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Contribution of Alzheimer’s biomarkers and risk factors to cognitive impairment and decline across the Alzheimer’s disease continuum.
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Alzheimer’s & dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer’s Association. | Journal Article
Deep learning-based identification of genetic variants: Application to Alzheimer s disease classification
Differential trajectories of hypometabolism across cognitively-defined Alzheimer’s disease subgroups
Groot, ColinRisacher, Shannon LChen, JQ AlidaDicks, EllenSaykin, Andrew JDonald, Christine L MacMez, JesseTrittschuh, Emily H.Mukherjee, ShubhabrataBarkhof, FrederikScheltens, PhilipFlier, Wiesje MOssenkoppele, Rik and Crane, Paul K
NeuroImage: Clinical, pp. 102725. | Journal Article
Dysregulated expression levels of APH1B in peripheral blood are associated with brain atrophy and amyloid-β deposition in Alzheimer’s disease.
YH, ParkJM, PyunA, HodgesJW, JangPJ, BiceS, KimAJ, SaykinK, Nhoconsortium, AddNeuroMed and Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
Alzheimer’s research & therapy. | Journal Article
Genome Wide Analysis Across Alzheimer s Disease Endophenotypes: Main Effects and Stage Specific Interactions
Jacobson, Tanner Y.Nho, KwangsikRisacher, Shannon L.Gao, SujuanShen, LiForoud, Tatiana and and, Andrew J. Saykin
Impact of taxane-based chemotherapy among older women with breast cancer on cognition and quality of life: a longitudinal pooled analysis.
Small, Brent JBJ, SmallLange, MarieM, LangeZhai, WantingW, ZhaiAhn, JaeilJ, AhnAhles, Tim ATA, AhlesJE, CarrollCarroll, Judith EHJ, CohenCohen, Harvey JD, GrahamGraham, DeenaExtermann, MartineM, ExtermannHeutte, NatachaN, HeutteJim, Heather S LHSL, JimBC, McDonaldMcDonald, Brenna CPatel, Sunita KSK, PatelJC, RootRoot, James CCancer C. O. G.-Age Studies, Thinking LivingSaykin, Andrew JVan Dyk, KathleenZhou, XingtaoMandelblatt, Jeanne and Joly, Florence
Breast cancer research and treatment. | Journal Article
Integrative metabolomics-genomics approach reveals key metabolic pathways and regulators of Alzheimer’s disease.
E, HorgusluogluR, NeffWM, SongM, WangQ, WangM, ArnoldJ, KrumsiekB, Galindo-PrietoC, MingK, NhoG, KastenmüllerX, HanR, BaillieQ, Zeng and Consortium, Alzheimer Disease Metabolomics
Alzheimer’s & dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer’s Association. | Journal Article
Integrative-omics for discovery of network-level disease biomarkers: a case study in Alzheimer’s disease.
L, XieB, HeP, VarathanK, NhoSL, RisacherAJ, SaykinP, Salama and J, Yan
Briefings in bioinformatics. | Journal Article
Measuring Subjective Cognitive Decline in Older Adults: Harmonization between the Cognitive Change Index and the Measurement of Everyday Cognition Instruments
Multi-task learning based structured sparse canonical correlation analysis for brain imaging genetics.
M, KimEJ, MinK, LiuJ, YanAJ, SaykinJH, MooreQ, Long and L, Shen
Medical image analysis. | Journal Article
Optimizing differential identifiability improves connectome predictive modeling of cognitive deficits from functional connectivity in Alzheimer s disease
Human Brain Mapping. | Journal Article
Plasma phosphorylated-tau181 as a predictive biomarker for Alzheimer’s amyloid, tau and FDG PET status.
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