Center will be planned to have a sound and diverseprogram of peer-reviewed extramural and intramurally fundedmultidisciplinary basic and clinical investigation, and the educationprocesses which will let us better serve patients and practicingphysicians. The intent is to provide ready access to the information andservices for prevention, diagnosis and therapy of malignant disease. Planning will focus on five major objectives: 1 to fostermultidisciplinary and clinical cancer research, 2 to facilitate the manyexisting NCI programs including high priority clinical trials, 3 todevelop a full range of multidisciplinary programs in cancer control, 4to influence the practice of cancer medicine and facilitate clinicaltrial participation by community physicians throughout the state and 5to promote excellence in basic and clinical cancer education forscientists, physicians and other health care professionals. The planning effort will build on a strong peer reviewed cancer andcancer related research effort,a cadre of very competent investigators inboth clinical and basic science which include two NCI OIG recipients, alarge patient direct care and referral group that includes urban andrural residents, the affluent and indigent, white and minoritypopulations, excellent community relations and outstanding administrativesupport. The planning process is designed to provide the leadership andorganization to remove impediments to progress, prevent duplication ofeffort and provide incentives that reward collaboration while fosteringindividual growth. The timing for this institution to build a successfulComprehensive Cancer Center has never been better. Testis cancer, ovarian germ cell tumors

Cancer Specialties

  • Breast Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
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