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Finding the Patient’s Voice Using Big Data: Analysis of Users’ Health-Related Concerns in the ChaCha Question-and-Answer Service (2009–2012) Journal of Medical Internet Research
Priest, ChadPriest, ChadPriest, ChadCarpenter, JanetPriest, ChadPriest, ChadKnopf, AmeliaKnopf, AmeliaKnopf, AmeliaKnopf, AmeliaKnopf, AmeliaGroves, DoyleGroves, DoyleGroves, DoyleGroves, DoyleGroves, DoyleCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SFurrey, ChristopherFurrey, ChristopherFurrey, ChristopherFurrey, ChristopherFurrey, ChristopherKrishnan, AnandKrishnan, AnandKrishnan, AnandKrishnan, AnandKrishnan, AnandMiller, Wendy RMiller, Wendy RMiller, Wendy RMiller, Wendy RMiller, Wendy ROtte, Julie LOtte, Julie LOtte, Julie LOtte, Julie LOtte, Julie LPalakal, MathewPalakal, MathewPalakal, MathewPalakal, MathewPalakal, MathewWiehe, SarahWiehe, SarahWiehe, SarahWiehe, SarahWiehe, SarahWilson, JeffreyWilson, JeffreyWilson, JeffreyWilson, Jeffrey and Wilson, Jeffrey
. | Journal Article
Hypothalamic orexin's role in exacerbated cutaneous vasodilation responses to an anxiogenic stimulus in a surgical menopause model
Federici, Lauren MFederici, LaurenCaliman, Izabela FaccoCaliman, IzabelaMolosh, Andrei IMolosh, AndreiFitz, Stephanie DFitz, StephanieTruitt, William ATruitt, WilliamBonaventure, PascalBonaventure, PascalCarpenter, JanetCarpenter, Janet SShekhar, AnanthaShekhar, AnanthaJohnson, Philip L and Johnson, Philip
Psychoneuroendocrinology, vol. 65, pp. 127, 2016-Mar. | Journal Article
Identifying Genetic Variants in Adolescents With Oppositional Defiant Disorders and/or Conduct Disorders: A Brief Report
Oruche, Ukamaka MarianOruche, Ukamaka MarianRoss, Sydney ERoss, Sydney ECarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SRenbarger, Jamie and Renbarger, Jamie
Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, vol. 29, (no. 3), pp. 157, August 2016. | Journal Article
Integrative review: postcraniotomy pain in the brain tumour patient
Guilkey, Rebecca ElizabethGuilkey, Rebecca ElizabethGuilkey, Rebecca ElizabethGuilkey, Rebecca ElizabethVon Ah, DianeVon Ah, DianeVon Ah, DianeVon Ah, DianeCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SStone, CynthiaStone, CynthiaStone, CynthiaStone, CynthiaDraucker, Claire BDraucker, Claire BDraucker, Claire B and Draucker, Claire B
Journal of Advanced Nursing, vol. 72, (no. 6), pp. 1235, June 2016. | Journal Article
Operationalizing the Measurement of Socioeconomic Position in Our Urogynecology Study Populations: An Illustrative Review
Heit, MichaelGuirguis, NayeraKassis, NadineTakase-Sanchez, Michelle and Carpenter, Janet
Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery, vol. 23, (no. 3), pp. 215, 2016-October-25. | Journal Article
Patient Perceptions of Provider and Hospital Factors Associated With New Medication Communication
Bartlett Ellis, Rebecca JBartlett Ellis, Rebecca JBartlett Ellis, R.J.Bartlett Ellis, R.J.Bakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, G.Bakoyannis, GiorgosBakoyannis, G.Haase, J.E.Haase, Joan EHaase, J.E.Haase, Joan EBoyer, KierstenBoyer, KierstenBoyer, K.Boyer, K.Carpenter, J.S.Carpenter, J.S.Carpenter, Janet S and Carpenter, Janet S
Western Journal of Nursing Research, vol. 38, (no. 9), pp. 1154, 20160900. | Journal Article
Patient‐Reported Outcomes and Early Discontinuation in Aromatase Inhibitor‐Treated Postmenopausal Women With Early Stage Breast Cancer
