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The effects of additive manufacturing technologies and finish line designs on the trueness and dimensional stability of 3D‐printed dies. Journal of Prosthodontics
The effects of manufacturing technologies on the surface accuracy of CAD‐CAM occlusal splints. Journal of Prosthodontics
The Trueness of Scans using One Intraoral Scanner in Different Partially Edentulous Conditions. Journal of Prosthodontics
Translucency parameter and color masking ability of CAD/CAM denture base materials against metal substrates. Journal of Prosthodontics
Effect of hydrogel-based antibiotic intracanal medicaments on crown discoloration
Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics. | Journal Article
Effect of Hydrogel-Based Antibiotic Intracanal Medicaments on Push-Out Bond Strength
Yaghmoor, Rayan BPlatt, Jeffrey ASpolnik, Kenneth JChu, Tien M and Yassen, Ghaeth H
European journal of dentistry, vol. 14, (no. 4), pp. 575-583, Oct 2020. | Journal Article
Internal Fixation Construct and Defect Size Affect Healing of a Translational Porcine Diaphyseal Tibial Segmental Bone Defect
Military medicine, Nov 26, 2020. | Journal Article
A Pyk2 inhibitor incorporated into a PEGDA-gelatin hydrogel promotes osteoblast activity and mineral deposition
Posritong, SumanaPosritong, S.Flores Chavez, R.Flores Chavez, ReginaChu, Tien-Min GabrielChu, T.-M.G.Bruzzaniti, A. and Bruzzaniti, Angela
Biomedical Materials (Bristol), vol. 14. | Journal Article
Scaffold-free bioprinting of mesenchymal stem cells using the Regenova printer: Spheroid characterization and osteogenic differentiation
Aguilar, I.N.Olivos, D.J.Brinker, A.Alvarez, M.B.Smith, L.J.Chu, T.-M.G.Kacena, M.A. and Wagner, D.R.
Bioprinting, vol. 15. | Journal Article
Scaffold-free bioprinting of mesenchymal stem cells with the regenova printer: Optimization of printing parameters
Aguilar, I.N.Smith, L.J.Olivos, D.J.Chu, T.-M.G.Kacena, M.A. and Wagner, D.R.
Bioprinting, vol. 15. | Journal Article
Baseline biomechanical properties of epithelia prior to tissue expansion in dogs
Bowling, JayBowling, JayBowling, J.Davidson, Darrell DDavidson, DarrellDavidson, D.D.Tholpady, SunilTholpady, S.S.Tholpady, Sunil SPark, K.Park, KinamPark, KinamEckert, George JEckert, G.J.Eckert, GeorgeKatona, TerrenceKatona, T.Katona, TerrenceChu, Tien-Min GChu, Tien-MinChu, T.-M.G.Barco, Clark TBarco, C.T. and Barco, Clark
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open, vol. 6. | Journal Article
Bond strength and durability of universal adhesive agents with lithium disilicate ceramics: A shear bond strength study
AlRabiah, M.AlRabiah, M.Labban, N.Labban, N.Levon, J.A.Levon, J.A.Brown, D.T.Brown, D.T.Chu, T.-M.Chu, T.-M.Bottino, M.C.Bottino, M.C.Platt, J.A. and Platt, J.A.
Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, vol. 32, pp. 580-589. | Journal Article
Cohousing male mice with and without segmental bone defects
Rytlewski, J.D.Childress, P.J.Scofield, D.C.Khan, F.Alvarez, M.B.Tucker, A.T.Harris, J.S.Peveler, J.L.Hickman, D.L.Chu, T.-M.G. and Kacena, M.A.
Comparative Medicine, vol. 68, pp. 131-138. | Journal Article
Cohousing male mice with and without segmental bone defects
Rytlewski, J.D.Childress, P.J.Scofield, D.C.Khan, F.Alvarez, M.B.Tucker, A.T.Harris, J.S.Peveler, J.L.Hickman, D.L.Chu, T.-M.G. and Kacena, M.A.
(pp. 131-138)
Development of a step-down method for altering male C57BL/6 mouse housing density and hierarchical structure: Preparations for spaceflight studies
Scofield, David C.Rytlewski, Jeffrey D.Childress, PaulShah, KishanTucker, AamirKhan, FaisalPeveler, JessicaLi, DingMcKinley, Todd O.Chu, Tien-Min G.Hickman, Debra L. and Kacena, Melissa A.
