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Both orexin receptors are expressed in rat ovaries and fluctuate with the estrous cycle: Effects of orexin receptor antagonists on gonadotropins and ovulation
Silveyra, P.Lux-Lantos, V. and Libertun, C.
American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism, vol. 293. | Journal Article
Impact of proestrous milieu on expression of orexin receptors and preproorexin in rat hypothalamus and hypophysis: Actions of Cetrorelix and Nembutal
Silveyra, P.Catalano, P.N.Lux-Lantos, V. and Libertun, C.
American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism, vol. 292. | Journal Article
Expression of orexin receptors 1 (OX1) and 2 (OX2) in hypothalamus and adenohypophysis in cycling female and male rats
Libertun, CarlosSilveyra, PatriciaCatalano, Paolo N. and Lux-Lantos, Victoria
Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology, vol. 27, pp. 97–98. | Journal Article
GABAB1 knockout mice reveal alterations in prolactin levels, gonadotropic axis, and reproductive function
Catalano, PNCatalano, P.N.Bonaventura, M.M.Bonaventura, MMSilveyra, P.Silveyra, P.Bettler, BernhardBettler, B.Libertun, C.Libertun, C.Lux-Lantos, V.A. and Lux-Lantos, VA
Neuroendocrinology, vol. 82, pp. 294-305. | Journal Article
Effect of androgens on sexual differentiation of pituitary gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit GABAB expression
Bianchi, María SBianchi, M.S.Catalano, Paolo NCatalano, P.N.Bonaventura, María MBonaventura, M.M.Silveyra, PatriciaSilveyra, P.Bettler, B.Bettler, BernhardLibertun, CarlosLibertun, C.Lux-Lantos, Victoria A and Lux-Lantos, V.A.R.
Neuroendocrinology, vol. 80, pp. 129-142. | Journal Article
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Air pollution and Women’s lung health
Silveyra, Patricia
Biomarkers for pediatric inflammatory lung disease
Silveyra, Patricia
Pneumonia and the environment
Silveyra, Patricia
Sex hormones and lung development
Silveyra, Patricia