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Knowledge is not everything: analysis of children's performance on a haptic comparison task.
Alexander, Joyce MAlexander, Joyce MJohnson, Kathy EJohnson, Kathy ESchreiber, James B and Schreiber, James B
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On Imitation
Papaditsas, Alexandra and Johnson, Kent
(pp. 100). Winter 2002/2003
A Comparison of Intrusive and Prescriptive Advising of Psychology Majors at an Urban Comprehensive University
Jeschke, Mikki PoynterJohnson, Kathy E and Williams, Jane R
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Impact of varying levels of expertise on decisions of category typicality.
Johnson, Kathy E
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Impact of intuitive theories on feature recruitment throughout the continuum of expertise.
Johnson, Kathy E and Mervis, C B
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Development of children's understanding of basic-subordinate inclusion relations.
Johnson, Kathy EScott, P and Mervis, C B
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Effects of varying levels of expertise on the basic level of categorization.
Johnson, Kathy E and Mervis, C B
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Johnson, Karin
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Perceptual Knowledge, Conceptual Knowledge, and Expertise: Comment on Jones and Smith
Mervis, CarolynJohnson, Kathy and Scott, Paul
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The effect of expertise on hierarchical systems of categorization (Dissertation)
Johnson, Kathy (1992).
Acquisition of the Plural Morpheme: A Case Study
Mervis, Carolyn B and Johnson, Kathy
Developmental Psychology, vol. 27, (no. 2), pp. 222, Mar 1991. | Journal Article