Current research in my laboratory has students involved in preparing plant specimens for biogeochemical analysis to test the hypothesis that the geological biomarker oleanane has a flowering plant origin.

Research: Evolution and relationships of angiosperms; Methods of character analysis; Ancestral character states in angiosperms; Use of experimental morphogenetic data to test structural and evolutionary hypotheses; Use of leaf architectural characters to assess the relationships of fossil angiosperms; Paleobiological significance of carbon isotope ratios and geochemistry of plant fossils.  Use of pollen to understand flowering plant – pollinator interactions; The relationships of fossil water lilies and their likely evolution.

Keywords: Biology

Biological Science
PhD, University of Connecticut, Botany, 1987
MA, State University of New York at Binghamton, Biology, 1984
BA, University of Chicago, Biology, 1980
transgenics pollen and pollination biological sciences botany plant physiology or morphology plant sciences evolutionary biology animal & plant taxonomy trangenesis paleontology sedimentary geochemistry isotope geochemistry plant genome & genetics