• 20th-Century Spanish Literature, Film, and Culture
  • García Lorca Studies
  • Spanish Cultural Production of 20s, 30s and Post-War Diaspora
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Memory Studies
  • Historical Avant-Garde
  • Editorial/Textual Theory, Scholarly Editions

My main area of research is 20th-century Spanish literature and culture, focusing specifically on four areas: Garca Lorca studies, textual scholarship and editorial theory, gender and sexuality studies, and memory studies.

My first book is a major reconstruction, literary-critical study, and experimental critical edition of Lorca's posthumous poetic collection, Suites; my editorial work on Suites was also included in three important U.S. editions of Lorca.

My current book project, Deconstructing Lorca explores the degree to which Spains transition (broadly defined, 1975-1992) shaped the invention of Lorca as cultural icon and of his artistic corpus, and, in turn, the ways in which these recent productions of Lorca have mediated cultural, social, political and economic processes in Spain's transition


  • Film
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Literature
  • Spain
European Studies, Portuguese, Spanish
PhD, University of Michigan, 2000
MA, University of Michigan, 1994
BA, Kalamazoo College, 1990