My current research interests include AAV immune tolerance induction (ITI) therapy for hemophilia A, the more common form of hemophilia, to develop AAV-ITI based therapies to treat autoimmune disease and food allergy, to delve into the mechanism of AAV-ITI, and to develop improved mouse models to study and prevent capsid-specific CD8 T cell elimination of AAV transduced hepatocytes.

I have successfully obtained competitive funding from the NIH, Bayer Hemophilia Awards Program, and Pfizer Aspire Hemophilia Awards to work on optimizing adeno-associated virus liver gene delivery in murine and canine hemophilia B animal disease models, to elucidate the mechanism of tolerance induction with pre-existing immunity, to model and minimize detrimental anti-vector immune responses, to define minimally effective vector doses, and to assess the risks of administering suboptimal vector doses.

Subject Areas:

  • Gene and Cell Therapy
Pediatrics, Pediatrics
PhD, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Gene Therapy, 2007
MSc, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Molecular Biology, 2002
BS, University of California San Diego, Bioengineer and Biomedical Enginer, 1994