Specialty: Laryngology, Sleep Surgery, Endocrine Surgery

As a throat and neck specialist, Dr. Parker offers expertise in the following sub-specialties:

  • Laryngology: Management of voice changes and loss (e.g. vocal fold polyp, vocal fold nodules, vocal cord paralysis, laryngeal papilloma, spasmodic dysphonia); breathing trouble (e.g. subglottic stenosis, tracheal stenosis, tracheostomy tube dependence); and swallowing difficulty (e.g. Zenker’s diverticula, cricopharyngeal dysfunction, aspiration)
  • Sleep Surgery: Surgical management of snoring and sleep apnea
  • Endocrine Surgery: Surgical management of thyroid cancer; thyroid goiters; Grave’s disease; thyroid nodules; hyperparathyroidism; and parathyroid cancer

In addition to clinical care, Dr. Parker actively pursues academic medicine through clinical research focused on throat and neck disorders. Recent contributions include: outcomes in the treatment of laryngeal cancer with the KTP laser; adjunctive treatments for laryngeal papilloma; surgical treatment for obstructive sleep apnea treated with the hypoglossal nerve stimulator implant; endoscopic management of Zenker’s diverticula; voice outcomes in patients treated for vocal cord paralysis; and endoscopic management of laryngotracheal stenosis.

Past Affiliations

Resident, Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Medical School, Health Sciences, University of Minnesota Twin Cities (past)

MD, Rush University, Medicine, 2008
BA, University of North Carolina, 2003