Alex Jahn’s research investigates how ecosystems in Indiana and beyond are changing as a result of climate change and urbanization, with implications for human health, food security, and broader environmental resilience. He focuses primarily on bird migration.

Jahn’s research at Indiana University will focus on migratory patterns of the American robin, which is common throughout much of North America. An interesting feature of this bird’s migration is that while some Indiana robins fly south for the winter, other robins remain in the state year-round—in fact, an individual bird might migrate one year and stay put the next.

Research Interests:

  • Migration patterns: through the lens of bird migratory patterns, Jahn investigates how ecosystems are changing because of environmental change and what that means for human health, food security, and environmental resilience
Past Affiliations

School of Natural Resources and Environment, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Florida (past)

PhD, University of Florida, Interdisciplinary Ecology, 2009
MS, University of Arkansas, Biology, 2000
BS, Lake Superior State University, Fisheries and Wildlife Management, 1996