• Anatomical and neuroanatomical correlates of function and/or behavior – fMRI/brain activation patterns during bruxing, masticatory biomechanics; neurophysiology of mastication; function/dysfunction of temporomandibular joint; interaction between central pattern generators in CNS and morphology of the craniofacial complex; neurotransmitter stimulation and inhibition of brainstem motoneurons and their morphological sequelae in the craniofacial complex
Human Anatomy, Cell Biology
PhD, University of Washington, Physical Anthropology, 1979
BS, Arizona State University, Anthropology, 1973
musculoskeletal system nervous system magnetic resonance imaging neuroimaging biomechanics electrophysiology neurophysiology birth or congenital defects craniofacial disorders muscle disorders drug delivery systems implants neural stimulation disease model methods of drug delivery neurotransmitters electromyography anatomy morphogenesis