22 Publications
Science Interests in Preschool Boys and Girls: Relations to Later Self-Concept and Science Achievement
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Homophily among Peer Groups Members' Perceived Self-Regulated Learning
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Children's Early Interest-Based Activities in the Home and Subsequent Information Contributions and Pursuits in Kindergarten
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The Development of Conceptual Interests in Young Children
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Constructing Domain-Specific Knowledge in Kindergarten: Relations among Knowledge, Intelligence, and Strategic Performance
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Learning Within Scripted and Nonscripted Peer-Tutoring Sessions: The Malaysian Context
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Parenting Behaviors Associated with the Maintenance of Preschoolers' Interests: A Prospective Longitudinal Study
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Factors Associated with the Early Emergence of Intense Interests within Conceptual Domains
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Knowledge is not everything: analysis of children's performance on a haptic comparison task.
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Journal of experimental child psychology, vol. 82, (no. 4), pp. 341-66, 2002/Aug. | Journal Article
Concepts of Mental Activities and Verbs in Children of High and Average Verbal Intelligence.
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The Benefits of Peer Collaboration on Strategy Use, Metacognitive Causal Attribution, and Recall.
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Where gifted children do and do not excel on metacognitive tasks
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Metacognition and mathematics strategy use
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Strategy Regulation: The Role of Intelligence, Metacognitive Attributions, and Knowledge Base.
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The Organization of Mental Verbs and Folk Theories of Knowing
Schwanenflugel, Paula JSchwanenflugel, PaulaFabricius, William VFabricius, WilliamNoyes, Caroline RNoyes, CarolineBigler, KelleighBigler, Kelleigh DAlexander, Joyce M and Alexander, Joyce
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Strategy transfer: Metacognitive, knowledge base or intelligence explanation (Dissertation)
Alexander, Joyce M (1992).
Priorities and preferences in conflict resolution
Alexander, Joyce M
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A study of conflict in Northern Ireland
Alexander, Joyce M
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A Study of Conflict in Northern Ireland: An Application of Metagame Theory
Alexander, Joyce
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