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Development, validation, and proof-of-concept implementation of a two-year risk prediction model for undiagnosed atrial fibrillation using common electronic health data (UNAFIED)
Grout, Randall WGrout, Randall WHui, Siu LHui, Siu LImler, Timothy DImler, Timothy DEl-Azab, SarahEl-Azab, SarahBaker, JarodBaker, JarodSands, George HSands, George HAteya, MohammadAteya, MohammadPike, Francis and Pike, Francis
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making , vol. 21, pp. 1-9, 2021. | Journal Article
A comparison of structured data query methods versus natural language processing to identify metastatic melanoma cases from electronic health records
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International Journal of Computational Medicine and Healthcare, vol. 1, (no. 1), pp. 111, 20190000. | Journal Article
Identification and validation of uterine perforation, intrauterine device expulsion, and breastfeeding in four health care systems with electronic health records
Anthony, Mary SArmstrong, Mary AnneGetahun, DariosScholes, DeliaGatz, JenniferSchulze-Rath, RenatePostlethwaite, DebbieMerchant, MaqdoodaAlabaster, Amy LChillemi, GiuliaRaine-Bennett, TinaXie, FagenChiu, Vicki YIm, Theresa MTakhar, Harpreet SFassett, MichaelGrafton, JaneCronkite, DavidIchikawa, LauraReed, Susan DHui, Siu LuiRitchey, Mary ESaltus, Catherine WAndrews, Elizabeth BRothman, Kenneth JAsiimwe, AlexLynen, Richard and Schoendorf, Juliane
Clinical epidemiology, vol. 11, pp. 643, 2019-00-00. | Journal Article
Initial uptake, time to treatment, and real-world effectiveness of all-oral direct-acting antivirals for hepatitis C virus infection in the United States: A retrospective cohort analysis
Kwo, Paul YKwo, PaulKwo, PaulPuenpatom, AmyPuenpatom, AmyPuenpatom, AmyZhang, ZuoyiZhang, ZuoyiZhang, ZuoyiHui, Siu LHui, SiuHui, SiuKelley, Andrea AKelley, AndreaKelley, AndreaMuschi, DavidMuschi, David and Muschi, David
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Database queries for hospitalizations for acute congestive heart failure: flexible methods and validation based on set theory.
Rosenman, MarcHe, JinghuaMartin, JoelNutakki, KavithaEckert, GeorgeLane, KathleenGradus Pizlo, Irmina and Hui, Siu L
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA, vol. 21, (no. 2), pp. 345-52, 2014 Mar-Apr. | Journal Article
Effectiveness of implementing a wake up and breathe program on sedation and delirium in the ICU.
Khan, BabarKhan, Babar AFadel, WilliamFadel, William FTricker, JasonTricker, Jason LCarlos, WCarlos, W GrahamFarber, MarkFarber, Mark OHui, Siu LHui, SiuCampbell, NollCampbell, Noll LEly, EEly, E WesleyBoustani, Malaz A and Boustani, Malaz
Critical care medicine, vol. 42, (no. 12), pp. e791-e795, December 2014. | Journal Article
Evaluating latent class models with conditional dependence in record linkage.
Daggy, JoanneDaggy, JoanneXu, HuipingXu, HuipingHui, SiuHui, SiuGrannis, Shaun and Grannis, Shaun
Statistics in medicine, vol. 33, (no. 24), pp. 4250-4265, October 30, 2014. | Journal Article
Optimal two-phase sampling design for comparing accuracies of two binary classification rules
Xu, HuipingXu, HuipingHui, Siu LHui, Siu LGrannis, Shaun and Grannis, Shaun
Statistics in Medicine, vol. 33, (no. 3), Feb 10, 2014. | Journal Article
Race and documentation of cognitive impairment in hospitalized older adults.
Campbell, Noll LCampbell, Noll LCantor, Braca BCantor, Braca BHui, Siu LHui, Siu LPerkins, AnthonyPerkins, AnthonyKhan, BabarKhan, Babar AFarber, Mark OFarber, Mark ONazir, ArifNazir, ArifGarrett, Stephanie LGarrett, Stephanie LEly, E. WesleyEly, E WBoustani, Malaz and Boustani, Malaz A
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, vol. 62, (no. 3), pp. 506-11, 2014/Mar. | Journal Article
Scope and outcomes of surrogate decision making among hospitalized older adults.
