Research interests:

  • Stable isotopes in sedimentary environments (past and present) and their application to sedimentary ore deposits
  • The fate of metals in the environment, and in the development of tropical soils
  • Low temperature hydrothermal rock-water interactions at oceanic spreading ridges
  • The influences and interactions with microbial activity and microbial byproducts with these rock-water interactions

Recent research projects:

  • Analysis of copiapite samples from Devonian black shale outcrops.
  • Sulfur Isotopic Budget of the Yaxcopoil-1 Core, Chicxulub Impact Crater and modeling of the sulfur isotopic fractionation at the K/T boundary
  • Depositional environments, sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Santa Rosa Group, E–M Permian, Belize
  • Effective determination of the critical components for Pb–Zn mineralization: Insights from the Santa Rosa Group, Belize, Central America
  • Carbon-Sulfur relationships in the Manus Basin, Sites 1188 and 1189, ODP Leg 193, Papua New Guinea


  • Geochemistry; Paleoclimate; Sedimentology; Stable isotopes

Research Area:

  • Environmental Scienc

Research Interests:

  • stable isotopes in sedimentary environments and ore deposits; metals in the environment; tropical soils; low temperature hydrothermal rockwater interactions; microbial activity
PhD, University of Cincinnati, 1998
MS, Wright State University, 1994