Neonatology, Perinatology
agricultural chemistry agricultural engineering drainage fish and fisheries grains & cereals herbicides irrigation land management or land use pest management pesticides plant or soil nutrient bioavailability agricultural waste management aquaculture or hydroponics soil chemistry biological engineering aquaculture engineering agricultural products, transport or handling agriculture or food studies - developing countries agricultural biotechnology population sciences population biology population forecasting behavioral ecology ecology and population community ecology population geography population studies - developing countries biomedical research (multidisciplinary) adverse effects breast health birth or congenital defects stillbirth sudden infant death syndrome--sids uterine disorders tourette syndrome fetal alcohol syndrome urogenital diseases environmental health environmental health standards environmental medicine breast feeding child or maternal health community health health information technology prenatal care public health rural health molecular epidemiology family medicine neonatology perinatology pathobiology environmental biology environmental chemistry environmental effects environmental geography air pollution land pollution water pollution toxicology water resources environmental impacts environmental physics global change human ecology hazardous substances waste management ecosystems groundwater waste water water quality floodplains watersheds environmental monitoring freshwater conservation instream flow water rights air quality hazardous materials & waste