBunch, E. HWantland, DeanPortillo, Carmen JReynolds, Nancy RNokes, Kathleen MColeman, Christopher LKemppainen, JeanneKirksey, K. MCorless, Inge BHamilton, M. JDole, P. JNicholas, Patrice KHolzemer, William L and Tsai, Y. -
AIDS Care, vol. 22, (no. 9), pp. 1159-1170, 2010. | Journal Article
Sexual diversity and HIV risk among older heterosexual African American males who are seropositive
Coleman, Christopher L and Ball, Katherine
Applied Nursing Research, vol. 23, (no. 3), pp. 122-129, 2010. | Journal Article
Development of an HIV Risk Reduction Intervention for Older Seropositive African American Men
Coleman, Christopher LJemmott, LorettaJemmott, John BStrumpf, Neville and Ratcliffe, Sara
AIDS Patient Care & STDs, vol. 23, (no. 8), Aug 2009. | Journal Article
Does "asymptomatic" mean without symptoms for those living with HIV infection?
Willard, SuzanneHolzemer, William LWantland, DeanCuca, Yvette PKirksey, Kenn MPortillo, Carmen JCorless, Inge BRivero MéNdez, MartaRosa, María ENicholas, Patrice KHamilton, Mary JSefcik, ElizabethKemppainen, JeanneCanaval, GladysRobinson, LindaMoezzi, ShahnazHuman, Sarie PArudo, JohnEller, Lucille SBunch, EliDole, Pamela JColeman, Christopher LNokes, Kathleen MReynolds, Nancy RTsai, Yun-FangMaryland, MaryVoss, Joachim and Lindgren, Teri
AIDS care, vol. 21, (no. 3), pp. 322-8, 2009/Mar. | Journal Article
HIV illness representation as a predictor of self-care management and health outcomes: a multi-site, cross-cultural study.
Reynolds, Nancy REller, Lucille SNicholas, Patrice KCorless, Inge BKirksey, KHamilton, M JKemppainen, JeanneBunch, EDole, PWantland, DeanSefcik, ENokes, Kathleen MColeman, Christopher LRivero MéNdez, MartaCanaval, G ETsai, Y F and Holzemer, William L
AIDS and behavior, vol. 13, (no. 2), pp. 258-67, 2009/Apr. | Journal Article
Marijuana Effectiveness as an HIV Self-Care Strategy
Corless, Inge BLindgren, TeriHolzemer, William LRobinson, LindaMoezzi, ShahnazKirksey, KennColeman, Christopher LTsai, Yun-FangEller, Lucille SHamilton, Mary JSefcik, Elizabeth FCanaval, Gladys ERivero Méndez, MartaKemppainen, JeanneBunch, Eli HNicholas, Patrice KNokes, Kathleen MDole, Pamela and Reynolds, Nancy R
Clinical Nursing Research, vol. 18, (no. 2), pp. 172-193, 2009. | Journal Article
Predictors of Self-Efficacy to Use Condoms Among Seropositive Middle-Aged African American Men
Coleman, Christopher L and Ball, Katherine
Western Journal of Nursing Research, vol. 31, (no. 7), pp. 889-904, 2009. | Journal Article
Fatigue in HIV/AIDS patients with comorbidities.
Corless, Inge BVoss, Joachim GNicholas, Patrice KBunch, Eli HBain, CathyColeman, Christopher LDole, Pamela JEller, Lucille SHamilton, Mary JHolzemer, William LKemppainen, JeanneKirksey, Kenn MSefcik, Elizabeth FNokes, Kathleen MTsais, Yung FReynolds, Nancy RWantland, DeanMc Gibbon, ChrisDavis, Sheila MRivero MéNdez, Marta and Valencia, C P
Applied nursing research : ANR, vol. 21, (no. 3), pp. 116-22, 2008/Aug. | Journal Article
Perceived and real barriers for men entering nursing: implications for gender diversity.
Roth, Jay E and Coleman, Christopher L
Journal of cultural diversity, vol. 15, (no. 3), pp. 148-52, 2008. | Journal Article
Determinants of perceived barriers to condom use among HIV-infected middle-aged and older African-American men
Coleman, Christopher L and Ball, Katherine
Journal of Advanced Nursing, vol. 60, (no. 4), pp. 368-376, 2007. | Journal Article
Health literacy and health outcomes in HIV seropositive persons
Nokes, Kathleen MColeman, Christopher LCashen, Margaret SDole, PamelaSefcik, ElizabethHamilton, Mary JKirksey, Kenn MHuang, Emily HApinya, Jumpamool and Holzemer, William L
Research in Nursing & Health, vol. 30, (no. 6), Dec 2007. | Journal Article
Symptom management and self-care for peripheral neuropathy in HIV/AIDS.
Nicholas, Patrice KKemppainen, JeanneCanaval, G ECorless, Inge BSefcik, E FNokes, Kathleen MBain, CathyKirksey, K MEller, Lucille SDole, P JHamilton, M JColeman, Christopher LHolzemer, William LReynolds, Nancy RPortillo, Carmen JBunch, E HWantland, DeanVoss, JPhillips, RTsai, Y-FRivero MéNdez, MartaLindgren, TeriDavis, S M and Gallagher, D M
AIDS care, vol. 19, (no. 2), pp. 179-89, 2007/Feb. | Journal Article