Shahzeen’s research focuses on people's judgments and decisions about resource use and systems, and how to motivate action on climate change.


  • Expert elicitation of climate solutions and pathways - India and United States
  • Motivating climate change solutions by fusing facts and feelings
  • Understanding and correcting misperceptions of energy use 
  • Motivating climate solutions in Indiana  

Areas of Interest:

  • Human behavior and resource use
  • Environmental psychology
  • Social dilemma

Dr. Shahzeen Attari’s research focuses on the psychology of resource use and how to motivate action on climate change.

My professional interests include energy policy, energy efficiency and conservation, behavioral economics, social dilemmas, risk communication, and sustainable development. My current work investigates effects of real-time energy feedback, how to use games for research and learning, and factors that motivate action in social dilemmas.

Research: Behavioral economics; Efficiency & conservation; Resource consumption; Social dilemmas

Research Area:

  • Environmental Policy and Management
  • Environmental Science

Interests: Individual perceptions, motivations, and biases related to resource use; application areas include efficiency


  • Hydrology & Water Resources
  • Energy Policy
  • Sustainability & Sustainable Development
  • Policy Analysis
  • Local Governance
Environmental Policy, Public Administration, Political Science, Cognitive Science
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Engineering and Public Policy, 2009
MS, Carnegie Mellon University, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2005
BS, University of Illinois, Engineering Physics, 2004