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Transitional B cell cytokines predict renal allograft outcomes.
Cherukuri, AravindCherukuri, AravindCherukuri, AravindCherukuri, AravindSalama, Alan DSalama, Alan DSalama, Alan DSalama, Alan DMehta, RajilMehta, RajilMehta, RajilMehta, RajilMohib, KanishkaMohib, KanishkaMohib, KanishkaMohib, KanishkaZheng, LetingZheng, LetingZheng, LetingZheng, LetingMagee, CiaraMagee, CiaraMagee, CiaraMagee, CiaraHarber, MarkHarber, MarkHarber, MarkHarber, MarkStauss, HansStauss, HansStauss, HansStauss, HansBaker, Richard JBaker, Richard JBaker, Richard JBaker, Richard JTevar, AmitTevar, AmitTevar, AmitTevar, AmitLandsittel, DouglasLandsittel, DouglasLandsittel, DouglasLandsittel, DouglasLakkis, Fadi GLakkis, Fadi GLakkis, Fadi GLakkis, Fadi GHariharan, SundaramHariharan, SundaramHariharan, SundaramHariharan, SundaramRothstein, David MRothstein, David MRothstein, David M and Rothstein, David M
Science translational medicine, vol. 13, (no. 582), February 24, 2021. | Journal Article
A Narrative Review of Methods for Causal Inference and Associated Educational Resources.
Landsittel, DouglasSrivastava, Avantika and Kropf, Kristin
Quality management in health care, vol. 29, (no. 4), pp. 260-269. | Journal Article
Coordinated Circulating T Follicular Helper and Activated B Cell Responses Underlie the Onset of Antibody-Mediated Rejection in Kidney Transplantation.
Louis, KevinLouis, KevinLouis, KevinLouis, KevinMacedo, CamilaMacedo, CamilaMacedo, CamilaMacedo, CamilaBailly, ElodieBailly, ElodieBailly, ElodieBailly, ElodieLau, LouisLau, LouisLau, LouisLau, LouisRamaswami, BalaRamaswami, BalaRamaswami, BalaRamaswami, BalaMarrari, MarilynMarrari, MarilynMarrari, MarilynMarrari, MarilynLandsittel, DouglasLandsittel, DouglasLandsittel, DouglasLandsittel, DouglasChang, AlexanderChang, AlexanderChang, AlexanderChang, AlexanderChandran, UmaChandran, UmaChandran, UmaChandran, UmaFadakar, PaulFadakar, PaulFadakar, PaulFadakar, PaulYamada, MasakiYamada, MasakiYamada, MasakiYamada, MasakiChalasani, GeethaChalasani, GeethaChalasani, GeethaChalasani, GeethaRandhawa, ParmjeetRandhawa, ParmjeetRandhawa, ParmjeetRandhawa, ParmjeetZeevi, AdrianaZeevi, AdrianaZeevi, AdrianaZeevi, AdrianaSingh, HarinderSingh, HarinderSingh, HarinderSingh, HarinderLefaucheur, CarmenLefaucheur, CarmenLefaucheur, CarmenLefaucheur, CarmenMetes, DianaMetes, DianaMetes, Diana and Metes, Diana
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : JASN, vol. 31, (no. 10), pp. 2457-2474, October 2020. | Journal Article
Frailty as Tested by Gait Speed Is a Risk Factor for Liver Transplant Respiratory Complications
Salim, Tariq INestlerode, Leah CLucatorto, Erin LWasserman, Tamara LDin, Hassieb ALandsittel, Douglas PTevar, Amit DJohnson, Jonas TDuarte-Rojo, Andres and Dunn, Michael A
The American Journal of Gastroenterology, vol. 115, (no. 6), pp. 859-866, Jun 2020. | Journal Article
The value of genotypic and imaging information to predict functional and structural outcomes in ADPKD.
Lavu, SravanthiLavu, SravanthiVaughan, Lisa EVaughan, Lisa ESenum, Sarah RSenum, Sarah RKline, Timothy LKline, Timothy LChapman, Arlene BChapman, Arlene BPerrone, Ronald DPerrone, Ronald DMrug, MichalMrug, MichalBraun, William EBraun, William ESteinman, Theodore ISteinman, Theodore IRahbari-Oskoui, Frederic FRahbari-Oskoui, Frederic FBrosnahan, Godela MBrosnahan, Godela MBae, Kyongtae TBae, Kyongtae TLandsittel, DouglasLandsittel, DouglasChebib, Fouad TChebib, Fouad TYu, Alan SlYu, Alan SlTorres, Vicente ETorres, Vicente EHarris, Peter C and Harris, Peter C
JCI insight, vol. 5, (no. 15), August 6, 2020. | Journal Article
Baseline total kidney volume and the rate of kidney growth are associated with chronic kidney disease progression in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease
Yu, Alan SYu, Alan SShen, ChengliShen, ChengliLandsittel, Douglas PLandsittel, Douglas PHarris, Peter CHarris, Peter CTorres, Vicente ETorres, Vicente EMrug, MichalMrug, MichalBae, Kyongtae TBae, Kyongtae TGrantham, Jared JGrantham, Jared JRahbari-Oskoui, Frederic FRahbari-Oskoui, Frederic FFlessner, Michael FFlessner, Michael FBennett, William MBennett, William MChapman, Arlene B and Chapman, Arlene B
Kidney International, vol. 93, (no. 3), pp. 691-699, Mar 2018. | Journal Article
Outcomes of Adult Intestinal Transplant Recipients Requiring Dialysis and Renal Transplantation.
