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Environmental and Natural Resource Crimes: The Hidden Threat to Public Safety, Natural Resources and the Environment
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Long-term impact of family group conferences on re-offending: the Indianapolis restorative justice experiment
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Overview of: “The Impact of Drug Market Pulling Levers Policing on Neighborhood Violence: An Evaluation of the High Point Drug Market Intervention”
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The Impact of Drug Market Pulling Levers Policing on Neighborhood Violence
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Project Safe Neighborhoods and Violent Crime Trends in US Cities: Assessing Violent Crime Impact
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Comparing police- and civilian-run family group conferences
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Family Group Conferencing and Re-Offending Among First-Time Juvenile Offenders: The Indianapolis Experiment
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The Roles of the Police in the Offender Reentry Process
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Community Meetings as a Tool in Inmate Reentry
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Racism 102: The classroom
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Journal of Black Psychology, vol. 23, pp. 378-387. | Journal Article