My research agenda has been primarily focused on how learners use metacognitive knowledge in learning situations. Metacognitive knowledge is assumed to play a role in optimal performance on a cognitive task. Learners should take what they know about their abilities, about different strategies, and the situation, and make decisions about strategy use and effort allocation. The specific objectives for my research have been centered around the following three questions:

  • What do learners know about mental activities and how do they choose to organize that information?
  • How does metacognitive sophistication interact with individual differences in domain knowledge level and intelligence to impact strategy use and a learner's ability to remember in a given situation?
  • How can we use the information we know about what affects strategy use to develop effective ways to teach strategies in the classroom?

Cognitive strategy development. Development of Child Interests, Metacognition, Strategy Use, Motivation, Development of Expertise in Children.

Cognitive Science
PhD, University of Georgia, Educational Psychology, 1992
MS, University of Georgia, Educational Psychology, 1990
BS, Texas Wesleyan University, Psychology, 1987