Prof. Zhu's research program is in the area of applied computational mathematics with biological applications. He is interested in numerical methods for and computer simulations of fundamental mechanical and/or biological processes which involve incompressible viscous fluids and elastic deformable boundaries. There are two major components of his research program: development of numerical methods for fluid-flexible-structure-interaction problems including extension/improvement of the immersed boundary (IB) method, and applications of these methods to problems in life science/ biomedical engineering.

Currently Prof. Zhu is working on 1) developing a 3D IB method using the lattice Boltzmann approach for turbulent biological flows with application; 2) modeling and simulation of blood flows in arteries with disease such as atherosclerosis.

PhD, New York University, Applied Mathematics, 2001
MS, Beijing Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, China, Fluid Dynamics, 1992
BS, Zhejiang University, Mechanics, 1989
computational fluid dynamics mathematics fluid flow
Chinese, Mandarin, English
American Physical Society