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Effect of medicaments used in endodontic regeneration technique on the chemical structure of human immature radicular dentin: an in vitro study.
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Longitudinal analyses of early lesions by fluorescence: an observational study.
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Response to "is high prorenin level related to relative aldosterone excess?".
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In situ evaluation of the erosive potential of orange juice modified by food additives.
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Plasma levels of prorenin and renin in blacks and whites: their relative abundance and associations with plasma aldosterone concentration.
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Variations in the potassium channel genes KCNK3 and KCNK9 in relation to blood pressure and aldosterone production: an exploratory study.
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Clinical outcomes for patients finished with the SureSmile™ method compared with conventional fixed orthodontic therapy.
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Evaluation of the Health Utilities Index Mark-3 in heart failure.
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In situ Fluoride Response of Caries Lesions with Different Mineral Distributions at Baseline
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Intensified effect of adiposity on blood pressure in overweight and obese children.
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In vitro evaluation of ICDAS and radiographic examination of occlusal surfaces and their association with treatment decisions.
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Erosion and Abrasion of Enamel and Dentin Associated With At-Home Bleaching
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Erosion and abrasion of enamel and dentin associated with at-home bleaching: an in vitro study.
Engle, KennethHara, Anderson TMatis, Bruce AEckert, George J and Zero, Domenick T
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Influence of the ICDAS e-learning program for occlusal caries detection on dental students.
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Metabolic syndrome does not predict an increased risk of coronary disease in patients with traditional risk factors referred for stress imaging study.
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Preliminary Study to Establish a Relationship between Tactile Sensation and Surface Roughness
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Race, sex, and the regulation of urine osmolality: observations made during water deprivation
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Risk factors for incidence and severity of white spot lesions during treatment with fixed orthodontic appliances.
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Sociodemographic Variation of Caries Risk Factors in Toddlers and Caregivers
Eckert, G. J.Eckert, G. J.Jackson, R.Jackson, R.Fontana, M. and Fontana, M.
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Use of ICDAS Combined with Quantitative Light-Induced Fluorescence as a Caries Detection Method
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A clinical evaluation of two in-office bleaching regimens with and without tray bleaching.
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Association of the calcium-sensing receptor gene with blood pressure and urinary calcium in African-Americans.
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Do Cardioselective [beta]-Adrenoceptor Antagonists Reduce Mortality in Diabetic Patients with Congestive Heart Failure?
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Influence of Fluoride Availability of Dentifrices on Eroded Enamel Remineralization in situ
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Interplay between fluoride and abrasivity of dentifrices on dental erosion-abrasion
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