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Convergence of soil nitrogen isotopes across global climate gradients.
Craine, J.M.Craine, Joseph MElmore, A.J.Elmore, Andrew JWang, LixinWang, L.Augusto, LaurentAugusto, L.Baisden, W.T.Baisden, W TroyBrookshire, E.N.J.Brookshire, E N JCramer, M.D.Cramer, Michael DHasselquist, Niles JHasselquist, N.J.Hobbie, E.A.Hobbie, Erik AKahmen, AnsgarKahmen, A.Koba, KeisukeKoba, K.Kranabetter, J.M.Kranabetter, J MartyMack, Michelle CMack, M.C.Marin-Spiotta, ErikaMarin Spiotta, E.Mayor, J.R.Mayor, Jordan RMcLauchlan, K.K.McLauchlan, Kendra KMichelsen, A.Michelsen, AndersNardoto, Gabriela BNardoto, G.B.Oliveira, Rafael SOliveira, R.S.Perakis, S.S.Perakis, Steven SPeri, Pablo LPeri, P.L.Quesada, C.A.Quesada, Carlos ARichter, A.Richter, AndreasSchipper, L.A.Schipper, Louis AStevenson, B.A.Stevenson, Bryan ATurner, Benjamin LTurner, B.L.Viani, R.A.G.Viani, Ricardo A GWanek, WolfgangWanek, W.Zeller, Bernd and Zeller, B.
Scientific reports, vol. 5, pp. 8280, 2015. | Journal Article
Dynamic interactions of ecohydrological and biogeochemical processes in water‐limited systems
Wang, LixinWang, LixinWang, LixinManzoni, StefanoManzoni, StefanoManzoni, StefanoRavi, SujithRavi, SujithRiveros-Iregui, DiegoRiveros-Iregui, DiegoRiveros-Iregui, DiegoCaylor, KellyCaylor, Kelly and Caylor, Kelly
Ecosphere, vol. 6, (no. 8), pp. 1-27, Aug 2015. | Journal Article
Ecological interpretations of nitrogen isotope ratios of terrestrial plants and soils
Craine, JosephCraine, J.M.Brookshire, EBrookshire, E.N.J.Cramer, MichaelCramer, M.D.Hasselquist, NilesHasselquist, N.J.Koba, KeisukeKoba, K.Marin-spiotta, ErikaMarin Spiotta, E.Wang, Lixin and Wang, L.
(pp. 1-26). Nov 2015
Global Synthesis of Drought Effects on Food Legume Production.
Daryanto, StefaniWang, Lixin and Jacinthe, Pierre André
PloS one, vol. 10, (no. 6), pp. e0127401, 2015. | Journal Article
Shrub encroachment alters the spatial patterns of infiltration
Eldridge, David JWang, Lixin and Ruiz‐Colmenero, Marta
Ecohydrology, vol. 8, (no. 1), pp. 93, January 2015. | Journal Article
Water and nitrogen availability co-control ecosystem CO2 exchange in a semiarid temperate steppe.
