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Neighborhood Disadvantage, Preconception Stressful Life Events, and Infant Birth Weight
Witt, Whitney PPark, HyojunWisk, Lauren ECheng, Erika RMandell, KaraChatterjee, Debanjana and Zarak, Dakota
American journal of public health, vol. 105, (no. 5), pp. 1052, 2015-May. | Journal Article
Predictors of alcohol and tobacco use prior to and during pregnancy in the US: the role of maternal stressors
Witt, Whitney PWitt, W.P.Mandell, Kara CMandell, K.C.Wisk, Lauren EWisk, L.E.Cheng, Erika RCheng, E.R.Chatterjee, DebanjanaChatterjee, D.Wakeel, FathimaWakeel, F.Park, H.Park, HyojunZarak, Dakota and Zarak, D.
Archives of women's mental health, vol. 18, (no. 3), pp. 537, 2015-Jun. | Journal Article
Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Likelihood of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery.
Cheng, Erika RDeclercq, Eugene RBelanoff, CandiceIverson, Ronald E and McCloskey, Lois
Birth (Berkeley, Calif.), vol. 42, (no. 3), pp. 249-253, September 2015. | Journal Article
The role of perceived discrimination during childhood and adolescence in understanding racial and socioeconomic influences on depression in young adulthood.
Cheng, Erika RCohen, Alyssa and Goodman, Elizabeth
The Journal of pediatrics, vol. 166, (no. 2), pp. 370-7.e1, February 2015. | Journal Article
Cognitive delay and behavior problems prior to school age.
Cheng, Erika RPalta, MariKotelchuck, MiltonPoehlmann, Julie and Witt, Whitney P
Pediatrics, vol. 134, (no. 3), pp. e749-57, 2014/Sep. | Journal Article
Cumulative social risk exposure, infant birth weight, and cognitive delay in infancy.
Cheng, Erika RPoehlmann-Tynan, JulieMullahy, John and Witt, Whitney P
Academic pediatrics, vol. 14, (no. 6), pp. 581-588. | Journal Article
Impact of County Disadvantage on Behavior Problems Among US Children With Cognitive Delay
Cheng, ErikaPark, HyojunRobert, StephaniePalta, Mari and Witt, Whitney
American Journal of Public Health, vol. 104, (no. 11), pp. 2114-21, Nov 2014. | Journal Article
Maternal Stressful Life Events Prior to Conception and the Impact on Infant Birth Weight in the United States
Witt, Whitney PWitt, Whitney PWitt, Whitney PWitt, W.P.Cheng, E.R.Cheng, Erika RCheng, Erika RCheng, Erika RWisk, Lauren EWisk, Lauren EWisk, LaurenWisk, L.E.Litzelman, KristinLitzelman, KristinLitzelman, KristinLitzelman, K.Chatterjee, DebanjanaChatterjee, D.Chatterjee, DebanjanaChatterjee, DebanjanaMandell, KaraMandell, KaraMandell, KaraMandell, K.Wakeel, FathimaWakeel, FathimaWakeel, Fathima and Wakeel, F.
