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M1293 Central Administration of Orexin-A Changes Basal Motor Pattern From the Interdigestive to the Postprandial, via a Vagal Cholinergic Pathway in Conscious Rats
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Does Every Question Deserve a Randomized Controlled Trial?: Comment on “Endolaparoscopic Approach vs Conventional Open Surgery in the Treatment of Obstructing Left-Sided Colon Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial”
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Donald Davidson: Essays on Actions and Events
Ludwig, Kirk
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Fodor’s Challenge to the Classical Computational Theory of Mind
Ludwig, Kirk and SCHNEIDER, SUSAN
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M1674 Time Course of Gastric Emptying, Plasma Ghrelin Levels and Autonomic Nerves Function in the Chronic Stage of Diabetes in Rats
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Semantics for Nondeclaratives
Boisvert, Daniel and Ludwig, Kirk
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Collective Intentional Behavior from the Standpoint of Semantics*
Ludwig, Kirk A
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Complete pathological response to bevacizumab and chemoradiation in advanced rectal cancer
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Donald Davidson’s Truth-Theoretic Semantics
Lepore, Ernest and Ludwig, Kirk
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Foundations of Social Reality in Collective Intentional Behavior
Ludwig, Kirk
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Radical Misinterpretation: A Reply to Stoutland
Lepore, Ernie and Ludwig, Kirk
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The Argument from Normative Autonomy for Collective Agents
Ludwig, Kirk
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The Concept of Truth and the Semantics of the Truth Predicate
Badici, Emil and Ludwig, Kirk A
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The Epistemology of Thought Experiments: First Person versus Third Person Approaches
Ludwig, Kirk
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Critical Notices
Ludwig, Kirk
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, vol. 72, (no. 2), pp. 494, March 2006. | Journal Article
Donald Davidson: Essays on actions and events
Ludwig, K.
Donald Davidson: Essays on actions and events
Ludwig, K.
(pp. 146-165)
Ontology in the Theory of Meaning
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Donald Davidson
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Prevention of Postoperative Abdominal Adhesions by a Novel, Glycerol/Sodium Hyaluronate/Carboxymethylcellulose-Based Bioresorbable Membrane: A Prospective, Randomized, Evaluator-Blinded Multicenter Study
Cohen, ZaneCohen, ZaneSenagore, Anthony JSenagore, Anthony JDayton, Merril TDayton, Merril TKoruda, Mark JKoruda, Mark JBeck, David EBeck, David EWolff, Bruce GWolff, Bruce GFleshner, Phillip RFleshner, Phillip RThirlby, Richard CThirlby, Richard CLudwig, Kirk ALudwig, Kirk ALarach, Sergio WLarach, Sergio WWeiss, Eric GWeiss, Eric GBauer, Joel JBauer, Joel JHolmdahl, Lena and Holmdahl, Lena
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Davidson's objection to Horwich's minimalism about truth
Ludwig, Kirk A
Journal of Philosophy, vol. 101, (no. 8), pp. 429-437, Aug 2004. | Journal Article
Davidson’s objection to Horwich’s minimalism about truth
Ludwig, K.
(pp. 429-437)
Davidson s Objection to Horwich s Minimalism about Truth
. | Journal Article