Life Sciences in Space Research, vol. 17, pp. 44–50. | Journal Article
Forces Associated with Launch into Space do not impact Bone Fracture Healing
Childress, PaulChildress, P. J.Brinker, AlexanderBrinker, A.Gong, Cynthia-May SGong, C.M.Harris, JonathanHarris, J.Olivos III, D.J.Olivos, David JRylewski, J.D.Rytlewski, Jeffrey DScofield, David CScofield, D.C.Choi, Sungshin YChoi, S.Y.Shirazi-Fard, YasamanShirazi-Fard, Y.McKinley, T. O.McKinley, Todd OChu, Tien-Min GChu, T. G.Conley, C.L.Conley, Carolynn LChakraborty, N.Chakraborty, NabarunHammamieh, RashaHammammieh, R.Kacena, M. A. and Kacena, Melissa A
Life Sciences in Space Research, pp. 52-62. | Journal Article
Should Live Patient Licensing Examinations in Dentistry Be Discontinued? Two Viewpoints: Viewpoint 1: Alternative Assessment Models Are Not Yet Viable Replacements for Live Patients in Clinical Licensure Exams and Viewpoint 2: Ethical and Patient Care Concerns About Live Patient Exams Require Full Acceptance of Justifiable Alternatives
Chu, T. G.Makhoul, N. M.Silva, D. R.Gonzales, T. S.Letra, A. and Mays, K. A.
J Dent Educ, vol. 82, pp. 246-251. | Journal Article
The effects of fluoride treatment time and concentration on in vitro caries lesion demineralisation and remineralisation
Maarafi, Ali JMaarafi, Ali JMaarafi, Ali JMaarafi, A.J.Maarafi, Ali JHara, Anderson THara, Anderson THara, Anderson THara, A.T.Hara, Anderson TLevon, John ALevon, John ALevon, J.A.Levon, John ALevon, John AChu, Tien-Min GChu, Tien-Min GChu, Tien-Min GChu, Tien-Min GChu, T.-M.G.Eckert, George JEckert, George JEckert, G.J.Eckert, George JEckert, George JLippert, FrankLippert, FrankLippert, FrankLippert, F. and Lippert, Frank
Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry, vol. 16, pp. 557-562. | Journal Article
The science and application of IPS e.Max dental ceramic
Willard, A. and Gabriel Chu, T.-M.
Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences, vol. 34, pp. 238-242. | Journal Article
A fast-degrading thiol-acrylate based hydrogel for cranial regeneration
Emmakah, A. M.Arman, H. E.Bragg, J. C.Greene, T.Alvarez, M. B.Childress, P. J.Goebel, W. S.Kacena, M. A.Lin, C. C. and Chu, T. M.
Biomed Mater, vol. 12, pp. 025011. | Journal Article
FTIR characterization and release of bovine serum albumin from bioactive glasses
Liu, W.-C.Ballenger, B.Algarni, A.Velez, M. and Chu, T.-M.G.
Journal of Applied Biomaterials and Functional Materials, vol. 15, pp. e347-e355. | Journal Article
Megakaryocytes Enhance Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Proliferation and Inhibit Differentiation
Emmakah, A. M.Emmakah, Arbi MEmmakah, Arbi MArman, Hussain EArman, H. E.Arman, Hussain EAlvarez, Marta BAlvarez, M. B.Alvarez, Marta BChildress, Paul JChildress, Paul JChildress, P. J.Bidwell, Joseph PBidwell, Joseph PBidwell, J. P.Goebel, William SGoebel, William SGoebel, W. S.Gabriel Chu, Tien-MinGabriel Chu, Tien-MinGabriel Chu, T. M.Kacena, Melissa AKacena, M. A. and Kacena, Melissa A
J Cell Biochem. | Journal Article
Tetracycline-incorporated polymer nanofibers as a potential dental implant surface modifier
Bottino, Marco CBottino, M.C.Bottino, M. C.Münchow, E.A.Munchow, E. A.Münchow, Eliseu AAlbuquerque, M.T.P.Albuquerque, Maria T PAlbuquerque, M. T. P.Kamocki, KrzysztofKamocki, K.Kamocki, K.Shahi, R.Shahi, RanaShahi, R.Gregory, R. L.Gregory, Richard LGregory, R.L.Chu, T. G.Chu, Tien-Min GChu, T.-M.G.Pankajakshan, DivyaPankajakshan, D. and Pankajakshan, D.
J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater, vol. 105, pp. 2085-2092. | Journal Article
The Effect of Polymerization Methods and Fiber Types on the Mechanical Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Resin-Based Composites
Huang, Nan‐ChiehHuang, N.-C.Huang, N. C.Bottino, Marco CBottino, M.C.Bottino, M. C.Levon, J. A.Levon, John ALevon, J.A.Chu, Tien‐Min GChu, T.-M.G. and Chu, T. G.
J Prosthodont, vol. 26, pp. 230-237. | Journal Article
The properties of inducible membranes in animals and humans
Bethel, MoniqueBethel, M.McDowell, SusanMcDowell, S.Chitteti, BrahmanandaChitteti, B.Cheng, Ying-HuaCheng, Y.-H.Mullis, Brian HMullis, B.H.Ertl, J.P.Ertl, Janos PChu, T.-M.G.Chu, Tien-Min GKacena, Melissa AKacena, M.A.Anglen, Jeffrey O and Anglen, J.O.
International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics, vol. 9, pp. 189-200. | Journal Article