Kadakia, Kunal CKadakia, Kunal CSnyder, Claire FSnyder, Claire FKidwell, Kelley MKidwell, Kelley MSeewald, Nicholas JSeewald, Nicholas JFlockhart, David AFlockhart, David ASkaar, Todd CSkaar, Todd CDesta, ZereunesayDesta, ZereunesayRae, James MRae, James MOtte, Julie LOtte, Julie LCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SStorniolo, Anna MStorniolo, Anna MHayes, Daniel FHayes, Daniel FStearns, VeredStearns, VeredHenry, N. Lynn and Henry, N Lynn
The Oncologist, vol. 21, (no. 5), pp. 546, May 2016. | Journal Article
Pharmacogenomically actionable medications in a safety net health care system
Carpenter, Janet SRosenman, Marc BKnisely, Mitchell RDecker, Brian SLevy, Kenneth D and Flockhart, David A
SAGE Open Medicine, vol. 4, pp. 2050312115624333, 20160107. | Journal Article
Raising the Level of Nursing Involvement in the National Precision Medicine Initiative: An Example
Oruche, Ukamaka MarianOruche, Ukamaka MarianCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SRenbarger, JamieRenbarger, JamieRoss, Sydney E and Ross, Sydney E
Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, vol. 29, (no. 2), pp. 88, May 2016. | Journal Article
Randomized controlled pilot trial of mindfulness-based stress reduction compared to psychoeducational support for persistently fatigued breast and colorectal cancer survivors
Johns, ShelleyJohns, ShelleyJohns, ShelleyJohns, ShelleyJohns, ShelleyJohns, ShelleyBrown, LindaBrown, LindaBrown, LindaBrown, LindaBrown, LindaBrown, LindaBeck-Coon, KathleenBeck-Coon, KathleenBeck-Coon, KathleenBeck-Coon, KathleenBeck-Coon, KathleenBeck-Coon, KathleenBeck-coon, KathleenTalib, TasneemTalib, TasneemTalib, TasneemTalib, TasneemTalib, TasneemTalib, TasneemMonahan, PatrickMonahan, PatrickMonahan, PatrickMonahan, PatrickMonahan, PatrickMonahan, PatrickGiesler, RGiesler, RGiesler, RGiesler, RGiesler, RGiesler, RTong, YanTong, YanTong, YanTong, YanTong, YanTong, YanWilhelm, LauraWilhelm, LauraWilhelm, LauraWilhelm, LauraWilhelm, LauraWilhelm, LauraCarpenter, JanetCarpenter, JanetCarpenter, JanetCarpenter, JanetCarpenter, JanetCarpenter, JanetVon Ah, DianeVon Ah, DianeVon Ah, DianeVon Ah, DianeVon Ah, DianeVon Ah, DianeWagner, ChristinaWagner, ChristinaWagner, ChristinaWagner, ChristinaWagner, ChristinaWagner, ChristinaDe Groot, Maryde Groot, Maryde Groot, Maryde Groot, Maryde Groot, Maryde Groot, MarySchmidt, KarenSchmidt, KarenSchmidt, KarenSchmidt, KarenSchmidt, KarenSchmidt, KarenMonceski, DianeMonceski, DianeMonceski, DianeMonceski, DianeMonceski, DianeMonceski, DianeDanh, MarieDanh, MarieDanh, MarieDanh, MarieDanh, MarieDanh, MarieAlyea, JenniferAlyea, JenniferAlyea, JenniferAlyea, JenniferAlyea, JenniferAlyea, JenniferMiller, KathyMiller, KathyMiller, KathyMiller, KathyMiller, KathyMiller, KathyKroenke, KurtKroenke, KurtKroenke, KurtKroenke, KurtKroenke, Kurt and Kroenke, Kurt
Supportive Care in Cancer, vol. 24, (no. 10), pp. 4096, 20161000. | Journal Article
Self-weighing in weight management interventions: A systematic review of literature
Shieh, CarolShieh, CarolShieh, CarolKnisely, MitchellKnisely, Mitchell R.Knisely, Mitchell RClark, DanielClark, DanielClark, DanielCarpenter, JanetCarpenter, Janet S. and Carpenter, Janet S
Obesity Research & Clinical Practice, vol. 10, (no. 5), pp. 519, 2016. | Journal Article
Sleep disorders in breast cancer survivors
Otte, J.L.Otte, JulieOtte, JulieDavis, LorieDavis, LorieDavis, L.Carpenter, JanetCarpenter, J.S.Carpenter, JanetKrier, ConnieKrier, C.Krier, ConnieSkaar, ToddSkaar, ToddSkaar, T.C.Rand, K.L.Rand, KevinRand, KevinWeaver, MichaelWeaver, MichaelWeaver, M.Landis, CarolLandis, CarolLandis, C.Chernyak, YelenaChernyak, YelenaChernyak, Y.Manchanda, ShaliniManchanda, Shalini and Manchanda, S.
