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Financial strain moderates genetic influences on self-rated health: support for diathesis–stress model of gene–environment interplay
Biodemography and Social Biology. | Journal Article
Longitudinal analyses indicate bidirectional associations between loneliness and health
Aging & Mental Health. | Journal Article
Does the length of institutionalization matter? Longitudinal follow-up of persons with severe mental illness 65 years and older: shorter-stay versus longer-stay
Finkel, DeborahBülow, Pia HWilińska, MonikaJegermalm, MagnusTorgé, Cristina JoyBravell, Marie Ernsth and Bülow, Per
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. | Journal Article
Genetically informed, multilevel analysis of the Flynn Effect across four decades and three WISC versions
Giangrande, Evan J.Beam, Christopher R.Finkel, DeborahDavis, Deborah W. and Turkheimer, Eric
Child Development. | Journal Article
Genetic and environmental correlates of the nonlinear recovery of cognitive ability in Twins.
Developmental Psychology. | Journal Article
Oral health is essential for quality of life in older adults: A Swedish National Quality Register Study
Lindmark, UlrikaBravell, Marie ErnsthJohansson, Linda and Finkel, Deborah
Gerodontology. | Journal Article
Socioeconomic status impacts genetic influences on the longitudinal dynamic relationship between temperament and general cognitive ability in childhood: The Louisville Twin Study
Child Development. | Journal Article
Cohort by Education Interactions in Longitudinal Changes in Functional Abilities
Finkel, Deborah and Ernsth Bravell, Marie
Journal of Aging and Health, vol. 32, (no. 3-4), pp. 215, 20200300. | Journal Article
Drivers of Frailty from Adulthood into Old Age: Results from a 27-year Longitudinal Population-Based Study in Sweden
Raymond, EmmaReynolds, Chandra ADahl Aslan, Anna KFinkel, DeborahEricsson, MalinHägg, SaraPedersen, Nancy L and Jylhävä, Juulia
The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences, 2020-Apr-29. | Journal Article
Longitudinal trajectories, correlations and mortality associations of nine biological ages across 20-years follow-up
Li, XiaPloner, AlexanderWang, YunzhangMagnusson, Patrik KeReynolds, ChandraFinkel, DeborahPedersen, Nancy LJylhävä, Juulia and Hägg, Sara
eLife, vol. 9, 2020-Feb-11. | Journal Article
Longitudinal Twin Study of Subjective Health: Differences in Genetic and Environmental Components of Variance Across Age and Sex
Finkel, DeborahFranz, Carol EChristensen, KaareReynolds, Chandra A and Pedersen, Nancy L
The journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences, vol. 75, (no. 1), pp. 10, 2020-Jan-01. | Journal Article
Midlife Study of the Louisville Twins: Connecting Cognitive Development to Biological and Cognitive Aging
Beam, Christopher RBeam, Christopher RBeam, Christopher RTurkheimer, EricTurkheimer, EricTurkheimer, EricFinkel, DeborahFinkel, DeborahFinkel, DeborahLevine, Morgan ELevine, Morgan ELevine, Morgan EZandi, EbrahimZandi, EbrahimGuterbock, Thomas MGuterbock, Thomas MGuterbock, Thomas MGiangrande, Evan JGiangrande, Evan JGiangrande, Evan JRyan, LesaRyan, LesaRyan, LesaPasquenza, NataliePasquenza, NatalieDavis, Deborah WDavis, Deborah Winders and Davis, Deborah Winders
Behavior genetics, vol. 50, (no. 2), pp. 83, 2020-03-00. | Journal Article
Role of motor function and lung function in pathways to ageing and decline
Finkel, DeborahBravell, Marie Ernsth and Pedersen, Nancy L.
Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, vol. 32, pp. 2479–2487. | Journal Article
A coordinated multi-study analysis of the longitudinal association between handgrip strength and cognitive function in older adults
Zammit, Andrea RZammit, Andrea RZammit, Andrea RPiccinin, Andrea MPiccinin, Andrea MPiccinin, Andrea MDuggan, Emily CDuggan, Emily CDuggan, Emily CKoval, AndriyKoval, AndriyKoval, AndriyClouston, SeanClouston, SeanClouston, SeanRobitaille, AnnieRobitaille, AnnieRobitaille, AnnieBrown, Cassandra LBrown, Cassandra LBrown, Cassandra LHandschuh, PhilippHandschuh, PhilippHandschuh, PhilippWu, ChenkaiWu, ChenkaiWu, ChenkaiJarry, ValérieJarry, ValérieJarry, ValérieFinkel, DeborahFinkel, DeborahFinkel, DeborahGraham, Raquel BGraham, Raquel BGraham, Raquel BMuniz-Terrera, GracielaMuniz-Terrera, GracielaMuniz-Terrera, GracielaBjörk, Marcus PraetoriusBjörk, Marcus PraetoriusPraetorius Björk, MarcusBennett, DavidBennett, DavidBennett, DavidDeeg, Dorly JDeeg, Dorly JDeeg, Dorly JJohansson, BooJohansson, BooJohansson, BooKatz, Mindy JKatz, Mindy JKatz, Mindy JKaye, JeffreyKaye, JeffreyKaye, JeffreyLipton, Richard BLipton, Richard BLipton, Richard BMartin, MikeMartin, MikeMartin, MikePederson, Nancy LPederson, Nancy LPederson, Nancy LSpiro, AvronSpiro, AvronSpiro, AvronZimprich, DanielZimprich, DanielZimprich, DanielHofer, Scott MHofer, Scott M and Hofer, Scott M
The journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences, 2019-Jun-11. | Journal Article
A Multi-study Coordinated Meta-analysis of Pulmonary Function and Cognition in Aging
Duggan, Emily CDuggan, EmilyPiccinin, Andrea MPiccinin, AneaClouston, SeanClouston, SeanKoval, Andriy VKoval, AniyRobitaille, AnnieRobitaille, AnnieZammit, AneaZammit, Andrea RWu, ChenkaiWu, ChenkaiBrown, CassanaBrown, Cassandra LLee, LewinaLee, Lewina OFinkel, DeborahFinkel, DeborahBeasley, William HBeasley, WilliamKaye, JeffreyKaye, JeffreyTerrera, Graciela MunizTerrera, GracielaKatz, MindyKatz, MindyLipton, Richard BLipton, RichardDeeg, DorlyDeeg, DorlyBennett, DavidBennett, David ABjörk, Marcus PraetoriusPraetorius Björk, MarcusJohansson, BooJohansson, BooSpiro, AvronSpiro, AvronWeuve, JenniferWeuve, JenniferHofer, Scott and Hofer, Scott M
The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences, vol. 74, (no. 11), pp. 1804, 2019-10-04. | Journal Article
Evidence of bi-directional associations between depressive symptoms and body mass among older adults
Emery, Charles FFinkel, DeborahGatz, Margaret and Dahl Aslan, Anna K
The journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences, 2019-Mar-07. | Journal Article
Functional Aging Index Complements Frailty in Prediction of Entry Into Care and Mortality
Finkel, DeborahSternäng, OlaJylhävä, JuuliaBai, Ge and Pedersen, Nancy L
The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, vol. 74, (no. 12), pp. 1986, 20191113. | Journal Article
Genetic influences on lung function contribute to subsequent age changes in motor and cognitive function
Finkel, Deborah and Ernsth-Bravell, Marie
Behavior Genetics, vol. 49, (no. 6), pp. 492, 2019. | Journal Article
Bravell, Marie ErnsthFinkel, Deborah G and Johansson, Linda
Innovation in Aging, vol. 3, (no. Supplement_1), pp. S492, 2019-11-08. | Journal Article
IGEMS: The Consortium on Interplay of Genes and Environment Across Multiple Studies - An Update
Pedersen, Nancy LGatz, MargaretFinch, Brian KFinkel, DeborahButler, David ADahl Aslan, AnnaFranz, Carol EKaprio, JaakkoLapham, SusanMcGue, MattMosing, Miriam ANeiderhiser, JenaeNygaard, MariannePanizzon, MatthewPrescott, Carol AReynolds, Chandra ASachdev, Perminder and Whitfield, Keith E
Twin research and human genetics : the official journal of the International Society for Twin Studies, vol. 22, (no. 6), pp. 816, 2019-Dec. | Journal Article
Multivariate analysis of the Scarr-Rowe interaction across middle childhood and early adolescence
Giangrande, Evan JBeam, Christopher RCarroll, SarahMatthews, Lucas JDavis, Deborah WFinkel, Deborah and Turkheimer, Eric
Intelligence, vol. 77, pp. 101400, November-December 2019. | Journal Article
The Louisville Twin Study
Davis, Deborah WTurkheimer, EricFinkel, DeborahBeam, Christopher and Ryan, Lesa
Twin Research and Human Genetics, pp. 1, 2019. | Journal Article
The Louisville Twin Study: Past, Present and Future
Davis, Deborah WTurkheimer, EricFinkel, DeborahBeam, Christopher and Ryan, Lesa
Twin research and human genetics : the official journal of the International Society for Twin Studies, vol. 22, (no. 6), pp. 740, 2019-Dec. | Journal Article
Andel, RossFinkel, Deborah and Pedersen, Nancy L
Innovation in Aging, vol. 3, (no. Supplement_1), pp. S25, 2019-11-08. | Journal Article
Age-moderation of genetic and environmental contributions to cognitive functioning in mid- and late-life for specific cognitive abilities
Pahlen, ShandellPahlen, ShandellHamdi, Nayla RHamdi, Nayla RDahl Aslan, Anna KDahl Aslan, Anna KHorwitz, Briana NHorwitz, Briana NPanizzon, Matthew SPanizzon, Matthew SPetersen, IngePetersen, IngeZavala, CatalinaZavala, CatalinaChristensen, KaareChristensen, KaareFinkel, DeborahFinkel, DeborahFranz, Carol EFranz, Carol EGatz, MargaretGatz, MargaretJohnson, WendyJohnson, WendyKremen, William SKremen, William SKrueger, Robert FKrueger, Robert FNeiderhiser, Jenae MNeiderhiser, Jenae MReynolds, Chandra AReynolds, Chandra APedersen, Nancy LPedersen, Nancy LMcGue, Matt and McGue, Matt
Intelligence, vol. 68, pp. 81, May-June 2018. | Journal Article