He focuses his research on constitutional issues, problems in engendering rule-of-law institutions, and post-conflict justice issues in the Middle East. He also publishes on regional security issues.

Ambassador Istrabadi focuses his research on the processes of building legal and political institutions in countries in transition from dictatorship to democracy. He brings a mulit-disciplinary approach to studying the emergence of constitutionalism in such societies, including questions of timing and legitimacy, issues of transitional justice, and the political and cultural factors which influence the process of democratization.

Areas: Legal and political institution building in countries transitioning from dictatorship to democracy; democratization, transitional justice, and constitutionalism, esp. in the Middle East.

Law, Asian Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, International Studies, International Studies
SJD, Northwestern University, 2009
LLM, Northwestern University, 2005
JD, Indiana University, 1988
BA, Indiana University, Chemistry, 1986