Puttarajappa, Chethan MPuttarajappa, Chethan MHariharan, SundaramHariharan, SundaramHumar, AbhinavHumar, AbhinavPaliwal, YuvikaPaliwal, YuvikaGao, XiaotianGao, XiaotianCruz, Ruy JCruz, Ruy JGanoza, Armando JGanoza, Armando JLandsittel, DouglasLandsittel, DouglasBhattarai, ManojBhattarai, ManojSogawa, Hiroshi and Sogawa, Hiroshi
Transplantation direct, vol. 4, (no. 8), pp. e377, August 2018. | Journal Article
Teammate Familiarity, Teamwork, and Risk of Workplace Injury in Emergency Medical Services Teams
Hughes, Ashley MHughes, Ashley MHughes, Ashley MHughes, Ashley MPatterson, P DPatterson, P DPatterson, P DPatterson, P DanielWeaver, Matthew DWeaver, Matthew DWeaver, Matthew DWeaver, Matthew DGregory, Megan EGregory, Megan EGregory, Megan EGregory, Megan ESonesh, Shirley CSonesh, Shirley CSonesh, Shirley CSonesh, Shirley CLandsittel, Douglas PLandsittel, Douglas PLandsittel, Douglas PLandsittel, Douglas PKrackhardt, DavidKrackhardt, DavidKrackhardt, DavidKrackhardt, DavidHostler, DavidHostler, DavidHostler, DavidHostler, DavidLazzara, Elizabeth HLazzara, Elizabeth HLazzara, Elizabeth HLazzara, Elizabeth HWang, XiaoWang, XiaoWang, XiaoWang, XiaoVena, John EVena, John EVena, John EVena, John ESalas, EduardoSalas, EduardoSalas, EduardoSalas, EduardoYealy, Donald MYealy, Donald MYealy, Donald M and Yealy, Donald M
Journal of Emergency Nursing, vol. 43, (no. 4), pp. 339-346, Jul 1, 2017. | Journal Article
Frailty as Tested by Gait Speed is an Independent Risk Factor for Cirrhosis Complications that Require Hospitalization
Dunn, Michael ADunn, Michael AJosbeno, Deborah AJosbeno, Deborah ATevar, Amit DTevar, Amit DRachakonda, VikrantRachakonda, VikrantGanesh, Swaytha RGanesh, Swaytha RSchmotzer, Amy RSchmotzer, Amy RKallenborn, Elizabeth AKallenborn, Elizabeth ABehari, JaideepBehari, JaideepLandsittel, Douglas PLandsittel, Douglas PDimartini, Andrea FDimartini, Andrea FDelitto, Anthony and Delitto, Anthony
The American Journal of Gastroenterology, vol. 111, (no. 12), pp. 1768-1775, Dec 2016. | Journal Article
Kidney Transplant Outcomes After Primary, Repeat and Kidney After Nonrenal Solid Organ Transplantation: A Single-Center Experience.
Sood, PuneetGao, XiaotianMehta, RajilLandsittel, DouglasWu, ChristineNusrat, RabeeyaPuttarajappa, ChethanTevar, Amit D and Hariharan, Sundaram
Transplantation direct, vol. 2, (no. 6), pp. e75, June 2016. | Journal Article
Performance characteristics of endoscopic ultrasound in the staging of pancreatic cancer: a meta-analysis.
Nawaz, HaqNawaz, HaqNawaz, HaqFan, Chen YiFan, Chen YFan, Chen YiKloke, JohnKloke, JohnKloke, JohnKhalid, AsifKhalid, AsifKhalid, AsifMc Grath, KevinMcGrath, KevinMcGrath, KevinLandsittel, DouglasLandsittel, DouglasLandsittel, DouglasPapachristou, Georgios IPapachristou, Georgios I and Papachristou, Georgios
JOP : Journal of the pancreas, vol. 14, (no. 5), pp. 484-497, September 10, 2013. | Journal Article
Smoking is bad for babies: obstetric care providers' use of best practice smoking cessation counseling techniques.
Chang, Judy CChang, Judy CChang Alexander, StewartAlexander, Stewart CHolland, Cynthia LHolland, Cynthia LArnold, Robert MArnold, Robert MLandsittel, DouglasLandsittel, DouglasTulsky, James ATulsky, James APollak, Kathryn I and Pollak, Kathryn I
American journal of health promotion : AJHP, vol. 27, (no. 3), pp. 170-176. | Journal Article
Kidney volume and functional outcomes in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.
Chapman, Arlene BChapman, Arlene BBost, James EBost, James ETorres, Vicente ETorres, Vicente EGuay-Woodford, LisaGuay-Woodford, LisaBae, Kyongtae TyBae, Kyongtae TLandsittel, DouglasLandsittel, DouglasLi, JieLi, JieKing, Bernard FKing, Bernard FMartin, DiegoMartin, DiegoWetzel, Louis HWetzel, Louis HLockhart, Mark ELockhart, Mark EHarris, Peter CHarris, Peter CMoxey-Mims, MarvaMoxey-Mims, MarvaFlessner, MikeFlessner, MikeBennett, William MBennett, William MGrantham, Jared and Grantham, Jared J
Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology : CJASN, vol. 7, (no. 3), pp. 479-486, March 2012. | Journal Article
Recalcitrance of bacterial vaginosis among herpes-simplex-virus-type-2-seropositive women.
Stoner, Kevin AStoner, Kevin AReighard, Seth DReighard, Seth DVicetti Miguel, Rodolfo DVicetti Miguel, Rodolfo DLandsittel, DouglasLandsittel, DouglasCosentino, Lisa ACosentino, Lisa AKant, Jeffrey AKant, Jeffrey ACherpes, Thomas and Cherpes, Thomas L
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A simulation study of statistical modeling with neural networks (Dissertation)
Landsittel, Douglas P (1997).