In addition to her astronomical research, Professor Pilachowski has been active in the areas of astronomical instrumentation, large telescope design and construction, electronic publications, women in science, and astronomy education.

Areas of expertise:

  • Stellar Chemical Abundances
  • Exoplanets and their Stellar Hosts

Prof. Pilachowski also participated in a study of the young star RZ Piscium, a star surrounded by a disk of material left over from its formation.

Pilachowski's Projects 

  • Stellar Compositions
  • Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis
  • The Origin of the Elements in the Milky Way
  • Stellar Seismology

Research Interests

  • Stellar compositions, stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis, the origin of the elements in the milky way, stellar seismology.
Astronomy, Astronomy
PhD, University of Hawaii, Astronomy, 1975
MS, University of Hawaii, Astronomy, 1973
BS, Harvey Mudd College, Physics, 1971
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