Supportive Care in Cancer, vol. 24, (no. 10), pp. 4205, 20161000. | Journal Article
State of the Science: Taxane-Induced Musculoskeletal Pain
Davis, LorieCarpenter, Janet and Otte, Julie
Cancer Nursing, vol. 39, (no. 3), pp. 196, 2016-May/June. | Journal Article
Symptom clusters among MsFLASH clinical trial participants
Woods, Nancy FugateWoods, NancyWoods, Nancy FugateWoods, Nancy FugateHohensee, ChancellorHohensee, ChancellorHohensee, ChancellorHohensee, ChancellorCarpenter, JanetCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SCohen, LeeCohen, LeeCohen, LeeCohen, LeeEnsrud, KristineEnsrud, KristineEnsrud, KristineEnsrud, KristineFreeman, Ellen WFreeman, EllenFreeman, Ellen WFreeman, Ellen WGuthrie, KatherineGuthrie, Katherine AGuthrie, Katherine AGuthrie, Katherine AJoffe, HadineJoffe, HadineJoffe, HadineJoffe, HadineLaCroix, Andrea ZLa Croix, Andrea ZLaCroix, Andrea ZLaCroix, AndreaOtte, Julie LOtte, Julie LOtte, Julie L and Otte, Julie
Menopause, vol. 23, (no. 2), pp. 165, 2016-February. | Journal Article
The Impact of Information Technology on Patient Engagement and Health Behavior Change: A Systematic Review of the Literature. JMIR Medical Informatics
Carpenter, Janet
. | Journal Article
When Co-Authors Are Missing in Action
Conn, Vicki SConn, Vicki SCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SFerrans, Carol EstwingFerrans, Carol EstwingLarson, Janet LLarson, Janet LMc Carthy, Ann Marie and McCarthy, Ann Marie
Western Journal of Nursing Research, vol. 38, (no. 9), pp. 1093, 20160900. | Journal Article
Associations between treatment-emergent symptoms and early discontinuation of aromatase inhibitor (AI) therapy
Kadakia, Kunal CKadakia, Kunal CSnyder, Claire FrancesSnyder, Claire FrancesKidwell, Kelley MKidwell, Kelley MSeewald, Nicholas JSeewald, Nicholas JStorniolo, Anna MariaStorniolo, Anna MariaFlockhart, David AFlockhart, David ACarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SHayes, Daniel FHayes, Daniel FStearns, VeredStearns, VeredHenry, Norah Lynn and Henry, Norah Lynn
Journal of Clinical Oncology, vol. 33, (no. 15_suppl), pp. e20745, 2015-05-20. | Journal Article
A Systematic Review of Nonpharmacologic Interventions for Treatment-Related Symptoms in Women With Ovarian Cancer
Davis, Lorie L and Carpenter, Janet S
Clinical journal of oncology nursing, vol. 19, (no. 5), pp. 542, 2015-Oct. | Journal Article
Complexities of Medication Management Across Care Transitions: A Case Report
Knisely, MitchellKnisely, M.R.Bartlett Ellis, RebeccaBartlett Ellis, R.J.Carpenter, Janet and Carpenter, J.S.
