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Appearance of an enigmatic Pb source in South America around 2000 BP: Anthropogenic vs natural origin
Kamenov, George DEscobar, JaimeElliott Arnold, TPardo-Trujillo, AndrésGangoiti, GotzonHoyos, NataliaCurtis, Jason HBird, Broxton WIsabel Velez, MariaVallejo, Felipe and Trejos-Tamayo, Raul
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol. 276, pp. 134, 2020-05-01. | Journal Article
Contrasting sensitivity of lake sediment n-alkanoic acids and n-alkanes to basin-scale vegetation and regional-scale precipitation δ2H in the Adirondack Mountains, NY (USA)
Freimuth, Erika JDiefendorf, Aaron FLowell, Thomas VBates, Benjamin RSchartman, AnnaBird, Broxton WLandis, Joshua D and Stewart, Alexander K
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol. 268, pp. 41, 2020-01-01. | Journal Article
Melting Himalayan Glaciers Threaten Domestic Water Resources in the Mount Everest Region, Nepal
Wood, Leah RNeumann, KlausNicholson, Kirsten NBird, Broxton WDowling, Carolyn B and Sharma, Subodh
Frontiers in Earth Science, vol. 8, 2020-04-29. | Journal Article
Characterizing late Quaternary lake-level variability in Lago de Tota, Colombian Andes, with CHIRP seismic stratigraphy
Gibson, DerekBird, BroxtonWattrus, NigelEscobar, JaimeAhmed, MalihaFonseca, HectorVelasco, FelipeFernandez, Alejandro and Polissar, Pratigya
Journal of Paleolimnology, vol. 62, (no. 4), pp. 335, 20191200. | Journal Article
Disappearance of the last tropical glaciers in the Western Pacific Warm Pool (Papua, Indonesia) appears imminent
Permana, Donaldi SThompson, Lonnie GMosley-Thompson, EllenDavis, Mary ELin, Ping-NanNicolas, Julien PBolzan, John FBird, Broxton WMikhalenko, Vladimir NGabrielli, PaoloZagorodnov, VictorMountain, Keith RSchotterer, UlrichHanggoro, WidoHabibie, Muhammad NKaize, YohanesGunawan, DodoSetyadi, GesangSusanto, Raden DFernández, Alfonso and Mark, Bryan G
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 116, (no. 52), pp. 26388, 2019-Dec-09. | Journal Article
Ecology and paleoenvironmental application of testate amoebae in peatlands of the high-elevation Colombian páramo
Liu, BingBooth, Robert KEscobar, JaimeWei, ZhiqiangBird, Broxton WPardo, AndresCurtis, Jason H and Ouyang, Jun
Quaternary Research, vol. 92, (no. 1), pp. 32, 2019-07-00. | Journal Article
Late-Holocene floodplain development, land-use, and hydroclimate–flood relationships on the lower Ohio River, US
Bird, Broxton WBird, Broxton WBird, Broxton WBarr, Robert CBarr, Robert CBarr, Robert CCommerford, JulieCommerford, JulieCommerford, JulieGilhooly, William PGilhooly, William PGilhooly, William PWilson, Jeremy JWilson, Jeremy JWilson, Jeremy JFinney, BruceFinney, BruceFinney, BruceMcLauchlan, KendraMcLauchlan, KendraMcLauchlan, KendraMonaghan, G WilliamMonaghan, G William and Monaghan, G William
The Holocene, vol. 29, (no. 12), pp. 1870, 20191200. | Journal Article
Pre-Columbian lead pollution from Native American galena processing and land use in the midcontinental United States
Bird, Broxton WWilson, Jeremy JEscobar, JaimeKamenov, George DPollard, Harvie J and Monaghn, G. William
Geology, vol. 47, (no. 12), pp. 1197, 2019-12-01. | Journal Article
An integrated investigation of lake storage and water level changes in the Paiku Co basin, central Himalayas
Lei, YanbinLei, Y. B.Yao, TandongYao, T. D.Yang, KunYang, K.Bird, Broxton WBird, B. W.Tian, L. D.Tian, LideZhang, XiaowenZhang, X. W.Wang, W. C.Wang, WeicaiXiang, YangXiang, Y.Dai, YufengDai, Y. F.LazhuaLazhuZhou, JingZhou, J.Wang, Lei and Wang, L.
