I am intrigued by questions such as: "Why is there mass?" and "Why do the four fundamental forces in nature appear to be different?" Finding answers to these questions will certainly involve a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of electro-weak symmetry breaking. So it is in this area that my research interests lie. I have probed this phenomenon using a variety of tools - the tau-lepton, the b-quark, searches for new physics - and at a variety of particle accelerators - LEP, the Tevatron, LHC. I am currently a member of the large, international ATLAS collaboration at CERN near Geneva. We keenly anticipate making breakthroughs in our knowledge of electro-weak symmetry breaking in the years to come using this energy-frontier accelerator.

As an experimentalist, I am also fascinated by the devices we build to make our measurements. In particular, I am involved in several projects developing high-speed electronics to aid in the collection of the unprecedented amounts of data we will accumulate in the near future.

Research interests

  • Elementary particle physics (experimental)
Past Affiliations

Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Division of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University (past)

Associate Professor, Department of Physics, College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington

PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, Physics, 1991
MS, University of California, Los Angeles, Physics, 1988
BS, Yale University, Physics, 1986