Torke, AlexiaSachs, GregHelft, Paul RMontz, KiannaHui, Siu LSlaven, James E and Callahan, Christopher M
JAMA internal medicine, vol. 174, (no. 3), pp. 370-7, 2014/Mar. | Journal Article
A practical approach for incorporating dependence among fields in probabilistic record linkage.
Daggy, JoanneDaggy, Joanne KXu, HuipingXu, HuipingHui, Siu LHui, Siu LGamache, Roland EGamache, Roland EGrannis, Shaun J and Grannis, Shaun J
BMC medical informatics and decision making, vol. 13, pp. 97, 2013. | Journal Article
Interaction between cognitive impairment and discharge destination and its effect on rehospitalization.
Nazir, ArifNazir, ArifLaMantia, MichaelLamantia, MichaelLaMantia, MichaelChodosh, JoshuaChodosh, JoshuaKhan, BabarKhan, BabarCampbell, NollCampbell, NollHui, Siu LHui, SiuBoustani, Malaz and Boustani, Malaz
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, vol. 61, (no. 11), pp. 1958-63, 2013/Nov. | Journal Article
Lower provider volume is associated with higher failure rates for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.
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Medical care, vol. 51, (no. 12), pp. 1040-7, 2013/Dec. | Journal Article
Online disease management of diabetes: engaging and motivating patients online with enhanced resources-diabetes (EMPOWER-D), a randomized controlled trial.
Tang, PaulOverhage, J. MChan, Albert SBrown, Nancy LAghighi, BaharEntwistle, Martin PHui, Siu LHyde, Shauna MKlieman, Linda HMitchell, Charlotte JPerkins, Anthony JQureshi, Lubna SWaltimyer, Tanya AWinters, Leigha J and Young, Charles Y
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA, vol. 20, (no. 3), pp. 526-34, 2013/May/1. | Journal Article
S100 calcium binding protein B as a biomarker of delirium duration in the intensive care unit - an exploratory analysis.
Khan, BabarKhan, Babar AKhan, Babar AKhan, BabarFarber, Mark OFarber, Mark OFarber, Mark OFarber, Mark OCampbell, NollCampbell, NollCampbell, NollCampbell, NollPerkins, AnthonyPerkins, AnthonyPerkins, AnthonyPerkins, AnthonyPrasad, Nagendra KPrasad, Nagendra KPrasad, Nagendra KPrasad, NagendraHui, SiuHui, Siu LHui, Siu LHui, Siu LMiller, Douglas KMiller, Douglas KMiller, Douglas KMiller, DouglasCalvo-Ayala, EnriqueCalvo-Ayala, EnriqueCalvo-Ayala, EnriqueCalvo-Ayala, EnriqueBuckley, John DBuckley, John DIonescu, Ruxandra CorinaBuckley, John DIonescu, RuxandraShekhar, AnanthaIonescu, RuxandraIonescu, RuxandraEly, E. WesleyShekhar, AnanthaShekhar, AnanthaShekhar, AnanthaBoustani, MalazEly, E WEly, E WesleyEly, E WesleyBoustani, Malaz ABoustani, Malaz ABuckley, John and Boustani, Malaz
International journal of general medicine, vol. 6, pp. 855-61, 2013. | Journal Article
Comparison and agreement between the Richmond Agitation-Sedation Scale and the Riker Sedation-Agitation Scale in evaluating patients' eligibility for delirium assessment in the ICU.
Khan, BabarKhan, Babar A., MDGuzman, OscarGuzman, OscarCampbell, Noll LCampbell, NollWalroth, ToddWalroth, ToddTricker, JasonTricker, JasonHui, Siu LHui, Siu L., PhDPerkins, Anthony, MSPerkins, AnthonyZawahiri, MohammedZawahiri, Mohammed, MDBuckley, John DBuckley, JohnFarber, Mark OFarber, Mark O., MDEly, E.Ely, WesleyBoustani, Malaz and Boustani, Malaz
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Comparison of vertical and horizontal saccade measures and their relation to gray matter changes in premanifest and manifest Huntington disease
Rupp, JasonRupp, JasonRupp, JasonDzemidzic, MarioDzemidzic, MarioDzemidzic, MarioBlekher, TanyaBlekher, Tanya MBlekher, TanyaWest, JohnWest, JohnWest, JohnHui, SiuHui, Siu LHui, SiuWojcieszek, JoanneWojcieszek, JoanneWojcieszek, JoanneSaykin, Andrew JSaykin, AndrewSaykin, AndrewKareken, DavidKareken, DavidKareken, David AForoud, TatianaForoud, Tatiana M and Foroud, Tatiana
Journal of Neurology, vol. 259, (no. 2), pp. 267-276, 2012. | Journal Article
Enhancing care for hospitalized older adults with cognitive impairment: a randomized controlled trial.