Zhang, XiaolinTan, YulianLi, AngRen, TingtingChen, ShipingWang, Lixin and Huang, Jianhui
Scientific reports, vol. 5, pp. 15549, 2015. | Journal Article
Global synthesis of vegetation control on evapotranspiration partitioning
Wang, LixinWang, LixinWang, L.Good, Stephen PGood, Stephen PGood, S.P.Caylor, Kelly KCaylor, K.K. and Caylor, Kelly K
Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 41, (no. 19), pp. 6757, 16 October 2014. | Journal Article
Impacts of Groundwater Recharge from Rubber Dams on the Hydrogeological Environment in Luoyang Basin, China
Dong, ShaogangLiu, BaiweiLiu, HuaminWang, Shidong and Wang, Lixin
The Scientific World Journal, vol. 2014, pp. 10, 20140713. | Journal Article
Responses of rhizomatous grass Phragmites communis to wind erosion: effects on biomass allocation
Liu, BoLiu, ZhiminWang, Lixin and Wang, Zhengning
Plant and Soil, vol. 380, (no. 1-2), pp. 389-398, Jul 2014. | Journal Article
Sand burial compensates for the negative effects of erosion on the dune-building shrub Artemisia wudanica
Liu, BoLiu, ZhiminLü, XiaotaoMaestre, Fernando and Wang, Lixin
Plant and Soil, vol. 374, (no. 1-2), pp. 263-273, Jan 2014. | Journal Article
The patterns and implications of diurnal variations in the d-excess of plant water, shallow soil water and air moisture
Zhao, LWang, LLiu, XXiao, HRuan, Y and Zhou, M
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, vol. 18, (no. 10), 2014. | Journal Article
Ecosystem-scale spatial heterogeneity of stable isotopes of soil nitrogen in African savannas
Wang, LixinWang, LixinWang, LixinWang, LixinOkin, Gregory S.Okin, Gregory SOkin, GregoryOkin, GregoryD'Odorico, PaoloD’Odorico, PaoloD’Odorico, PaoloDâ[euro](tm)odorico, PaoloD’Odorico, PaoloCaylor, KellyCaylor, Kelly K.Caylor, Kelly KCaylor, KellyMacko, StephenMacko, Stephen A.Macko, Stephen A and Macko, Stephen
Landscape Ecology, vol. 28, (no. 4), pp. 685-698, 2013. | Journal Article
Linking ethylene to nitrogen-dependent leaf longevity of grass species in a temperate steppe
Ren, HaiyanRen, HaiyanXu, ZhuwenXu, ZhuwenZhang, WenhaoZhang, WenhaoJiang, LinJiang, LinHuang, JianhuiHuang, JianhuiChen, ShipingChen, ShipingWang, LixinWang, LixinHan, Xingguo and Han, Xingguo
Annals of Botany, vol. 112, (no. 9), pp. 1885, 20131201. | Journal Article
Mass loss and nutrient dynamics during litter decomposition under three mixing treatments in a typical steppe in Inner Mongolia
Tan, YulianChen, JinYan, LimingHuang, JianhuiWang, Lixin and Chen, Shiping
Plant and Soil, vol. 366, (no. 1-2), pp. 107-118, May 2013. | Journal Article
Characterizing ecohydrological and biogeochemical connectivity across multiple scales: a new conceptual framework
Wang, LixinWang, LixinWang, LixinWang, LixinWang, LixinZou, ChrisZou, ChrisZou, ChrisZou, ChrisZou, ChrisO'Donnell, FrancesO'donnell, FrancesO’Donnell, FrancesO'Donnell, FrancesO'Donnell, FrancesGood, StephenGood, StephenGood, StephenGood, StephenGood, StephenFranz, TrentonFranz, TrentonFranz, TrentonFranz, TrentonFranz, Trenton E.Miller, Gretchen RMiller, Gretchen RMiller, Gretchen RMiller, Gretchen RMiller, Gretchen R.Caylor, Kelly KCaylor, Kelly KCaylor, Kelly KCaylor, Kelly KCaylor, Kelly K.Cable, Jessica MCable, Jessica MCable, Jessica M.Cable, Jessica MCable, Jessica MBond, BarbaraBond, BarbaraBond, BarbaraBond, Barbara and Bond, Barbara
Ecohydrology, vol. 5, (no. 2), pp. 233, March 2012. | Journal Article
Dryland ecohydrology and climate change: critical issues and technical advances
Wang, L.Wang, L.Wang, L.D’Odorico, P.D'odorico, PaoloD’Odorico, P.Evans, J. P.Evans, JPEvans, J. P.Eldridge, D. J.Eldridge, DJEldridge, D. J.McCabe, M. F.McCabe, MFMcCabe, M. F.Caylor, KellyCaylor, K. K.Caylor, K. K.King, E. G.King, E. G. and King, Elizabeth G
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, vol. 16, (no. 8), pp. 2585-2603, 2012. | Journal Article
Uncertainties in the assessment of the isotopic composition of surface fluxes: A direct comparison of techniques using laser‐based water vapor isotope analyzers
Good, Stephen PGood, Stephen PGood, Stephen PGood, Stephen P.Soderberg, KeirSoderberg, KeirSoderberg, KeirSoderberg, KeirWang, LixinWang, LixinWang, LixinWang, LixinCaylor, Kelly K.Caylor, Kelly KCaylor, Kelly K and Caylor, Kelly K
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, vol. 117, (no. D15), pp. n/a, 16 August 2012. | Journal Article
Understanding ecohydrological connectivity in savannas: a system dynamics modelling approach
Miller, Gretchen RMiller, Gretchen R.Cable, Jessica MCable, Jessica M.McDonald, Alyson KMcDonald, Alyson K.Bond, BarbaraBond, BarbaraFranz, Trenton E.Franz, Trenton EWang, LixinWang, LixinGou, SiGou, SiTyler, Anna PTyler, Anna P.Zou, Chris BZou, Chris B.Scott, Russell L and Scott, Russell L.
