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Men’s masculinity contingency and social anxiety symptomology in higher education: The moderating role of depressive symptoms.
Psychology of Men & Masculinities. | Journal Article
Psychology of men and masculinities: The journal of big ideas.
Psychology of Men & Masculinities. | Journal Article
Toward an integrative psychology of masculinities.
Psychology of Men & Masculinities. | Journal Article
“Please forgive me:” Asian and Pacific Islander Americans’ suicide notes.
Asian American Journal of Psychology. | Journal Article
The intersectional prototypicality model: Understanding the discriminatory experiences of Asian American women and men.
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Female Video Game Players and the Protective Effect of Feminist Identity Against Internalized Misogyny
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Racial/ethnic and gender differences in the antecedents of youth suicide.
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Self-Persuasion: An Experimental Evaluation of a Sexual Aggression Preventive Intervention for U.S. College Men
Wong, Y. JoelMcDermott, Ryon C.Zounlome, Nelson O. O.Klann, Elyssa M. and Peterson, Zoë D.
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The assessment of subjective masculine norms in the United States.
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Psychology of Men & Masculinities, vol. 21, pp. 545–557. | Journal Article
Addressing male-targeted university sexual aggression: An experimental evaluation of a social norms approach
Zounlome, Nelson O. O and Wong, Y. Joel
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Attitude of Gratitude: Exploring the Implementation of a Gratitude Intervention with College Athletes
Gabana, Nicole TGabana, Nicole TGabana, Nicole TSteinfeldt, JesseSteinfeldt, JesseSteinfeldt, JesseWong, Y. JoelWong, Y. JoelWong, Y JoelChung, Y. BarryChung, Y BarryChung, Y. BarrySvetina, DubravkaSvetina, Dubravka and Svetina, Dubravka
Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, vol. 31, (no. 3), pp. 284, 7/3/2019. | Journal Article
I Believe in You! Measuring the experience of encouragement using the academic encouragement scale
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Asian Pacific Islander Americans’ and White Americans’ suicide methods
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Discursive Psychology: Implications for Counseling Psychology
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The Dynamic Paradigm of Ethnic Culture: Variations Across Context, Time, and Meaning
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What makes a meaningful life? Examining the effects of interpersonal harmony, dialectical coping, and nonattachment
Wang, Shu‐YiWong, Y. JoelYeh, Kuang‐Hui and Wang, Lei
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Circumstances preceding the suicide of Asian Pacific Islander Americans and White Americans
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Cognitive correlates of gratitude among prison inmates
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Exploring the positive experiences of heterosexual fathers who parent gay sons: A phenomenological approach
Horn, Angela J and Wong, Y. Joel
Psychology of Men & Masculinity, vol. 18, (no. 4), pp. 279, 2017-10-00. | Journal Article
Gratitude, Burnout, and Sport Satisfaction Among College Student-Athletes: The Mediating Role of Perceived Social Support
Gabana, Nicole TGabana, Nicole TSteinfeldt, Jesse ASteinfeldt, Jesse AWong, Y. JoelWong, Y. JoelChung, Y. Barry and Chung, Y. Barry
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Manly to the core: Measuring men's implicit masculine self-concept via the Semantic Misattribution Procedure
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Does gratitude writing improve the mental health of psychotherapy clients? Evidence from a randomized controlled trial.
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Drive for muscularity in Asian American men: Sociocultural and racial/ethnic factors as correlates
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Relationship Harmony, Dialectical Coping, and Nonattachment
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Subjective masculine norms among university students in Singapore: A mixed-methods study
Wong, Y. JoelRingo Ho, Moon-HoWang, Shu-Yi and Fisher, Adam R
Psychology of Men & Masculinity, vol. 17, (no. 1), pp. 41, 2016-01-00. | Journal Article