3 Grants
A BMI1/CHD7 signature in medulloblastoma with poor prognosis.
Marino, Silvia and Basson, Michiel
Medical Research Council (MRC) (ID: MR/N000528/1), £636,198GBP, 2015-12-01 -- 2019-01-31
Activation of Bmi1 expression as a tool to increase self-renewal of myogenic satellite cells in ageing and disease
Marino, Silvia and Robson, Lesley
Medical Research Council (MRC) (ID: G0802546), £420,500GBP, 2009-06-01 -- 2013-06-30
Molecular dissection of c-Myc function in self renewal/differentiation of neural stem cells
Marino, Silvia and Behrens, Axel
Medical Research Council (MRC) (ID: G0800020), £394,114GBP, 2009-01-30 -- 2012-01-29