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Cultivating Undergraduate Community Assessment Projects Through Civic and Cooperative Extension Partnerships
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Partnership to Integrate Regional and Disciplinary Accreditation Efforts
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American Telemedicine Association Guidelines for Teleburn
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Caring for the Veteran, military and family member nursing competencies: Strategies for integrating content into nursing school curricula
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Decisions, decisions! E-portfolio as an effective hiring assessment tool
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“I feel like you get it”: When a classroom assignment makes a difference to a wounded warrior's wife
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Exploring the world outside to increase cultural competence of the educator within.
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PROGRAM EVALUATION of Nursing School Instruction in Measuring Students' PERCEIVED COMPETENCE to Empathetically Communicate With Patients
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PROGRAM EVALUATIONofNursing School Instruction in Measuring Students' PERCEIVED COMPETENCE toEmpathetically CommunicateWith Patients
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Psychometric Analysis of the JSPE Nursing Student Version R: Comparison of Senior BSN Students and Medical Students Attitudes toward Empathy in Patient Care.
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A volunteer citizen-servant pilot program using tailored messages to empower Alabamians to live healthier lives.
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Headed in the "Write" Direction: Nursing Student Publication and Health Promotion in the Community
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Teaching Nursing Students Empathic Communication: A Mandate from the Code of Ethics for Nursing
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Empathy and empathic communication: Nursing student perceptions of program effectiveness, academic experiences, and competence (Dissertation)
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