Boustani, MalazBoustani, MalazCampbell, Noll LCampbell, NollKhan, BabarKhan, BabarAbernathy, GregAbernathy, GregZawahiri, MohammedZawahiri, MohammedCampbell, TiffanyCampbell, TiffanyTricker, JasonTricker, JasonHui, Siu LHui, SiuBuckley, John DBuckley, JohnPerkins, Anthony JPerkins, AnthonyFarber, MarkFarber, Mark OCallahan, Christopher and Callahan, Christopher M
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Abnormal error-related antisaccade activation in premanifest and early manifest Huntington disease.
Rupp, JasonDzemidzic, MarioBlekher, Tanya MBragulat, VeroniqueWest, JohnJackson, JacquelineHui, Siu LWojcieszek, JoanneSaykin, AndrewKareken, David A and Foroud, Tatiana M
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Improving delirium care in the intensive care unit: the design of a pragmatic study.
Campbell, Noll LCampbell, Noll LKhan, BabarKhan, Babar AFarber, MarkFarber, MarkCampbell, TiffanyCampbell, TiffanyPerkins, Anthony JPerkins, Anthony JHui, Siu LHui, Siu LAbernathy, GregAbernathy, GregBuckley, JohnBuckley, JohnSing, ReggSing, ReggTricker, JasonTricker, JasonZawahiri, MohammadZawahiri, MohammadBoustani, Malaz A and Boustani, Malaz
Trials, vol. 12, pp. 139, 2011. | Journal Article
Iron deficiency drives an autosomal dominant hypophosphatemic rickets (ADHR) phenotype in fibroblast growth factor-23 (Fgf23) knock-in mice
Farrow, Emily GFarrow, EmilyYu, XijieYu, XijieSummers, LeliaSummers, Lelia JDavis, SiobhanDavis, Siobhan IFleet, JamesFleet, James CAllen, Matthew RAllen, MatthewRobling, AlexanderRobling, AlexanderStayrook, Keith RStayrook, KeithJideonwo, VictoriaJideonwo, VictoriaMagers, Martin JMagers, MartinGarringer, HollyGarringer, Holly JVidal, RubenVidal, RubenChan, Rebecca JChan, RebeccaGoodwin, Charles BGoodwin, CharlesHui, Siu LHui, SiuPeacock, MunroPeacock, MunroWhite, Kenneth and White, Kenneth E
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 108, (no. 46), Nov 15, 2011. | Journal Article
Iron Modifies Plasma FGF23 Differently in Autosomal Dominant Hypophosphatemic Rickets and Healthy Humans
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Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, vol. 96, (no. 11), pp. 3541-3549, 2011. | Journal Article
Time-motion analysis of health care workers' contact with patients and workers' hand hygiene: open vs closed units.
Khan, BabarKhan, Babar AHui, Ken YHui, Ken YonHui, Siu LHui, Siu LGulati, RajeshGulati, RajeshTricker, JasonTricker, JasonCampbell, Noll LCampbell, Noll LFarber, Mark OFarber, Mark OBoustani, MalazBoustani, Malaz ABuckley, John D and Buckley, John D
American journal of critical care : an official publication, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, vol. 20, (no. 3), pp. e75-9, 2011/May. | Journal Article
Timing of do-not-resuscitate orders for hospitalized older adults who require a surrogate decision-maker.
Torke, AlexiaSachs, GregHelft, Paul RPetronio, SandraPurnell, ChristiannaHui, Siu L and Callahan, Christopher M
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, vol. 59, (no. 7), pp. 1326-31, 2011/Jul. | Journal Article
Analgesic prescribing for patients who are discharged from an emergency department.
Terrell, Kevin MTerrell, Kevin M.Hui, Siu LHui, Siu L.Castelluccio, PeterCastelluccio, PeterKroenke, KurtKroenke, KurtMcGrath, Roland BMcGrath, Roland B.Miller, Douglas K and Miller, Douglas K.
Pain medicine (Malden, Mass.), vol. 11, (no. 7), pp. 1072-7, 2010/Jul. | Journal Article