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International Education at the Crossroads
Cohn, Deborah NKahn, Hilary EMcRobbie, Michael AColeman, Mary SColeman, KennethO'Meara, PatrickHelms, Robin MJones, Elspethde Wit, Hans and Egron-Polak, Eva
Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 2021. | Book
Framing the Global Special Issue
Kahn, HilaryGille, Zsuzsa and Larson, Jonathon
New Global Studies, (no. 14 (3)), 2020. | Journal Article
Global Teaching and Learning: A 2020 Perspective
Kahn, Hilary
International Educator, (no. December), 2020. | Journal Article
International Education at the Coronavirus Crossroads
Kahn, Hilary and Cohn, Deb
Global-E, vol. 13(35), 2020. | Journal Article
Un-Framing and Re-Framing the Global: An Introduction
Kahn, Hilary EKahn, Hilary EGille, Zsuzsa and Gille, Zsuzsa
New global studies, vol. 14, (no. 3), pp. 221-236, Dec 2, 2020. | Journal Article
Coming to Terms: A Case for Transformative Global Research
Kahn, Hilary
The Forum, (no. Winter), pp. 6-8, 2019. | Journal Article
Ethics, culture, and pedagogical practices in the global context
Perry, Joshua EPerry, Joshua E and Kahn, Hilary E
Business Horizons, vol. 61, (no. 6), pp. 812, November-December 2018. | Journal Article
Laying Yourself Bare: Ethnographic Vulnerabilities in Global Classrooms
Kahn, Hilary
Peer Review, vol. 20(1), pp. 13-15, 2018. | Journal Article
On Islam: Muslims and the Media
Pennington, Rosemary and Kahn, Hilary E
Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press. 2018. | Book
Special Issue on Culture, Ethics, Pedagogy, and International Business
Kahn, Hilary and Perry, Joshua
Business Horizons, vol. 61 (6), 2018. | Journal Article
Vulnerabilities in Global Classrooms
Kahn, Hilary
Peer Review, vol. 20, (no. 1), pp. 15, 20180101. | Journal Article
Global Learning Through Difference: Considerations for Teaching, Learning, and the Internationalization of Higher Education
Kahn, Hilary E and Agnew, Melanie
Journal of studies in international education, vol. 21, (no. 1), pp. 52-64, 2017. | Journal Article
Scales of Global Learning: Prisms, Knots, and a Cup of Coffee
Kahn, Hilary
International Educator, vol. 25, (no. 1), pp. 52, 20160101. | Journal Article
Internationalization at Home
Kahn, Hilary and Agnew, Melanie
Metropolitan Universities, vol. 25(3), pp. 31-46, 2015. | Journal Article
The Birthday Suit: A Lesson for Global Learning
Kahn, Hilary
International Educator, vol. 24, (no. 6), pp. 46, 20151101. | Journal Article
Framing the Global: Entry Points for Research
Kahn, Hilary
Indiana University Press. 2014. | Book
Seeing beyond territorialized nests of meaning: Extending our senses of responsibility
Kahn, Hilary
Building a Shared Future: Religion, Politics and the Public Sphere, pp. 26-27, 2012. | Journal Article
Overcoming the Challenges of International Service Learning: A Visual Approach to Sharing Authority, Community Development, and Global Learning
Kahn, Hilary
International Service Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Research, pp. 113-124, 2010. | Journal Article
Kahn, Hilary
Practicing Anthropology, vol. 32, (no. 3), pp. 48, 20100701. | Journal Article
Use of Online Technologies in an International, Multidisciplinary, Service-Learning Experience
Kahn, Hilary and Dailey-Heber, Amber
Service-ELearning: Educating for Citizenship, pp. 95-105, 2008. | Journal Article
Scholarly Surrealism
Hervik, Peter and Kahn, Hilary E
Critique of Anthropology, vol. 26, (no. 2), pp. 232, 20060600. | Journal Article
Seeing and Being Seen: The Q’eqchi’ Maya of Livingston, Guatemala and Beyond
Kahn, Hilary E
Austin: University of Texas Press. 2006. | Book
Mayan visions from within and beyond
Social Anthropology, vol. 12, (no. 2), pp. 233, June 2004. | Journal Article
Put your customers in the driving seat: behind every great customer is a great salesperson. The key to sales in advice-driven stores is to do whatever is necessary to put the customer in control, advises Hilary Kahn, retail consultant at consultancy Frontline Strategies in Australia. (Global Talk)
Kahn, Hilary
In Store Marketing, pp. 15, 20030501. | Journal Article
Traversing the Q’eqchi’ Imaginary: The Conjecture of Crime in Livingston, Guatemala
Kahn, HilaryKane, Stephanie and Parnell, Phillip
Crime’s Power: Anthropologists and the Ethnography of Crime, pp. 33-54, 2003. | Journal Article