Ecohydrology, vol. 5, (no. 2), pp. 220, March 2012. | Journal Article
Combined effects of soil moisture and nitrogen availability variations on grass productivity in African savannas
Wang, LixinWANG, LXWang, LixinWang, LixinD’ODORICO, PD'Odorico, PaoloD'odorico, PaoloD’Odorico, PaoloD'odorico, PaoloO’HALLORAN, LRO'halloran, LydiaO'Halloran, LydiaO’Halloran, Lydia RiesO'Halloran, Lydia RCaylor, KellyCaylor, KellyCaylor, KCaylor, KellyMacko, StephenMacko, StephenMacko, Stephen and MACKO, S
Plant and Soil, vol. 328, (no. 1/2), pp. 108, 20100301. | Journal Article
Partitioning evapotranspiration across gradients of woody plant cover: Assessment of a stable isotope technique
Wang, LixinWang, LixinWang, LixinCaylor, KellyCaylor, Kelly KCaylor, Kelly KVillegas, Juan CVillegas, Juan CamiloVillegas, Juan CamiloBarron Gafford, GregBarron‐Gafford, Greg ABarron‐Gafford, Greg ABreshears, David DBreshears, David DBreshears, David DHuxman, Travis EHuxman, Travis E and Huxman, Travis E
Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 37, (no. 9), pp. n/a, May 2010. | Journal Article
Post-Fire Resource Redistribution in Desert Grasslands: A Possible Negative Feedback on Land Degradation
Ravi, SujithRavi, SujithD'odorico, PaoloD'Odorico, PaoloD'odorico, PaoloWang, LixinWang, LixinWhite, Carleton SWhite, CarletonOkin, Gregory SOkin, GregoryMacko, Stephen AMacko, StephenCollins, Scott and Collins, Scott L
Ecosystems, vol. 12, (no. 3), pp. 444, 20090401. | Journal Article
Soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics in southern African savannas: the effect of vegetation-induced patch-scale heterogeneities and large scale rainfall gradients
Wang, LixinWang, LixinWang, LixinD’Odorico, PaoloD'odorico, PaoloD’Odorico, PaoloManzoni, StefanoManzoni, StefanoManzoni, StefanoPorporato, AmilcarePorporato, AmilcarePorporato, AmilcareMacko, StephenMacko, Stephen A and Macko, Stephen
Climatic Change, vol. 94, (no. 1), pp. 76, 20090500. | Journal Article
Carbon and nitrogen parasitism by a xylem-tapping mistletoe (Tapinanthus oleifolius) along the Kalahari Transect: a stable isotope study
Wang, LixinWang, LixinWang, LixinKgope, BarneyKgope, BarneyKgope, BarneyDOdorico, PaoloD'odorico, PaoloD’Odorico, PaoloMacko, Stephen AMacko, Stephen A. and Macko, Stephen
African Journal of Ecology, vol. 46, (no. 4), pp. 546, December 2008. | Journal Article
Form and Function of Grass Ring Patterns in arid Grasslands: The Role of Abiotic Controls
Ravi, SujithRavi, SujithRavi, SujithD'odorico, PaoloD’Odorico, PaoloD'Odorico, PaoloWang, LixinWang, LixinWang, LixinCollins, Scott LCollins, Scott and Collins, Scott
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Lost in Transliteration
Wang, Lixin
Science, vol. 320, (no. 5877), pp. 745, 20080509. | Journal Article