My research examines judgment and decision-making related to food, agriculture, and the environment.

My research examines how people make judgments and decisions in situations of  uncertainty. How do perceptions of climate variability and related biases influence agricultural practices? What drives adoption of sustainable food and agricultural technologies? How can policies be designed to shape environmental behavior and outcomes?


  • Agricultural and environmental decision making
  • Behavioral science and food security
  • Consumer preferences and food policy
  • Food system sustainability

Research Interests:

  • Climate adaptation decision making
  • sustainable behavior and policy design
  • Measuring and Monitoring Food security

Research: Agricultural and environmental decision making; behavioral science and food security; consumer preferences and food policy; food system sustainability

Research Area:

  • Human Environment Interaction and Sustainability
  • Environment and Human Health
  • Environmental Policy and Management
Cognitive Science, Geography
PhD, Michigan State University, Food and Agricultural Policy, 2014
MS, Cornell University, Applied Economics, 2009
BA, Earlham College, History, 2000