Clinical Nurse Specialist, vol. 29, (no. 5), pp. E7, 2015-September/October. | Journal Article
Confirmatory factor analysis of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index in women with hot flashes
Otte, Julie LOtte, JulieRand, Kevin LRand, KevinLandis, Carol ALandis, CarolPaudel, MistiPaudel, Misti LNewton, KatherineNewton, Katherine MWoods, NancyWoods, NancyCarpenter, Janet S and Carpenter, Janet
Menopause, vol. 22, (no. 11), pp. 1196, 2015-November. | Journal Article
Effects of Estradiol and Venlafaxine on Insomnia Symptoms and Sleep Quality in Women with Hot Flashes
Ensrud, Kristine EEnsrud, Kristine EGuthrie, Katherine AGuthrie, Katherine AHohensee, ChancellorHohensee, ChancellorCaan, BetteCaan, BetteCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SFreeman, Ellen WFreeman, Ellen WLa Croix, Andrea ZLaCroix, Andrea ZLandis, Carol ALandis, Carol AManson, JoAnnManson, JoAnnNewton, Katherine MNewton, Katherine MOtte, JulieOtte, JulieReed, Susan DReed, Susan DShifren, Jan LShifren, Jan LSternfeld, BarbaraSternfeld, BarbaraWoods, Nancy FWoods, Nancy FJoffe, Hadine and Joffe, Hadine
Sleep, vol. 38, (no. 1), pp. 108, 2015-Jan-01. | Journal Article
Effects of estrogen and venlafaxine on menopause-related quality of life in healthy postmenopausal women with hot flashes: a placebo-controlled randomized trial
Caan, BetteCaan, BetteLa Croix, Andrea ZLaCroix, AndreaJoffe, HadineJoffe, HadineGuthrie, Katherine AGuthrie, KatherineLarson, JosephLarson, Joseph CCarpenter, JanetCarpenter, Janet SCohen, Lee SCohen, LeeFreeman, Ellen WFreeman, EllenManson, Jo Ann EManson, JoAnnNewton, KatherineNewton, KatherineReed, SusanReed, SusanRexrode, KathyRexrode, KathyShifren, JanShifren, JanSternfeld, BarbaraSternfeld, BarbaraEnsrud, Kris and Ensrud, Kris
Menopause, vol. 22, (no. 6), pp. 615, 2015-June. | Journal Article
Factors Associated with Asthma Self-Management in African American Adolescents
Crowder, Sharron JCrowder, Sharron JCrowder, Sharron JHanna, Kathleen MHanna, Kathleen MHanna, Kathleen MCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SCarpenter, Janet SBroome, Marion EBroome, Marion E and Broome, Marion E
Journal of Pediatric Nursing, vol. 30, (no. 6), pp. e43, November-December 2015. | Journal Article
Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy for Reduction of Hot Flashes in Postmenopausal Women: Examination of Cortisol as a Potential Mediator
Kendrick, CassieKendrick, CassieJohnson, Aimee KJohnson, Aimee KSliwinski, JimSliwinski, JimPatterson, VickiPatterson, VickiFisher, William IFisher, William IElkins, Gary RElkins, Gary RCarpenter, Janet S and Carpenter, Janet S
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, vol. 63, (no. 1), pp. 91, 1/2/2015. | Journal Article
MsFLASH participants' priorities for alleviating menopausal symptoms
Carpenter, JanetCarpenter, J SWoods, NancyWoods, N FOtte, JulieOtte, J LGuthrie, KatherineGuthrie, K AHohensee, CHohensee, ChancellorNewton, KatherineNewton, K MJoffe, HJoffe, HadineCohen, LeeCohen, LSternfeld, BarbaraSternfeld, BLau, RLau, R JReed, S DReed, SusanLa Croix, A Z and La Croix, Andrea
2015-10-30. | Journal Article