American journal of public health, vol. 104 Suppl 1, (no. S1), pp. S89, 2014-Feb. | Journal Article
Measuring Stress Before and During Pregnancy: A Review of Population-Based Studies of Obstetric Outcomes
Witt, Whitney PWitt, WhitneyWitt, WhitneyWitt, Whitney PWitt, W.P.Litzelman, KristinLitzelman, KristinLitzelman, KristinLitzelman, KristinLitzelman, K.Cheng, E.R.Cheng, ErikaCheng, ErikaCheng, Erika RCheng, Erika RWakeel, FathimaWakeel, FathimaWakeel, FathimaWakeel, FathimaWakeel, F.Barker, EmilyBarker, EmilyBarker, Emily SBarker, E.S. and Barker, Emily S
Maternal and Child Health Journal, vol. 18, (no. 1), pp. 63, 20140100. | Journal Article
Preterm birth in the United States: the impact of stressful life events prior to conception and maternal age
Witt, Whitney PCheng, ErikaChatterjee, DebanjanaMandell, KaraWisk, LaurenWakeel, FathimaWitt, WhitneyLitzelman, KristinWitt, Whitney PCheng, Erika RCheng, Erika RWisk, LaurenWisk, Lauren ELitzelman, KristinLitzelman, KristinChatterjee, DebanjanaChatterjee, DebanjanaMandell, KaraMandell, KaraWakeel, Fathima and Wakeel, Fathima
The American Journal of Public Health, vol. 104, (no. 2), pp. 73, 20140201. | Journal Article
Preterm Birth in the United States: The Impact of Stressful Life Events Prior to Conception and Maternal Age
Witt, W.P.Witt, Whitney PWitt, Whitney PCheng, Erika RCheng, E.R.Cheng, Erika RWisk, Lauren EWisk, LaurenWisk, L.E.Litzelman, KristinLitzelman, KristinLitzelman, K.Chatterjee, DebanjanaChatterjee, D.Chatterjee, DebanjanaMandell, KaraMandell, KaraMandell, K.Wakeel, FathimaWakeel, F. and Wakeel, Fathima
American journal of public health, vol. 104 Suppl 1, (no. S1), pp. S80, 2014-Feb. | Journal Article
Even As Mortality Fell In Most US Counties, Female Mortality Nonetheless Rose In 42.8 Percent Of Counties From 1992 To 2006
Kindig, David A and Cheng, Erika R
Health affairs (Project Hope), vol. 32, (no. 3), pp. 458, 2013-Mar. | Journal Article
Disparities in Premature Mortality Between High- and Low-Income US Counties
Cheng, ErikaCheng, Erika RKindig, David A and Kindig, David A
Preventing chronic disease, vol. 9, pp. E75, 2012-00-00. | Journal Article
Does the perception that stress affects health matter? The association with health and mortality
Keller, AbiolaKeller, AbiolaKeller, AbiolaLitzelman, KristinLitzelman, KristinLitzelman, KristinWisk, LaurenWisk, Lauren EWisk, Lauren EMaddox, TorsheikaMaddox, TorsheikaMaddox, TorsheikaCheng, Erika RoseCheng, Erika RCheng, Erika RoseCreswell, Paul DCreswell, Paul DCreswell, Paul DWitt, Whitney PWitt, Whitney P and Witt, Whitney P
Health psychology : official journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association, vol. 31, (no. 5), pp. 684, 2012-Sep. | Journal Article
Preconception Mental Health Predicts Pregnancy Complications and Adverse Birth Outcomes: A National Population-Based Study
Witt, WhitneyWitt, WhitneyWitt, Whitney PWisk, LaurenWisk, LaurenWisk, LaurenCheng, ErikaCheng, Erika RCheng, ErikaHampton, John MHampton, JohnHampton, JohnHagen, Erika WHagen, Erika and Hagen, Erika
Maternal and Child Health Journal, vol. 16, (no. 7), pp. 1541, 20121000. | Journal Article
Poor Prepregnancy and Antepartum Mental Health Predicts Postpartum Mental Health Problems among US Women: A Nationally Representative Population-Based Study
Witt, Whitney PWitt, WhitneyWisk, LaurenWisk, LaurenCheng, Erika RCheng, ErikaHampton, John MHampton, John M., MSCreswell, Paul DCreswell, PaulHagen, ErikaHagen, Erika WSpear, HilarySpear, Hilary AMaddox, TorsheikaMaddox, Torsheika, MSDe Leire, Thomas and DeLeire, Thomas, PhD
Women's Health Issues, vol. 21, (no. 4), pp. 313, 2011. | Journal Article
The prevalence and determinants of antepartum mental health problems among women in the USA: a nationally representative population-based study
Witt, WhitneyWitt, Whitney PDe Leire, ThomasDeLeire, ThomasHagen, ErikaHagen, Erika WWichmann, Margarete AWichmann, MargareteWisk, LaurenWisk, LaurenSpear, Hilary ASpear, HilaryCheng, ErikaCheng, Erika RMaddox, TorsheikaMaddox, TorsheikaHampton, John and Hampton, John
Archives of Women's Mental Health, vol. 13, (no. 5), pp. 437, 20101000. | Journal Article