Journal of Hydrology, vol. 562, pp. 608, July 2018. | Journal Article
Fire, vegetation, and Holocene climate in a southeastern Tibetan lake: a multi-biomarker reconstruction from Paru Co
Callegaro, AliceBattistel, DarioKehrwald, NatalieMatsubara Pereira, FelipeKirchgeorg, TorbenVilloslada Hidalgo, MariaBird, Broxton and Barbante, Carlo
Climate of the Past, vol. 14, (no. 10), pp. 1563, 2018-10-23. | Journal Article
Fire, vegetation and Holocene climate in the south-eastern Tibetan Plateau: a multi-biomarker reconstruction from Paru Co
Callegaro, AliceMatsubara Pereira, FelipeBattistel, DarioKehrwald, Natalie MBird, Broxton WKirchgeorg, Torben and Barbante, Carlo
Climate of the Past Discussions, pp. 33, 2018-03-15. | Journal Article
Paleoclimate support for a persistent dry island effect in the Colombian Andes during the last 4700 years
Bird, B.W.Bird, Broxton WBird, Broxton WRudloff, OwenRudloff, OwenRudloff, O.Escobar, J.Escobar, JaimeEscobar, JaimeGilhooly, William PGilhooly, William PGilhooly, W.P.Correa-Metrio, AlexCorrea-Metrio, AlexCorrea-Metrio, A.Vélez, MariaVélez, M.Vélez, MariaPolissar, P.J.Polissar, Pratigya J and Polissar, Pratigya J
The Holocene, vol. 28, (no. 2), pp. 228, 20180200. | Journal Article
Stable isotope compositions (δ2H, δ18O and δ17O) of rainfall and snowfall in the central United States
Tian, ChaoTian, ChaoWang, LixinWang, LixinKaseke, Kudzai FaraiKaseke, Kudzai FaraiBird, Broxton W and Bird, Broxton W
Scientific reports, vol. 8, (no. 1), pp. 15, 2018-Apr-30. | Journal Article
Warm-based basal sediment entrainment and far-field Pleistocene origin evidenced in central Transantarctic blue ice through stable isotopes and internal structures
Journal of Glaciology, vol. 64, (no. 244), pp. 196, 2018-04-00. | Journal Article
Lake seasonality across the Tibetan Plateau and their varying relationship with regional mass changes and local hydrology
Lei, YanbinLei, YanbinYao, TandongYao, TandongYang, KunYang, KunSheng, YongweiSheng, YongweiKleinherenbrink, MarcelKleinherenbrink, MYi, ShuangYi, ShuangBird, Broxton W.Bird, BroxtonZhang, XiaowenZhang, XiaowenZhu, LaZhu, LaZhang, Guoqing and Zhang, Guoqing
Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 44, (no. 2), pp. 900, 2017-01-28. | Journal Article
Late-Holocene Indian summer monsoon variability revealed from a 3300-year-long lake sediment record from Nir’pa Co, southeastern Tibet
Bird, Broxton WBird, Broxton WLei, YanbinLei, YanbinPerello, MelaniePerello, MelaniePolissar, Pratigya JPolissar, Pratigya JYao, TandongYao, TandongFinney, BruceFinney, BruceBain, DanielBain, DanielPompeani, DavidPompeani, DavidThompson, Lonnie G and Thompson, Lonnie G
The Holocene, vol. 27, (no. 4), pp. 552, 20170400. | Journal Article
Midcontinental Native American population dynamics and late Holocene hydroclimate extremes
Bird, Broxton WBird, Broxton WWilson, Jeremy JWilson, Jeremy JGilhooly, III, William PGilhooly, III, William PSteinman, Byron ASteinman, Byron AStamps, Lucas and Stamps, Lucas
Scientific reports, vol. 7, (no. 1), pp. 41628, 2017-01-31. | Journal Article
Corrigendum to “A Tibetan lake sediment record of Holocene Indian summer monsoon variability” [Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 399 (2014) 92–102]
Bird, Broxton WBird, B.W.Polissar, Pratigya JPolissar, P.J.Lei, YanbinLei, Y.Thompson, Lonnie GThompson, L.G.Yao, TandongYao, T.Finney, B.P.Finney, Bruce PBain, D.J.Bain, Daniel JPompeani, David PPompeani, D.P.Steinman, Byron A and Steinman, B.A.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol. 454, pp. 320, 2016-11-15. | Journal Article
A 2540-year record of moisture variations derived from lacustrine sediment (Sasikul Lake) on the Pamir Plateau
Lei, YanbinTian, LideBird, Broxton WHou, JuzhiDing, LinOimahmadov, Ilhomjon and Gadoev, Mustafo
The Holocene, vol. 24, (no. 7), pp. 770, 20140700. | Journal Article
A Tibetan lake sediment record of Holocene Indian summer monsoon variability
Bird, Broxton WBird, B.W.Polisar, Pratigya JPolisar, P.J.Lei, YanbinLei, Y.Thompson, Lonnie GThompson, L.G.Yao, TandongYao, T.Finney, B.P.Finney, Bruce PBain, D.J.Bain, Daniel JPompeani, David PPompeani, D.P.Steinman, Byron A and Steinman, B.A.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol. 399, pp. 102, 2014-08-01. | Journal Article
Ocean‐atmosphere forcing of centennial hydroclimate variability in the Pacific Northwest
Steinman, Byron ASteinman, B.A.Abbott, Mark BAbbott, M.B.Mann, Michael EMann, M.E.Ortiz, Joseph DOrtiz, J.D.Feng, S.Feng, SongPompeani, D.P.Pompeani, David PStansell, N.D.Stansell, Nathan DAnderson, LesleighAnderson, L.Finney, Bruce PFinney, B.P.Bird, Broxton W and Bird, B.W.
Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 41, (no. 7), pp. 2560, 16 April 2014. | Journal Article
Response of inland lake dynamics over the Tibetan Plateau to climate change
Lei, YanbinYang, KunWang, BinSheng, YongweiBird, BroxtonZhang, Guoqing and Tian, Lide
Climatic Change, vol. 125, (no. 2), pp. 281-290, Jul 2014. | Journal Article
Coherent lake growth on the central Tibetan Plateau since the 1970s: Characterization and attribution
Lei, YanbinYao, TandongBird, BroxtonYang, KunZhai, Jianqing and Sheng, Yongwei
Journal of Hydrology (Amsterdam), vol. 483, pp. 61-67, 2013. | Journal Article
A review of the South American monsoon history as recorded in stable isotopic proxies over the past two millennia
Vuille, MathiasBurns, SJTaylor, BLCruz, FWBird, BWAbbott, MbKanner, LisaCheng, H. and Novello, VF
Climate of the Past, vol. 8, (no. 4), pp. 1309-1321, 2012. | Journal Article
A 2,300-year-long annually resolved record of the South American summer monsoon from the Peruvian Andes
Bird, BroxtonAbbott, Mark BVuille, MathiasRodbell, Donald TStansell, Nathan and Rosenmeier, Michael
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 108, (no. 21), May 24, 2011. | Journal Article