Consumer buying behavior, Interventions to increase healthy behavior, Marketing of medical products and services, Marketing research .

1. Promotion and Persuasive Communication in Consumer Health Messages

Effects of Message Framing on Persuasion in Consumer Health Messages

Communicating Risk in Consumer Health Messages

Repetition of Promotional Messages (Mere Exposure Phenomenon)

The Role of Mood and Emotion in Customer Persuasion

How Customers' Liking of a Promotional Message (e.g., an Advertisement or Sales Presentation) Affects Product Attitudes

2. Understanding the Dimensions of Product Aesthetic Design

Marketing, Business
PhD, University of Houston, Marketing, 1984
MBA, University of Houston, Marketing, 1979
MA, University of Missouri, Microbiology, 1973
BA, University of Missouri, Microbiology, 1971
American Academy of Advertising
American Marketing Association
Association for Consumer Research
Society for Consumer Psychology