Donald Williamson's research focuses on developing algorithms that analyze and extract meaningful information from auditory scenes using machine learning and signal processing techniques. He is particularly interested in speech processing, which includes speech enhancement, robust automatic speech recognition, and speaker identification.

Other areas of research interest include music information retrieval, robotics, and engineering education.

Research Areas

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision, Speech, and Music Processing
  • Databases and Data Mining

My research broadly addresses ways that enable computers to process, understand, and response to sound information. I have specific interests in the areas of speech separation/enhancement, speech evaluation, and speech recognition, to name a few, where I am interested in using these methods in real-world devices, such as cell phones, hearing aids, and robots.

PhD, Ohio State University, Computer Science and Engineering, 2016
MS, Ohio State University, Computer Science and Engineering, 2014
MS, Drexel University, Electrical Engineering, 2007
BEE, University of Delaware, Electrical Engineering, 2005