Keith's research involves work on a variety of local to regional-scale outcrop and subsurface studies in the Illinois basin. His primary interests are in defining the long term tectonic controls on Paleozoic carbonate facies and the application of sequence-stratigraphy concepts to interior cratonic basins. This is particularly oriented toward defining the occurrence of potential petroleum reservoirs within the basin. A major effort is starting in the study of geologic controls over reservoir character and the potential for future exploration in Mississippian carbonates. Some of this effort will involve cooperative studies with research personnel at the Illinois and Kentucky Surveys and with industry geologists. Considerable potential exists for graduate student research in the depositional and diagenetic history of carbonate reservoir rocks and the controls over reservoir quality.
PhD, Renesselaer Polytechnic Institute, Geology, 1974
MS, Syracuse University, Geology, 1971
BS, Amherst College, Geology, 1965
british isles gulf of mexico north sea arabian gulf geology petroleum science sedimentology stratigraphy energy geosciences petroleum
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